The Chuck ToddCast: Meet the Press
The Chuck ToddCast: Meet the Press
Chuck Todd, Meet the Press
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The Chuck Egocast
Good heavens, is there anyone he respects enough to not interrupt and talk over? If he would ask a question and then control himself, this would be a great show. But he asks a question and as his guest gets to the heart of the answer, he’s answering for them or asking a different question. He even does it to himself—he changes tack on his own questions so often that it becomes grating and annoying. And Chuck Toddcast? Why not the me, me, me podcast?
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Clyde's dollface
Richard Engel interview is the best yet
Love Chuck Todd but sometimes he needs to get out of the way. Richard Engel’s interview is brilliant. Bring him back frequently!! And Chuck, sometimes you’ve just gotta stop interrupting! When you have a guest as insightful, honest and experienced as Engel, please just let him talk. You owe your listeners another Engel interview. And Engel, pls write a book or do a streamed lecture series about your experiences.
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Madden 2884839
Chuck Todd is extremely one sided, cannot hear any other opinions or ideas. Why can’t he disagree without being so awful.
Stop interrupting!
The podcast has great guests but they can never get a word in from all the interrupting and pontificating that Chuck Todd insists on engaging. I just unsubscribed from the podcast. I find it that annoying. Mr Todd, you’re not so unique in your insights that I can’t learn even more from all the other choices out there.
Chuck Todd does not listen to guest speaker
Fir goodness sake you can’t hear the guest give an answer. Todd interrupts, speaks over and doesn’t listen! Won’t listen anymore!
When will the host learn to stop talking over the guests?!?!
Chuck has fascinating guests, and he asks very insightful questions. This is a valuable podcast!
Artie E.
Among the worst interviewers....
First, let me address the superfluous extra star, instead of just a one-star. The show is actually informative. The info I can extract is still useful. But Chuck Todd certainly makes it hard work. Who is Chuck Todd's favorite interrview subject? Easy, Chuck Todd. When Chuck Todd asks a question, it's not to elicit an answer. A lot of times, it's to set HIMSELF up to give his opinion or display the breadth of his knowledge. (For Pete's sake, shut it and let the person answer. We already know you're knowledgeable ~ trying to prove it with every answer is tiresome) It's one thing for Babe Ruth and Shohei Otani to be great pitchers AND hitters, but they can't be both at the same time. And same in an interview show....wanting to be both interviewer and interviewee... Sheesh....
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Episode 73 the Biden party is over
Minus 4 stars for lack of self reflection. Your rally cry is unity (as was Biden’s) but your major premise is unity on your progressive left wing terms ( as it’s evolving with Biden’s agenda). You disregard the voice of the 50+ million who voted Trump (and Republican / anti statism) as having succumbed to misinformation (in your opinion).
Dear “Unplug,”
Ignoring it does not make it go away. Head in sand, much?
Network and cable news pushes corporate interests, period. Their agenda is not in the interest of humanity, or nature. The past few years have taught me this. Finally I woke up. Rude awakening. I am not a Trump supporter, QAnon, etc. I am a critical thinker and I am a danger to a biased system that these news outlets are mouthpieces for. Stop listening and watching. Your life will be better for it.
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Love Chuck Todd
Great show, insightful, in-depth, really good guests. I look forward to it every week. As a moderate Democrat (DFLer from Minnesota) and a bit of a political junkie, I enjoy the thoughtful conversations about the various races taking place throughout the country. My 2nd favorite podcast after Hacks on Tap! :-)
Snappy dandelion
Love Chuck Todd and his voice! Great podcast! Keep up the good work!!
Great show terrible audio quality
Please someone at NBC help Chuck with his audio set up, please please please. It’s just sometimes unlistenable; really takes away from the listening experience. I know he does these from home a lot but it’s 2021 there is no excuse for it to be this bad on a professional podcast.
Pip perry
Waste of time
Save the space on your iPhone and time and take a pass. This hypocrite has nothing of value to hear
Chuck Todd is a Balding idiot
There is more hair on his head than living brain cells in that cavernous cranium.
He lives in an elitist bubble
With ZERO credibility
Great Podcast
The intro music to this podcast is great but doesn’t get me nearly as hyped as the Meet the Press Introduction. Every Sunday, a crisp, delicious show where one is exposed to various perspectives and view points grounded in facts. This podcast is great too for my long drives. I remember Chuck had on some Cybersecurity expert a few months ago perhaps in January or February well before the hacks that have happened lately. I grew up watching Tim Russert on Meet the Press and covering 2008 Primaries. I am sure he would be very proud of what you have done with the show.
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Enjoyable and factual
Chuck is a talented and intelligent host. He follows the facts, so I really understand why people to the far right and the far left might not be thrilled with him. Sigh.
He & his show are tool bags
My title says enough
father of 2-wld like 3rd
Used to love this show but now every week he keeps inviting Anthony Fauci and other Covid “experts” on to scare us even after we’ve been vaccinated. I’m tired of the doom and gloom coverage and having to fast forward through Fauci’s appearance.
