The Inforium
The Inforium
Thomas Frank and Martin Boehme
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Great information but...
This podcast is full of great information and tidbits. But the long-winded intros are a bit much. They spend about 40 minutes rambling about their personal lives and then maybe 20 minutes of actual information.
Best podcast
My favorite podcast, interesting mind opening topics. Keep doing episodes 🙌🏻
Need fix it !
Love it
Love the podcast keep me entertained while doing other stuff <3
Favorite podcast !
Tom and Martin are hilarious and I love the content that they do :)
gauc emily
Best podcast
Amazing people and their conversations are always so interesting.
To the next chapter!
Every time I listen to an episode, I feel like I’m sitting down to chat with two close friends. Initially, I was drawn to their podcast because of college advice and productivity tips. Now, I’m excited to hear any topic, because I know Martin and Tom will share informative dialogue and witty banter, the perfect mix of serious and fun. I’m so excited to hear what topics they explore next!
Hobbit of the Shire
Excited for the future.
I am so excited for the new direction this show is headed in. I started listening about 4 years ago just as I was graduating high school. Now, as I near my college graduation, I realize how much this podcast has helped shape my college habits. Not to mention how it helped improve my social skills, get clear on my financial goals, and overall change the way I look at life. Looking forward to keep on learning! Thanks for such great content past, present, and future.
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One of my favs
This is one of my favorite podcasts. Tom an Martin have taught me how to wander my way through life and enjoy the journey. I feel like they are always just a couple years ahead of me and I super value their experiences/knowledge/advice. Martin has gotten me into macro photography and gave me a window into how to work through mental illness, Tom showed me how to learn for the biggest bang for my buck and how to work my own small business. I’m so excited to see what these guys come up with in their next podcasting adventure. I hope to hear more about their hobbies and daily lives, what they’re reading and who they are learning from. Some interviews would be awesome. My only critique of the pod is that it is always super quiet compared to the others I listen to, I listen on Overcast, and it seems like it is maybe edited to be a bit fast (possibly in a way to cut down the quiet times). Anyway, 5 stars on content, again, this is one of my very favorite podcasts! Thank you Tom and Martin!
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Quality Content xD
I’ve been listening to College Info Geek for a long time, and I’ve found so much value from their podcasts. They mix humor and serious talking and quality information so well, and I always listen to their podcasts when I am doing things like commute, going through my morning routine, and more. I would 100% recommend this to anyone else out there who needs advice on crafting a better life, how to study better, and more.
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This is a great podcast for idle work and stuff, like killing two birds with one stone: you work better (if you like noise while working like me) and learn a lot about working better. That’s a lot of times I said work, wow. Anyway, Martin and Thomas are really easy to listen too, and they pretty funny as well. You might’ve seen other reviews talking about how much they love the rambling. Well, it’s not all hype! I usually hate stuff like that (can’t stand watching most vlogs because of rambling), but these two know how to make their banter sound entertaining, educational, funny, and down-to-earth. Their episode about NOT pursuing your passion was really eye-opening, even if the truth was pretty scary. You guys got yourself a loyal sub! I have stacks of saved episodes for when I have lots of idle time.
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Going Through Old Episodes
I'm not a podcast lover, I find it hard to find a style that "clicks" but I just love these, they just speak in my brain language or something, I'm going through the old episodes because I'm caught up/moving too fast through the new ones. I'm constantly marking ones to listen to again. I'm not in college, this helpful for anyone. I like their rambling, it can contain tips too, it's funny, and it shows them as down to earth, human, not preaching some sermon like many of the productivity and self-help stuff out there.
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Long form CIG related conversation
Love this podcast and the cross-platform CIG content in general. Highly recommend. The insights on each subject are valuable and well thought out
Biweekly killed the show
So I’ll make this short. I used to be an almost weekly listener. Sometimes I would skip an episode of the title didn’t seem to be something I thought was interesting. For the last 4 months, every episode has seemed to be just a repeat of something they’ve done before. If you no longer have fresh advice, please stop being a self-improvement guru. I have to unsubscribe. Sorry.
