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Entertaining, insightful and actionable! 🙌
Whether you’re well established as someone who can translate creative energy into the impact you want to have on the computing world, or just getting started as a catalyst for change - this is a must-listen podcast for you! Aaron and Brian do an incredible job leading conversations that cover a huge breadth of topics related to the ins and outs of building a thriving enterprise and life you can be proud of - with leaders who’ve actually experienced success themselves. Highly recommend listening and subscribing!
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Always Good, Tpopical and Succinct
Cloudcast always has useful and informative episodes for a survey of what is going on in cloud related subjects. It is recorded and edited with an eye on professionalism and does not just fill time with blather. If you have linited time to listen to podcasts on tech/cloud related subjects this is a good one to add to your list.
Google Cloud 2018
I’m a first-time listener. I just finished the 2017 Recap/2017 Prediction episode from 12/26/17. Towards the end, there was a quick discussion on Google Cloud and efforts they may/should make in 2018 if they’re going to appeal to the Enterprise. I’m a Tech Recruiter, and I interviewed recently with the GC team. I’d love to share some detail around this topic, but I can tell you that GC was hiring a team of recruiters for Product-focused and Sales Engineer-focused hiring initiatives. By “initiatives,” I mean that they have goals in the hundreds, globally for selling GCP (Google Cloud Platform) with specific target markets, including heavy Asia-focus. These efforts were Q4 2017 - Q2 2018 and beyond. That’s a massive resourcing initiative, and it shows that they’re ready to pull up their “big boy pants,” and try to close the double-digit market share gap that they lag behind Azure, let alone AWS.
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Rich in Texas
Stay at the leading edge of tech
Brian and Aaron are pros at pulling in some tremendous guests and helping the audience understand complex topics. Over the years they have continued to push into new and exciting topics. If you don’t want to be left behind managing legacy IT, be sure to subscribe. @stu
Stu Miniman
Great guests and awesome info
Great podcast on all things cloud. They bring on very knowledgeable guests, the interviews flow really well, and overall the show is an excellent resource on the direction of where the cloud is going.
Bleeding edge insights
The Cloudcast is a great technical podcast. Brian and Aaron have excellent guests each week. If you want to know what technology will be relevant in the next 1-3 years, this podcast is for you.
Great hosts
Good variety of topics and the hosts do a great job.
Chase Cabanillas
Excellent podcast covering the industry!
Great content for anyone in modern IT. Guests are experts and leaders in their disciplines and the content is always timely and engaging. Even for focusing on a single area, cloud, the podcast continues to provided fresh and engaging topics ranging from cutting edge start-up space to larger enterprises.
Good resource, but...
Helpful resource, but, like anything else, this could use improvement. Some suggestions: --please level the audio. Sometimes the different speakers have hugely varying volume levels. --please let the people being interviewed get more air time. Brian is good at this; Aaron perhaps less so. --consider getting up front: what the product is, why is it being offered, what distinguishes it from others, what's the tech infrastructure/stack used and why. Usual bio summary from the person is helpful, too. --consider asking at some point what emerging tech the person finds interesting, the next Docker... --consider asking if the person had any interesting failures or directions that didn't pan out and why --if a product is dependent on another product, normalized nagios data for instance, how does the product cope with changes in the upstream product? --consider asking how the company deals with technical debt. Even startups have this issue. --consider asking about the barriers to selling to enterprise and how they're dealing with it --consider asking how much, if any, of the product is based on open source and if there's an effort to contribute any of then non proprietary IP to open source
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Rich Hintz
Insightful, Entertaining & Relentlessly Relevant is a ‘must have’ for your podcast subscriptions. Aaron and Brian get stellar guests, from global enterprise CEOs to budding entrepreneurs. They dig deep into what matters to professionals in the cloud industry and stay on top of the latest innovations as they move into real IT environments.
Look no further
Best Podcast on the net when it comes to cloud computing, Just by listening to their podcast I was able to make the right decisions for my clients. I hope this stays around for a long time.
Wide variety of excellent cloud topics
Aaron and Brian cover a wide range of topics, and really help break down the elements of cloud computing with their various guests. I listened to every episode in the backlog when educating myself on this space and it was the single most valuable resource about the state of the market. Since then I've been thrilled to be a guest, and continue to listen to every episode to hear what others in the industry think about the quickly-evolving state of the business.
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Great podcast
Love being able to catch up on all things cloud
Gracely ROCKS!
Who's who in the industry.
Great ROI of Time
Only heard about this podcast a few days ago and have already worked through the last five episodes (GREAT way to sharpen up on the industry while mowing the lawn). Highly recommend the podcast to anyone seeking insight into where the winds are blowing all things Cloud.
The best Cloud Podcast out!
This is the best podcast yet that focuses on all things Cloud. The content is always insightful and meaningful. You can't go wrong listening to this podcast.
Excellent and very informative
Two very knowledgeable guys with a great dynamic, excellent guests and informative discussions. Highly recommend!
These guys make cloud computing interesting and entertaining. I like listening to Brian and Aaron- they know their stuff.
excellent show
Well worth putting on your podcast feed. Brian and Aaron have a great dynamic and not afraid to poke at the news behind the news.
Great and informative show
Aaron and Brian are extremely knowledgable on the technical aspects as well as the overall cloud computing industry. -bill @billyc5022