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Going to school for money
Is like going to school for money. I was never taught personal finance and this podcast is my go to. Live how simple , straight forward she gives
Love amour
Personal Finance Gems!
Clever Girl Finance is chock-full of helpful insights, tools, and resources. I have a pretty good grasp on my finances and I still find gems in Laura’s focused and easy to digest episodes. I find them useful for myself and I often share individual episodes with people in my life. Thanks Laura!!
I have been listening to these podcasts once a day.... I love how short they are and engaging they are. One thing I wish is that they were more instructional like how to do xyz I often feel like I am left hearing about what a person did but not being taught how to do if I was interested in that same thing. I.e side hustle or how they paid off debt most of those podcast episodes were mainly spent on congratulating the person on the accomplishment oppose to teaching the listeners on how they did it. I listen to these podcast because they are short and I can hear it on my drive to gym. I want to be continue listener but I just had these critiques. Start teaching or instructing.... less chat and non informative information Love Clever Girl Finance!!!!
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Relatable help!
I love this podcast! I’ve subscribed because regardless of the episode’s topic I can find something helpful and relatable to me in each one. Her guests are great, everyday women that you can feel akin to. Finally a financial podcast that doesn’t just focus on money moguls and bigwigs.
Love Love Love!!
Recently started listening to everything clever girl finance has offered on several different platforms! Such amazing advice and the author is very knowledgeable. Thank you for sharing everything you know!!!! 💜💜💜
Thumbs Up
I love listening to this podcast! Bola always asks in-depth questions and displays real interest in her guests. I keep coming back for nuggets of insight and helpful information.
Empathetic, Practical, Motivational
I’m so glad I found this podcast. Bola is a woman truly loving her values, and is the embodiment of women supporting women. From making her courses free during COVID to increase how many people she can help, to hosting a podcast that provides realistic, actionable steps towards financial independence, she is truly incredible and I am grateful to her for all her efforts. I find many podcasts to be either too theoretical, hyped, or rambling. Bola offers a balanced, calm (love how everything is a “season”- makes any bad situation seem impermanent and manageable), focused, and doable approach to finance. I find myself taking notes while I listen, and looking forward to new content. Give this podcast a listen.
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Enjoy but speak louder
I enjoy this podcast but sometimes the host speaks at a low volume and it’s hard to hear.
So glad I found this podcast! It’s an amazing motivational podcast. I usually listen to it while working and it helps keep me grounded as to why I should continue grinding!
This is a great podcast for anyone wanting to sharpen their financial literacy. Personally I’m a recent college grad, and I’m still trying to figure out how to effectively manage my money. Bola’s podcast was super helpful in beginning my financial journey. I’m a firm believer of surrounding yourself with people or content that will help propel you towards your goals, and that’s what this podcast has been for me. Of course everyone’s journey looks different, but what I love about this podcast is that Bola’s relatable, uplifting, and inspiring.
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Nina Nhatavong
My Mentor Sent Me Episode 144; Thank You
Thank you for sharing and having honest conversations. I truly needed this episode, not only to get focused but also to start believing in myself more. The phrase “Little girls are to be seen and not heard” has made me silent about all the great things I’ve done in life. I’m tired of living in the shadows. Since I’m the one that placed myself there with internalizing and doubt, I know I’m the only one who can free myself, too. This is helpful on finding a voice and believing in myself. Thank you so much & I want to thank my mentor as well for giving me a link to this podcast. -A new fan ❤️
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I really like this podcast, excellent and timely information. One constructive criticism would be that the guests’ sound is always way lower than the host’s. I guess that would be considered a sound mixing issue? It makes it hard to hear the guest sometimes.
Super interesting
I really liked this podcast. I love how she explains how she got into debt, how her mom was the bread winner at her house & how even though she got into debt she paid it off in her own time and in her own way. Can’t wait to listen to more.
Realistic debt ratio
I love this podcast! It’s fun, interesting, and keeps you wanting to better yourself. However, when I hear people paying off 100k + I’m like “wow! How could they afford to do that?!” And then I hear that they have a double income with a spouse and have a well paying job. The area this podcast does not address is how much are this people making to be able to afford that 100k. I would like to see podcasts with people who have 100k in debt and make only 40k a year as their starter job or working in lower paying areas.
