The City That Never Sleeps- A New York Knicks and Brooklyn Nets Podcast
The City That Never Sleeps- A New York Knicks and Brooklyn Nets Podcast
The City That Never Sleeps
Josh and Alex talk all things Knicks and Nets while New York Basketball starts to take center stage! Look forward to episodes once a week!
Episode 10- Knicks and Nets Summer League Recap
We recap both the Knicks and Nets Summer League performances and take a look at some of the standout stars!
Aug 20
23 min
Episode 9- Knicks and Nets Draft and Free Agency Recap with BBD
Josh and Alex recap the NBA Draft and Free Agency for the Knicks and Nets with BBD from Jomboy Media!
Aug 5
1 hr 2 min
Episode 8- NBA Draft Preview + NBA Finals Reaction
We give our final thoughts on the NBA Draft before it takes place in less than a week and we also talk about the NBA Finals!
Jul 26
33 min
Episode 7- Damian Lillard Officially Requests a Trade, Knicks a Destination?
We discuss the recent rumors that Damian Lillard could be on his way out of Portland and where his next destination may be!
Jul 16
23 min
Episode 6- Knicks Trade Rumors + Top 5 Players in the NBA by Position
We discuss the latest Knicks trade rumors regarding Damian Lillard and give our top 5 players in the NBA by position!
Jul 10
36 min
Episode 5- Knicks and Nets Draft Preview
We preview the 2021 NBA Draft for the Knicks and Nets and discuss the paths these two teams may take in the offseason!
Jul 4
28 min
Episode 4- Nets Fall Short of the Eastern Conference Finals + Knicks Offseason Predictions
We recap the Nets 4-3 loss in the series against the Bucks and give our picks on who we believe should stay and go for the Knicks this offseason!
Jun 22
26 min
Episode 3- Nets up 2-1 on the Bucks + Knicks PG Options in FA
We recap games 1-3 of the Nets against the Bucks and discuss the Knicks options at PG for free agency!
Jun 12
18 min
Episode 2- Knicks Fall Short Against the Hawks + Nets Advance to the Second Round
We recap both the Knicks and Nets first round series and discuss where both teams go from here.
Jun 5
33 min
Episode 1- Knicks and Nets Games 1 and 2 Recap
We recap games one and two of the New York Knicks series against the Hawks and the Brooklyn Nets series against the Celtics!
May 28
25 min
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