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The CineSnob Podcast
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I love this podcast! And all their opinions are so accurate 😊
Pleased patron
Great dynamic and very entertaining. Reviews and opinions that I can appreciate. Definitely suggest you check them out if you're looking for a place to go for good reviews.
Fantastic and funny!
Entertaining podcast on film and movies!
Where Have you been?
Remember when you guys did podcasts and wrote reviews every week? WHERE HAVE YOU GUYS BEEN?!?! Love you guys, come back!
GoodFellas Lover
3 Amigos
I really enjoy the show. The three hosts have good chemistry. My only critique is it can get a little sophomoric at times. In it's defense I think Cody is like, twelve.
Zombie Tombie
Great banner
Recently at my local draft house I arrived late and had to sit in the front row, and there hanging in front of my seat was this banner that touted The Cinesnob podcast. Now, I'm no expert on banners, but this one was really nice. It contained all the info needed to find the podcast and had some nice caricatures of the hosts. It was even hung perfectly straight. These guys went all out. I sat there for 2 hours staring at it and studying it, imagining the journey the banner took to arrive in front of me. I didn't even watch the movie. As soon as the movie was over, I whipped out my iPhone and began listening to the 50 plus episodes of the Cinesnobs. Now I can't get enough. I often listen to episodes more than once in case I missed something. My favorite part is when you can hear the hosts iPhone vibrate. I always reach down to check mine. It gets me every time. Hopefully the quality and quantity will remain now that one of the hosts is moving. Also, there's mediocre puns a plenty. Good job guys.
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Cinesnob freak!
I'm already a huge cinesnob fan! I follow the Facebook feed and have gone to several screeners, and yes, I even have the t-shirt! So imagine my elation that y'all have a podcast! Cinesnob is my first and favorite choice for movie reviews and screeners. Seriously the top of top! I approve and recommend y'all all the time!
Grey movie podcast
The hosts are very passionate about movies and have amazing chemistry. Very insightful and fun.
Great listen!
A show that's introduced by Tommy Wiseau? Could it get any better? It can and it does.
Future Horse
Not Very Snobby!
Despite the title, the hosts of the CineSnob podcast are actually not all that snobby, rather they are a delightful group of funny, down-to-earth Texas movie critics. Great podcast!
They deliver
A solid movie news/review podcast that covers a surprisingly wide swath of new releases. They go deep into details with their discussions and it feels more complete because of it.
Like movies? These are your guys
Great reviews by a group of funny friends. I am glad they are movies out now and not just old ones. Keeps it fresh and I will keep listening!
favorite movie podcast
These guys have a great rapport and are at least mildly funny. They know what they're talking about except when they don't but that's rare and hilarious. (p.s. love the self-deprecating intro)
You don’t need me to tell you this is great
Whether you’re a movie nerd or a casual fan, you want to listen to this.
Topper O'Toole
Movie lovers...
A great body of work, well produced.
Great Show
Don't let the name fool you - this is not a snobby cinema podcast where you're going to hear two old guys wax poetic on the merits of the tonal landscape in each scene. Instead, you've got two fun hosts with a ton of chemistry that offer a great deal of insight with each episode.
After the movie-podcast rapture, this one is not left behind
There are too many movie podcasts, you guys. Way too many. We don’t need them. This is one of the few that would make the cut for me because they get that we don’t come to learn about movies, we come to hear them talk about movies and goof around like jerks. Bravo.
Great Movie Talk
I like talking about movies and these guys do too. It sounds great and is fun to listen to.
Very Informative and Entertaining!
I am so glad I started listening to the Cinesnob's podcasts! I enjoy discussions on movies and the in-depth interviews with celebrities! Very cool!
Great podcast!
Really great chemistry between these 3 film critics..and believe me, I should know. Love the tangents and their analysis into films. Funny stuff and entertaining. My favorite film podcast to listen to!
very good stuff
The funny thing is - the last few movie review podcasts I stumbled upon were only reviewing old movies. I am thankful that this one is current! All 3 guys have good opinions! Thanks for the podcast!
Guardians Podcast Review!
Pretty cool show! I was drawn in from the Michael Rooker interview, but I liked the in depth reviews like the James Brown movie. The podcast was a little long especially to actually get to the final interview. Overall it is great to hear a group of local Hispanic brethren to into detail about pop culture and just have a good time! Y'all have a great chemistry and I look forward to future events! I cannot wait to put that Power Ranger on my bookshelf as well ;)
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Would 10/10
I enjoy the chemistry between the hosts...theres a good balance of viewpoints and tone between the three. Combine that with their geek-level of knowledge about movies and movie news makes this a good listen.
E. Mutt
New Movie Podcast starts off Great!!
The new podcast is getting off to great start! I like the different opinions and backgrounds that each of the 3 guys have. They are funny and entertaining. I'm still torn on whether I like that British woman VoiceOver for in between the segments :/ I do like the way the podcast is divided into the sections though. One last small suggestion please use the *cough* buttons on your mikes if you have them. I listen on my headphones and I hear a lot of bodily noises lol 😊just a friendly suggestion. Other than that I really love it! Also I would love to hear another bonus episode with a guest. Cody did a great job!
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Awesome Podcast!
Great insight by three guys who clearly love the movies. With differing viewpoints from the perspective of youth, fandom, and experience. Together it's a fantastic combination that leads to a fun and passionate discussion on all things film. It's an Awesome Podcast! Give it a listen!
Reviews and more
Really have enjoyed the first three episodes. Good insights on movie news and industry happenings as well as reviews
Great new podcast
Good new podcast with a true love of movies based out of San Antonio
Great listen
Great mix of reviews and movie news with three guys who really know movies and bring unique viewpoints to the discussion
I enjoy the podcasts. It's entertaining and very informative on movie news. Keep up the good work.
Great First show
Really loved the opinions of all three of these guys. They love movies and it shows. I look forward to future ones
Very enjoyable listen. Really enjoyed the talk that resulted from redbox downsizing.
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