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HG | THE HEAVY GALAXY SHOW: w/ John Gist & Matt Hartnett (Intro Episode)
1 hour 15 minutes Posted Mar 22, 2023 at 9:00 pm.
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Show notes

On this intro episode of HEAVY GALAXY, John & Matt discuss their decision to team up and create THE HEAVY GALAXY and their goal to continue to grow and bring together the global heavy rock community. The guys get into a discussion on the current state of rock/metal and how its affect on American culture has dwindled over the last two decades, the current state of the heavy rock scene and the rebirth of the 90's bands and sound and much more.

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Links to videos played on episode:
SONS OF ARRAKIS- 'Omniscient Messiah'
FREEDOM HAWK- 'Age Of The Idiot'
SUGARTOOTH - 'I've Been What You've Become'
CASSIUS KING - 'Abandon Paradise'

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