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Class act!
This podcast has helped encourage me along my own journey of changing my financial life. Most recently, during this global crisis, I have found Bola to be so professional, yet so human. Her genuine care for her audience has shown through in these dark times. She has remained steady & calm, yet caring & relatable. I love her even more! I’ve referred my sister to her free resources in this time to get a jump start on changing her financial life. Thank you Bola for seeing what’s important in life!
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Can’t recommend this podcast enough!
I absolutely love listening to Bola and her guests. She breaks things down in a way to make them easily digestible without being dumbed down. Aside from that, I just admire her and enjoy her so much as a person. I started listening after searching for a finance podcast for advice and encouragement to pay off my debt, but my goals are now going so much farther than that. Start at the beginning (at least at first) and give this podcast a listen- you won’t be sorry!!
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It's good.
I like listening but I can't anymore. Poor sound quality. We hear every breath you take, maybe you are too close to the mic.
Love the podcast
I absolutely love this podcasts and I have listened to quite a few episodes. My only suggestion would be to stop laughing so much. I have the same nervous laugh so I do understand but it seems like it forces the guests to laugh with her because she’s laughing so much.
Love this podcast
Love the variety!
This podcast has nearly everything you need to succeed at managing your money. Don't let money intimidate you! Using podcasts like this one will help you gain confidence, clarity and certainty that no matter what, you will be able to stand on your own two feet.
Angel cal
Great podcast. Thanks for the information. Very informative.
ARich Life -Alisha Richard
Love the variety on this podcast!
I recently found Bola's podcast, and I'm totally loving it! It's a great central resource for everything from debt to investing to money mindset. I also love how she builds in listener Q&As into certain episodes. My favorite episode was probably #106 because I could totally relate with struggling to find goal rewards and self-care activities that weren't costly. When I was struggling with this, it often resulted in guilt, which then resulted in me not rewarding myself or practicing self-care - which obviously didn't help, either! So thankful I found Bola's podcast :)
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So easy to listen to!
You ARE A BLESSING! This podcast has helped me so much. Please more episodes! Love this soo much!
Z Fatim
So great!
I’ve learned so much in such a short time. Thank you so much. Highly recommend!
Thank you!
Bola, thank you so much for your vulnerability and transparency. I am deeply inspired by you! Please continue to share and I will continue to listen. - Judith
Great content but....
Great content but on too many episodes I can’t hear what Bola is saying. Her guests can be heard but she isn’t speaking into the microphone. It’s becoming too frustrating. Bola is passionate and knowledgeable about finances but I am tired of having to strain to hear her message.
Just what I was looking for
I love her back story about her parents if you are lucky enough to listen to it. Her hard work and honesty about mistakes make her a great spokesperson for real world. A wide variety of guests who show women encouraging one another. I use to listen to Dave Ramsey became debt free but wanted a fresh voice to change it up.
Great Information!!!
My wife HipD me to this podcast!! Great information!!
Great Contacts
Must listen to
I’m so happened I came across this podcast by listening to another podcast. I’ve listened to countless podcasts that really never spoke to me. Clever Girl is practical, Straight to the point, not overbearing to listen to and I actually walk away with advice I can implement in my life the very next day. Thanks for sharing your information and your guests. I look forward to listening to each and every podcast.
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Great advice and guests
I enjoy listening to her podcast she provided many different financial advice and had many different guests. I wish she was more consistent when she posts. She should aim for posting a podcast at least once a week instead of sporadically. I hope she changed that soon...
Love each show
Your podcast has been great. I’ve been listening since day one! Your advice is so practical. Definitely a breathe of fresh air.
next level career services
Great podcast
Good way to reinforce how to grow financially and get my financial life together. Great insights and topics.
This podcast found me
I am a recent college grad, I have a new job and I racked up 3,000 in credit card debt over 6 months. I felt extremely guilty and I came across this podcast and it has been so motivating and helpful in understanding myself and my relationship to money. I love hearing all of the perspectives of finances from the guests- I especially loved the episode that talked about family history! Please keep up the amazing work!
