The Color Files
The Color Files
Hosted by Julee Wilson, ESSENCE’s Global Beauty Director, The Color Files is ESSENCE’s newest podcast that explores the stories of those behind the business of Black beauty. featuring conversations with trendsetters, trailblazers, legends and luminaries.
Queen Mikki Taylor Owns Every Ounce Of Her Life! + Julee Has Some News
On this bittersweet episode of The Color Files, Host Julee GLOBAL Wilson (@MissJulee) says her final goodbyes as her four-year tenure at ESSENCE comes to an end. She takes a walk down memory lane where she reflects on her journey and all that she’s accomplished. There was no better way for Julee to drop the mic than to have the legendary First Lady of Beauty, Mikki Taylor (@iammikkitaylor), as her final guest! ESSENCE’s former Beauty and Covers Director (and current Editor-At-Large) talked about her 40-year run at Black Girl Magic Headquarters! Mikki shared so many unforgettable stories, including the iconic Obama family cover shoot, having a crib in her office back in the day, impromptu photoshoots in a tarantula filled desert, and much more. A truly full-circle conversation!
Mar 25
43 min
Brooke DeVard Aspires to Look Like A Glazed Donut & We’re Here For It!
This one is for all of my fellow skincare N.E.R.D.s and ingredient junkies! Naked Beauty Podcast host, Brooke DeVard (@brookedevard) AKA the DIY whiz stopped by this week for a cute chit chat about beauty and beyond. We talked about the art of side hustling, making time for your passions, the importance of staying consistent, and so much more. And of course, this episode wouldn’t have been complete if we didn’t grab a few beauty hacks, tips, and product recommendations from our sis!
Mar 20
48 min
From RN to CEO: Monique Rodriguez, Founder of Mielle Organics Is A Black Haircare BOSS With A Story!
Founder and CEO of the cult-favorite beauty brand, Mielle Organics, my girl Monique Rodriguez (@exquisitemo) joined me on the show! When it comes to understanding what it takes to maintain great health, Monique knows! As a former nurse, she's all about understanding how the body works and giving it more of whatever it responds well to! She brought that SAME ENERGY to creating Mielle Organics. Clean ingredients that speak directly to the health of the hair and NOT just the look. Monique's story is all about courage to do what you LOVE and not letting naysayers stop you. Pop in your earbuds or turn up your speakers and get this INSPIRATION from the one-and-only Monique Rodriguez! Let Julee (@missjulee) know your thoughts on this episode of The Color Files by using the hashtag #TheColorFiles on Instagram.
Mar 17
28 min
Back to Basics: Lisa Price Still Creates Beauty Products In Her Brooklyn Kitchen!
A pioneer, an innovator, and a BOSS! We’re talking about none other than the Founder of Carol’s Daughter, the phenomenal Lisa Price (@iamlisaprice). This week, Lisa reveals how her hobby of creating fragrances and body products in her kitchen organically flourished into a multi-million dollar business! Julee (@missjulee) and Lisa also talked about Lisa working on 'The Cosby Show' in the early 90s, the life of an entrepreneur pre-social media, the controversy caused by L’Oreal acquiring Carol’s Daughter (2014), and a special, personal moment the two ladies shared six years ago! Let’s just say, Lisa Price is family.
Feb 28
55 min
Nikki Nelms Dyed Janelle Monae’s Underarm Hair Pink & We Can’t Get Enough Of Her!
When it comes to doing hair, Nikki Nelms (@nikkinelms) is queen of the coils! She’s always on the go, working hard for her clients which include Janelle Monae, Journee Smollett, and Zoe Kravitz - just to name a few. When she’s not keeping her clients perfectly coifed, she’s thrifting with Zoe Kravitz or getting skincare tips from Kelly Rowland! Listen to this episode to hear all about how she got started in Florida. Can you guess who her first client was?
Feb 14
1 hr 3 min
These Are A Few of Julee’s Favorite Things! 🎶
Happy Holidays everyone! It’s officially the end of the decade and the end of Season One of The Color Files, so you know we have to end it with a bang! On this week’s episode, host Julee ‘Global’ Wilson (@MissJulee) gives us the rundown of her Top 10 Episode Moments! With all of the dope guests and revealing conversations that she’s had this year, you know this list was hard to narrow down. In the nature of reflecting, Julee also gets a little personal and reveals her Top Black Girl Magic moments of the entire decade! It’s been an epic, life-changing 10 years for her, for sure.
Dec 27, 2019
34 min
Simple is Best! Justine Skye Is A “3-Step Skincare Routine” Kinda Gal
On this week’s episode of The Color Files, we’re throwing it back to the ESSENCE Beauty Carnival back in April 2019. Julee Wilson (@MissJulee) had a cute chat with the super talented and badass Justine Skye (@JustineSkye) about her personal style, the pros and cons of social media, and learning to love the skin you’re in. Justine also gave us some of her favorite self-care tips, from her super simple 3-step skincare routine, to meditating and indulging in traditional tea ceremonies!
Dec 13, 2019
22 min
Veronica Webb Is Vegan - Until Dinner Time!
This week on The Color Files, we have a Supermodel, Writer, and Actress in our midst. In fact, Veronica Webb (@VeronicaWebb) is the first-ever African American model to have a contract with a major cosmetics company! 🙌🏾 But it’s not all peaches and cream. On this episode, Veronica speaks to host, Julee Wilson (@MissJulee), about the struggles of being a Black model in the 90s. Veronica opened up about past experiences that have led to her carrying her own foundation (and wigs) in her bag to this day! She also told us more about her pro-aging beauty blog ( and let us in on a few healthy eating secrets that have helped her age so gracefully. Veronica is - in her words - “Vegan before 6pm”. No joke, Veronica still looks 25, 30 years later! She’s definitely the one to take tips from.
Nov 29, 2019
40 min
Beatrice Dixon Comes Clean (Literally!) About Vaginas
Whew, chile! This episode is one for the books. Tune in as The Color Files host, Julee Wilson, has a real girl chat with Beatrice Dixon (@iambeadixon), the CEO and Co-Founder of the plant-based feminine care brand, The Honey Pot Company ( ). They get right down to the nitty-gritty about all things vagina related: feminine wash, pH balance, lube, and much more. Our good sis even revealed a sex hack! (It involves lime juice) 👀. Beatrice tells the astonishing story of how an ancestor (yes, you read correctly) gave her the first successful formulation in a way that you’d never expect. The conversation got super deep as they spoke about spirituality, energy exchange, and finding yourself. Beatrice is a genuine soul-sister.
Nov 15, 2019
1 hr 6 min
Fund Yourself, Sis! Mahisha Dellinger Tells Us Why She Couldn’t Depend On Financial Funding
How many people can truly say that they’re self-made? This week’s guest definitely can! The Color Files’ host, Julee Wilson (@missjulee), had a dope chat with Mahisha Dellinger (@mahisha_dellinger), Founder and CEO of Curls (and a whole entire millionaire).
Nov 1, 2019
48 min
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