Episode 274 pushed me to finally write a review
Looonnng time listener and review slacker. This podcast has always been great! It’s informative, geeky, funny, insightful, and inspiring. Their latest episode about How to make money selling art at conventions was the perfect episode for me to here at this point in my art career. I would love more art centered podcasts with Anna. Great stuff, please keep up the hard work!
Love this podcast!
I was SO excited to find this podcast. I originally watched and enjoyed Thomas Frank's YouTube channel. The topics they cover always interest me - I love anything that has to do with productivity and organization.
Extremely helpful!
I’m currently starting my freshman year in college and I can safely say that 80% of the things you guys discuss is never really talked about on your way to college. I’ve read about some things in books but this is almost the first aid kit for every student who needs guidance in their college years. I definitely recommend it; I’ve told my friends about it too. Keep up the good work Thomas!!
Goes into so much detail!
I love how deep and detailed this podcast gets! It doesn't just talk about the general tips that college students need to know, but goes into the smaller and less-talked-about tips that are just as essential for college students. Most students can go to any blog or podcast and find what they need to know about packing, studying, or getting involved in campus, but the College Info Geek podcast is the place they'll find the intricate things they need to know as they navigate their college experience. Definitely recommend!
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So easy to listen to!
Relatable, fun, and informative!
This is a super insightful podcast filled with really rich, but fun discussion. Martin and Thomas make a really great duo. These guys are really smart, and funny too! You can tell they really have a drive to push themselves intellectually, and that drive produces really great discussion. This podcast isn’t afraid to ask serious, practical life questions, which makes it a really great resource for college students preparing for the real world. But, it should be noted that this podcast isn’t just great for college students; it’s a really great over all podcast for anyone who wants, and enjoys, bettering their lives through the pursuit of study and learning. It has a runtime of about an hour to an hour and a half, which makes it great for long commutes or just while you are doing the dishes or chores. I highly recommend you listen to this deep, inquisitive podcast. It is well worth it. Thomas and Martin make you feel right at home and you’ll leave feeling like you learned something valuable. Never stop learning! 😁
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Incredibly resourceful and useful podcast, not just for students!
I learn something new after listening to each podcast, whether it be an interesting productivity tip, studying resource, time management skill, or good life habit to adopt. This podcast is fun and great to listen to not only for high school and college students but also for anybody seeking to improve themselves in their work, relationships, productivity, finances, communication, business, creativity, and almost any other topic related to adult life. I'd also highly recommend this to audiences of any ages because the conversations and tips are very relevant inside and outside of school. The podcast covers many essential life skills needed to succeed, and it's a light and fun way to learn something useful to apply in your daily life.
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Not just for students and/or those in their early 20’s, but great for them
This podcast is incredible. Being a highly motivated woman who works full time and is studying computer science, it really helps me start my day and enjoy my commutes and chores so hear the insights of this podcast motivated and fascinating hosts. They are constantly learning and developing themselves, and it’s so nice of them to bring us along on their journeys. Although I am a student and started listening due to this, I am also 29 and already in my career, and I find this podcast inspiring and informative on many other non-studenty aspects of life. They have episodes focused on career paths, travel, being more eco-friendly, habits and hobbies... you name it. Give it a listen even if you think you are older or aren’t a student!
