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Scalable Databases on Kubernetes
22 minutes Posted Feb 19, 2020 at 2:00 pm.
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Peter Mattis (@PeterMattis, Co-founder/CTO of @CockroachDB) talks about the evolution of scalable SQL databases, the challenges of globally scalable data management, how Kubernetes has evolved to manage stateful applications, and lessons learned running Kubernetes and CockroachDB. 

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Topic 1 - Welcome to the show. Before we dive into our discussion, tell us a little bit about your background in working on scalable technologies. 

Topic 2 - Today we’re going to mash together a couple of popular (and complex) topics - the growing use-cases on Kubernetes, and the growing need to synchronize data for anywhere access. Let’s start with the data side of the equation - tell us about the basics of your creation, CockroachDB, and the challenges it solves.

Topic 3 - What are some of the use-cases that are driving more scalable SQL usage vs. more traditional SQL database models?

Topic 4 - When Kubernetes first got started, the focus was on scalable stateless (cloud-native) applications. How are you beginning to see the trend towards companies becoming more comfortable with stateful applications (e.g. databases) on Kubernetes?

Topic 5 - One of the new technologies that’s making it easier to get databases onto Kubernetes is “Operators”. CockroachLabs has been one of the leading platforms supporting this technology. Can you talk a little bit about your experience with Operators and how it images the way Kubernetes teams (developers or platform teams) about databases on Kubernetes.

Topic 6 - What are some of the lessons learned from deploying CockroachDB onto Kubernetes?