Chuck Todd is not worth your time
This anchor is everything wrong with news today. When he is not mastering the art of both-sides-ism he is just straight up repeating Republican talking points. He routinely packs his Sunday show with Republican and GOP-aligned guests, along with one journalist as if that is any kind of counterweight to the firehouse of disinformation he provides a platform for. Chuck’s stellar analysis led him to be one of the Washington pundits who spent four years being pretty sure Trump was just about to rise to the occasion, because his political insight is as sharp as a box of round rubber coasters. His willful blindness to the severity of the threats facing our democracy contribute to its very erosion. Truly terrible, should be cancelled from television and you should not disservice your ears or your brain by putting this podcast anywhere near either.
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bri on break
Great podcast
Chuck is a great host. Highly recommend!
Priority Listening
Always worth a listen. Chuck may talk too much sometimes but his knowledge is phenomenal and selection of guests is excellent.
People actually listen to this guy? Such a low IQ individual
Mr.Bob Dobalina
You’re a horrid, lying, liberal shill. You got one star because I couldn’t give you zero.
Love Chuck. Generally love the panelists’ insights. But, come on!, Joshua Johnson. Please stop pontificating and speaking in extended monologues. I don’t disagree with what he says, but there is no real conversation when Johnson is on. I envision Chuck doing a crossword puzzle or checking Twitter while Johnson blathers on.
I’m sorry, but 3 minutes? 5 minutes? And where is Chuck? Waste of time
they are out of nicknames23
New format ruins the show
Really enjoyed the podcast when chuck did his analysis- the new focus (3-5 min podcasts explaining some small insight) is just not very interesting and has nothing to do with the original podcast. Have stopped listening.
Great analysis with great guests
Chuck: stop interrupting your guests (especially women)
I’m a pretty loyal listener, but i’m really tired of Chuck asking excellent guests like Amy Walter a question ans then cutting her off 30 seconds into her answer. He lets Dan Balz usually finish, but interrupts most other guests usually to invoke the first person pronoun. “I was saying something like that in my awesome tweet” “I wrote about that yesterday...” It rude and annoying
Love Chuck
Great host, great guests. Have been a chuck todd fan since Tim Russert days. But HOW is the audio quality and editing allowed to be this bad? It’s mystifying.
Please pretend to be unbiased
Chuck, If you interview Biden, hope we find out what kind of ice cream he likes. Will you ask him about Hunter and his personal involvement? I’m sure if it was one of Trump’s kids you would relentlessly and viciously go after them. I’m sure you would ask Biden only softball questions, nothing like you just grilled Senator Alexander.
Senator Alexander
Really enjoyed listening to this interview in its entirety with our senator from the mountains of Tennessee. Over the many positions he has held over the years, the Senator has always shown a thoughtful attitude in any of his conversations. Don’t forget, he was also briefly president of the University of Tennessee. Maybe he can complete a stint as our new football coach in retirement!
oh no
I Love Utah!!!
Great Analysis horrible audio!
Love the podcast. More audio distractions then any other podcast I have ever heard. Often sounds like someone is making a meal in the background or a bird is sitting on Chucks computer! It was fine pre COVID, but post COVID it sounds like they just want to get it done regardless of audio quality. Having said all this the content is great.
What a waste
Great insiders look into politics and the news of the day
Chuck does a great job in this longer form podcast where you get an insiders take on the news of the week. Opening up the conversation so the listeners can see conversations we can only imagine happen within news rooms is informative and helps to restore confidence in the news industry for those who distrust the media. Good listen for people of all political persuasions.
Very Informative & Insightful
While I’m not a huge fan of the leftist leanings of most of the NBC political pundits, I feel that Chuck is less about pushing an agenda and more about opening ones eyes to help us make an informed opinion on our own. Thanks for not treating us like idiots and keep up the great work.
Audio is The PITTS
Come on! Doesn’t anyone there play the final edit back before publishing?
Only back because Chuck was on Washington Week
And S Guthrie. Otherwise idk
Narrative over truth
Pretty embarrassing to be this myopic. Is zero stars an option? Scratch that. How about negative stars?
A competing town hall? Really?
Thank you
Thank you for the story it was very fascinating. Ali Schuback
Ali Schu
Fast Speaking
Chuck: The guests you bring who chronically speak too fast lose many of your long time followers. They more convey maturity and lack of self confidence and always afraid of being interrupted or afraid of forgetting their stream of thought if someone else interrupts. Audience doesn’t want to listen to competition between the guests, but would like to listen to just different views in a calm & cultured manner. Are you lacking choice, Chuck? Why? Conversely, advise the pundits you bring not to talk too fast. Tell them that you’ve been told it’s intimidating and noisy! Otherwise, keep the standards that you started off with. I’ll thank you for considering to listen to a long time listener & fan. Ayman
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Competing music
Turn the music off so I could have heard the main question. Duh!
Audio Stinks Big Time
I used to listen to this show religiously but the horrible sound quality makes it hard to listen to. Please Chuck, upgrade your personal microphone or record in a closet!
Good ta;l; terrible audio
This is usually good with interesting guests but the audio is often terrible. How could NBC let this kind of sound get out?
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