The Compound and Friends
The Compound and Friends
The Compound
The Stock Market Doesn't Care How Hard You Try (with Barry, Michael, and Morgan Housel)
19 minutes Posted Dec 3, 2019 at 4:00 am.
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Show notes

The incredibly bright and insightful Morgan Housel of the Collaborative Fund drops by the Compound to discuss some of the biggest mistakes and misconceptions that plague investors year after year - and what can be done about them.

Morgan talks with Michael Batnick and Barry Ritholtz about:

* how there is no such thing as an optimized portfolio

* why recent trends are more instructive about the near term future, but long term trends are the ally of most investors

* the fact that investing is one of the only endeavors in which the application of more effort doesn't equate to better results

* the hindsight bias that all of us fall victim to

* the reality behind some of the most famous investor track records

* the inconsistency you are required to put up with in the pursuit of long term outperformance

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