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Makes me feel... human
I’ve known about the CIG YouTube channel since the beginning of high school. Though I’ve always loved the content, I don’t think I was at the educational level to truly appreciate the tips... so I put it to the side and I did normal teenage things like be in a band, date, skip, etc. That did not last long. Quickly, I found myself feeling very stuck. Especially with my passions; dance, singing, music, film and photography- I often and still do feel like I’m out of time. There’s so many prodigies that have their crap together, yet I’m just here, unsuccessful. And that’s where this comes in. I’m 18. I barely made it into university and I’ve suddenly stumbled back onto CIG in the form of a podcast. It’s so refreshing to hear first hand from a pair of ‘young’ adults that I’m NOT out of time. The sincerity of the content is the most important. It’s planned, but it’s not scripted. I feel like I’m having a conversation between some older friends- and when sensitive topics are reached- like depression or love or philosophy... it’s very relatable. Martin and Thomas do a very good job of making you feel like an actual person rather than a fan or some imaginary being they have to make a profit from. They’re just two humans telling other humans that even though life can be tough; life can also be made healthier and happier. I appreciate their work and recommend everything they have to offer. Thank you guys.
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Listen to this if you need motivation!
Amazing podcast. Always gets me motivated, interested in improving my skills and excited about life in general. You will love it. It’s not just for students, so anyone can benefit from it. Great thing to listen to while doing the laundry or washing the dishes to motivate you to give your best the rest of the day.
Thank you
Excellent show. I’m a late bloomer. I just finished my freshman year of college and I turn 29 in a week. I got a 4.0 both semesters. Luckily my advisor mentioned your podcast so I’m binge watching leading up to next fall. Wish I had discovered this when I was going through my first semester.
Extremely boring
What I said
Solid podcast
It’s not always the most structured, but it’s organic and genuine. The topics are well researched and engaging without dipping into over complicated technical terminology. I’m always leaving an episode feeling like I actually learned something I can apply.
Beware of off topic conversations
The idea behind the topics are good but they seem to do a lot of pointless talking.the podcast would be great if they had more points to cover and not just one topic that allows them to get off topic for 10 mins
I Have Only One (1) Issue
I absolutely love this podcast and I’ve learned so much. Martin and Thomas’ mini discussions at the beginning of the episodes makes me smile. My one issue? The music at the beginning and the end of the podcast: in the later episodes, IT’S GONE
Karis CAO
Top three podcasts
I listen to podcasts in order to receive some educational value from them. I am a transitioning service member who was looking for advice both academically and professionally post-service. I’ve learned a lot about study habits, finances, and various other topics. Thank you guys for the content!
How I start my Monday
Every Monday morning I listen to this podcast and it gets my day going. I listen to it on my way to work in the morning. Thomas and Martin style of podcast makes me feel like I’m in the room with them having a conversation, which set the mood for me to listen.
Sai Tau
Awesome podcast!
I’ve been listening to the CIG podcast for 2.5 years now, and I think it’s a super useful (and fun!) resource for people of pretty much all ages and with different interests. Thanks, Tom and Martin, you guys are great :))
Katya from Ohio
Favorite podcast for life tips
Thomas and Martin have the best tips for living a full life and reaching one’s goals. Love this podcast!
Corene Taylor
One of my favorite podcasts
Very good podcast with varied topics about becoming a better person. Great for anybody wanting to improve their life!
Crappy orchestra
Great Podcast
Still the best educational video I have listened to. Thomas and his friend is obviously improving. Great Job!
mac ayres
I think about trying to figure out if I could get my money’s worth
Hey guys I am thinking of taking basic classes at a college some time and I don’t really know what colleges I should go to and I was hoping to get a few things to get my mind to get my life out to the next level and do you have anything else you would think I could get you to email me thank you very much and I love to get you to do that for me
Love it!!
I’ve been listening to College Info Geek for a couple years and I LOVE it!! I also really loved one of his most recent podcasts about work-life balance. Seriously so good and so real and relatable because my “work” right now is college. Thanks so much Thomas Frank and Martin Boehme! You guys are entertaining and engaging to listen to, and I love all your content.
Very informative and useful podcast!
I rely on these guys for most of my college organizational skills. I recommend every time!
