The Classical Music Pod
The Classical Music Pod
Timmy Fisher & Sam Poppleton
Timmy Fisher and Sam Poppleton present classical music news, reviews, anecdotes and analyses. Is this the best classical music podcast produced in a Brixton bedroom? We think so.
Laura Bowler and Purcell's Penglins
Tim chats to composer Laura Bowler about her latest piece, Houses Slide, while Sam re-writes the libretto for Purcell’s Dido and Aeneas.
Jul 3
55 min
Wham, Flam, Thank You Joby
This week Tim quizzes the people's percussionist, Joby Burgess, on flam rudiments, Sam presents a medium-sized Fleabag slam – and they don't quite hear the first piece of classical music sold on the blockchain.
Jun 12
53 min
Miloš, Moon, Forest
Guitar guru Miloš invents a new game with Sam as they chat about his latest album, The Moon & the Forest. Meanwhile BBC Young Musician inspires some analysis of Ruth Gipps’s underperformed Horn Concerto. PLUS all the usual shenanigans, jingles and Star Trek references. Fascinating.
May 20
52 min
Line of Dudley
Mother of God! The boys are back from their Easter break, unboxing all things film music with Oscar winner and reluctant Top of the Pops performer Anne Dudley. PLUS, they interrogate mid-20th-century British composer Geoffrey Bush on the 101st anniversary of his birth.
May 9
58 min
(Julian) Bliss Congeniality
In their latest set of shenanigans, the boys bend time with Johannes Brahms and talk to one of the world’s leading clarinettists – and No. 1 Jamiroquai fan – Julian Bliss. Buckle up for a wild ride.
Mar 27
59 min
YolanDa Brown, Judith Weir and the Turdus Merula
In an episode dangerously overburdened with wholesomeness, the boys chat to saxophonist YolanDa Brown about her multiple MOBO awards and life as a Ceebeebies presenter. There’s also a heartwarming email exchange with master of the queens music Judith Weir – and the big secret behind the Star Trek Original Series theme is revealed.
Mar 4
57 min
Everybody Loves Raymond (Yiu)
Avast mateys. The boys are back from extended shore leave with a trunk full of classical doubloons. In today’s episode Tim talks to Raymond Yiu about his unconventional route into composing, Anthony Burgess and a new disc with the BBC Symphony Orchestra. Sam discusses common pitfalls in music analysis and the controversies surrounding Dr Susan McClary.
Feb 16
56 min
The Nutcracker: Live
Sam and Tim are joined by the Classical PopUps players for a live edition of the podcast. Tchaikovsky’s classic ballet and the 1950s Ellington/Strayhorn remix both get the analysis treatment. There’s plenty of trivia along the way, along with a few giggles – and some Philharmonia gin. Merry Christmas!
Dec 22, 2020
52 min
Mahan Esfahani, Janáček and J. Lo
Sam speaks to harpsichordist Mahan Esfahani about his responsibility as a musician, dynamics and milky tea. Plus: why Janáček is an inspiration for all late bloomers and the latest in space-age sound technology.
Nov 20, 2020
54 min
Paul Morley and Debussy Go Beyond the Sea
Tim chats to Paul Morley about his new book, A Sound Mind, which charts his journey into classical music, giving a history and critique of the genre from his own, unique perspective as a seasoned rock and pop journalist. Sam deconstructs a piece by one of Paul’s favourite composers, Debussy, and tries to work out what exactly it makes him FEEL. Watch out for new jingles, plenty of laughs and a healthy dose of pseudo intellectualism.
Nov 4, 2020
54 min
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