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The co-op podcast features discussion of everything games as well as a few choice words on various other subjects.
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Mar 19, 2018
37 sec
WWE Raw after Wrestlemania 33 recap show - Wrestlecast #3
We share our candid thoughts on the first RAW after Wrestlemania 33 show, Wrestlemania 33 and NXT Takeover: Orlando.
Apr 5, 2017
1 hr 43 min
Will Destiny 2 Be a GOTY Contender? - The Co-op Podcast 200
We speak on the announcement of Destiny 2 and more on our special 200th episode of The Co-op Podcast.Other topics:- Thoughts of new Tomb Raider movie- Persona 5 impressions- Quick thoughts on Telltale’s Guardians of The Galaxy Trailer- M. Collins asks "Do you think Destiny 2 will do better than Red Dead this year?"
Apr 3, 2017
1 hr 31 min
As longtime fans of WWE, we thought it was time to finally record a podcast to talk about everything wrestling. On this week's show we discuss the following topics: Will WWE buy Ring of Honor?NXT Takeover: Orlando PredictionsWrestlemania 33 Predictions
Mar 27, 2017
3 hr 17 min
The Quarterly Report: January - March 2017 Video Game Review
We discuss the best and worst games of Q1 2017. Feel free to join in and let us know which games you enjoyed from this period and which games you felt were letdowns.
Mar 27, 2017
1 hr 17 min
Are We Still Excited for Mass Effect Andromeda? - The Co-op Podcast 199
We discuss all of the controversy surrounding Mass Effect Andromeda ahead of its release.Also discussed:- NPD software Sales- Jakejames Lugo explains Mortal Combat Encyclopedia- PS Now to add PS4 games
Mar 20, 2017
1 hr 48 min
Up Up Down Down: Nude Day Edition - WrestleCast Episode #1
As longtime fans of WWE, we thought it was time to finally record a podcast to talk about everything wrestling. On this week's show we discuss the following topics: There's a report that Roman could be coming to Smackdown. - Undertaker is back but do we care? - Rob Van Damn teases WWE return - Kurt Angle returning as Raw GM - Paige's Nude Photo Controversy
Mar 19, 2017
1 hr 3 min
Is 2017 The Year of Video Game Masterpieces? - The Co-op 198
2017 has been a monumental year for gaming already, with the release of a console and some quality video game releases across all platforms. Is this a year full of masterpieces, or are we due for some disappointments? Also discussed: - Nintendo America boss Reggie says Nintendo are in “Fact-finding mode” to resolve all Joy-con related issues. Is this unlike Nintendo to launch a console with issues?  - Shadow of War Gameplay Trailer Thoughts- Naughty Dog, co-president Christophe Balestra is stepping down. Do you think any changes at Naughty Dog will affect future games?- Mass Effect Andromeda’s branching may surprise you. - Early 2017 GOTY contenders: Out of everything that has released so far, what is your number one pick?: Res 7, For Honor, Nioh, Nier, Horizon, Zelda, Yakuza 0 etc… With so many great games releasing this quarter, are we guaranteed a few disappointments as the year goes on?
Mar 13, 2017
2 hr 22 min
Iron Fist Netflix Series Review | Spoiler Free
We speak on the Iron Fist Netflix series. This discussion is completely spoiler free. Look out for our spoiler filled discussion soon.
Mar 8, 2017
35 min
Does Xbox Game Pass Kill the PlayStation Now Service? - The Co-op Podcast 197
This week on the podcast we discuss the Xbox Game pass service and what it means for PlayStation Now. Also discussed: - Horizon Zero Dawn impressions- Richard talks GDC 2017- The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is one of the best reviewed games of all time (Your thoughts?)- CD Projekt congratulates Guerilla Games on Horizon. PlayStation UK congratulates Nintendo on Zelda (Is this the level of humbleness that the industry needs?)
Mar 6, 2017
2 hr 1 min
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