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Good podcast but I can’t..
Really good content but the sound quality is so poor I just can’t listen anymore. Literally can hear every breath and such. Please upgrade your system. I can’t wait for the book to come out. Thank you
I love that you keep it simple and understandable, I have learned so much in such a short period of time!!!!
Can not get enough of Bola!! I absolutely encourage all my girl-friends to listen to her. It’s never late to invest in oneself! Thank you Bola for encouraging more women, and men, to become successful and take reign of their finances.
Love it!
As a 25 year old young Latina female I really appreciate this podcast. Learning so much. Bola is So genuine.
I recently stumbled onto this podcast and am enjoying it! It is encouraging to hear the stories of others and how they faced their challenges. I look forward to future episodes!
Calm, Clear, and Concise
I absolutely love this podcast! Bola has a calm manner and explains how to manage finances and emotions clearly. I enjoy hearing different perspectives and stories of her guests. If you are serious about making a change, CGF is an amazing support system during your transition! Thank you Bola and CGF tribe!!!!
Eyes and mind are now open!
Bola has opened my eyes and helped me to shift my mind set. I feel so much better about my student loans and mortgage now that I have a plan. I am now working my way to financial independence. “When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change”. Thank you, Bola!
Absolutely Great
I love this podcast. I haven’t came across many like it. Boula is awesome! I just want to know what is so funny all the time?!
Like water in the desert!
I found this podcast last year and it has been a game changer for my money mindset! Having this platform (and awesome Bola) for a subject I once dreaded really helped me learn to empower, educate and ENJOY my attitude and choices with money, which I think I partly dreaded b/c of the male-dominated lane we used to have to go down to learn about it. Saying she makes learning fun might sound lame but it's true, and for those who have a fear/dread/disgust of finance, you get why it's like water in the desert when there's someone who can make it easy and enjoyable to shift into a better everything :D It's like talking with your girlfriends! Thank you Bola!
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Love it!!
I’m a brand new listener, but Bola has gained a subscriber. The podcasts are so helpful as a young twenty-something so that I can build generational wealth. Thanks to my friend Brittany for putting me on!
You Betta Work it Girl!!!
I am so glad you decided to post this episode. So elegantly executed! So inspiring. Just found your podcast/business this week and the timing couldn't be better. Keep em’ coming Bola! We need more women like you out here telling their stories and crushing it as entrepreneurs.
I love this podcast! Bola has a large variety of guests who give you insights into the many realms of financial well-being and also the pitfalls. Sometimes the topics blow my mind, because it hadn’t dawned on me to explore that particular subject. Bola is personable in her interviews and helps you find the tools to get your financial life together. Subscribe today!
Love this podcast !
I get so much value out of the work that Bola is doing. I've been in a zone to improve my personal finances for over a year now, and I wil become consumer debt-free in 9 days. Bola and Clever Girl Finance have played a big part in keeping me motivated and helping me take action, even without being in her Academy! Not only that, but I'm very excited for what the future brings for me: continued health, wealth, and happiness. Thank you, Bola, and I wish you and your family every success! I will always listen to your podcast. :-)
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De Vanna 7654
Anxiously waiting for more!
I just learned about Bola and her website and podcast. I’m a personal Financial Coach and always looking for more information for my clients and myself. I’ve learned some great things already and really have enjoyed the people she has interviewed. I’m looking forward to catching up! Thanks Bola for changing the world and women specifically.
Copper money
An Essential
Bola’s podcast has easily become one of my favorite and most essential podcasts to growing as an entrepreneur and towards Financial independence and peace! I find the guests she has on the show are incredibly relevant towards her entire mission and become so helpful towards my own goals and learning. Bola is a must to have in your corner!
Thank you
Bola has some of the best episodes, I learned so much from each and every one of them. I try to implement new ideas to my finances and because of one episode she had with Yuri, I started my own blog. Thank you Amazing Bola!
Awesome podcast!
I love listening to this podcast and always look forward to new episodes! Bola and her guests provide very useful and practical tips to pay off debt, save money, and build wealth!
Huguette Essoh Latte
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