Long Time Listener
I like to divide my adult life into Before CIG and After CIG. The After CIG me has accomplished a lot more than the Before! I’ve been listening to the podcast for the last couple of years, and I always feel more motivated when I finish. I love hearing about all of the cool things that Thomas and Martin are working on, and it gets me out of my rut. Thank you for all of your hard work!
Awesome podcast for anyone, not just students!
I’m not in college, but I love this podcast because it helps me work on myself and be more successful and healthy. These guys are funny and fun to listen to; they have fantastic, in-depth discussions and great advice. Love his blog and his podcast!
Good podcast
Awesome podcast!!
It’s been a minute since I’ve been in college but I still subscribe to this podcast because it’s a great way to stay in the know. Also, Thomas is 100x better than Matt. Just saying for lmm fans.
I am entering high school and have been sort of stressed about it. This show has helped me to calm down a bit and realize it’s not going to be that bad and might even be fun
Amazing podcast.
I am a big fan of all of the CIG content. The podcast is a great addition to the website, blog, YouTube channel, etc. This podcast is great for commutes or workouts. It is filled with tips that I frequently implement. I would recommend it to any student looking to make improvements in school or any part of life. I’m a huge fan of Thomas and all of his work. I have also been listening since before Martin was on the show, and I think he is a great addition.
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My Absolute Favorite Podcast
I have been reguraly following College Info Geek for the past four years now and it has been a major influencer not just on my academics but all aspects of my life. Whether its building better habits or teaching me how to manage my money, College Info Geek has made me a better and happier person and the podcast format is an excellent way for me to continue to learn from Thomas, and having Martin as his counterpart here makes for a great duo. I owe these guys so much!
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Great Podcast for students
As a college student, I never got into listening to podcasts. I used to have very bad study habits, and didn’t get a lot done. I played a ton of rocket league, and one day I saw it on YouTube and decided to listen to it during a game. This was last March, and since then I’ve listened to every single episode—needless to say my gpa shot way up, my time management skills got a lot better, and I’m not nearly as stressed. I wake up early now and usually listen to an episode while I’m making breakfast and washing dishes. Its a great podcast with great people, thanks Thomas and Martin!
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Adam Gusky
My favorite podcast
Honestly, I never got into listening to podcasts until CIG. I found out about the YouTube channel and the blog first from Crash Course study skills, and I’m so glad I did! Even though some study tips and overall life skills might seem really obvious for some people, CIG is a great tool to constantly remind myself, and to get myself back on track if needed. The podcasts are longer than the YouTube videos, but I sometimes like the podcasts more because it is fun to listen to and I tend to retain the information better. Thank you so much CIG!
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The rambling kills me.
They've addressed this in one of the episodes, but it takes them FOREVER to actually get to the topic they are trying to cover, and then they only cover it at an elementary level. I love Thomas Frank's website and YouTube, but this podcast kills me. I'm not personally interested in the conversations they have for the first 20+ minutes, and I find it boring and ~almost~ painful. Also, just from me skipping around episodes, Martin just humble brags about his language skills constantly within that pointless, 20 minutes of rambling.. We get it, you are an accomplished learner. Chillllllllll. I think that was what ticked me over the edge into negative review territory. Sorry, Martin. Would be a cool podcast if it were edited....but no way I can sit through it as is.
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I feel like I'm just listening to friends talk
This podcast has quickly become one of my favorites. It's important to note I don't go to college, nor have I ever gone. That being said this is one of the most entertaining, informative podcasts I've ever listened to.
Tyler Philbrook
Instant Classic
This was the first podcast that I subscribed to and I’m a huge fan. Great info in every episode.
Change in Life
While ago, I wanted to change my life. I obtained those changes on 2015. I still want to make more because I’m on the middle of it. I’m glad I found you in 2018, just the perfect time to exercise. My body is starting to get what my mother wanted and me to. Keep making more Podcast!! My name is Ana. I have 17 years old and I’m in my 5th year in high school. Thank, Thomas.
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