The Chuck ToddCast: Meet the Press
The Chuck ToddCast: Meet the Press
Chuck Todd, Meet the Press
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He’s a smart and knowledge guy, but…
Please stop interrupting your guests!!! I listened to several podcast before I realized that I wasn’t imaging the constant interruptions. Please let your guest finish their thoughts and sentences. Alternatively, just have yourself on as the guest.
A Tale of two primaries
Not a good omen for the Republic that the political system is failing and the primaries will be driven by the judicial system and the anti democratic media
I find it incredible that RFK Jr’s name is not allowed to even be mentioned in the mainstream media.
My favorite podcast
I never miss this podcast and hope you’ll continue it long after you leave Meet the Press. I love the informality of the discussions. It’s like having a couple of ridiculously smart people talking about the latest news over a beer on the back porch. Please don’t change a thing.
Jenn Dan Aum
Why even have a guest?
So, Jeffrey Goldberg is your guest, but you won’t let him talk. Why not just interview yourself?
Appreciation for Chuck Todd
I have respect and admiration for the authenticity that you get across. It does sadden me that you’re stepping back from Meet the Press; I hope you always stay vocal and doing the Toddcast. Maybe even a ramp up as we head into 2024? Cheers Chuck!
Please stop interrupting your guests!
I am a big, longtime fan of MEET THE PRESS as I’m 78 years old. Chuck is knowledgeable, no question about it. But Chuck, you MUST STOP INTERRUPTING YOUR ALSO KNOWLEDGE GUESTS!! You are rude when you do it… especially talking over your female guests! Please consider having a podcast when ONLY YOU speak. I would be very interested in that as you are smart and articulate. But let your guests FINISH THEIR SENTENCES… and their train of thought! I am interested in what they have to say, not just YOU! Thank you, Adrienne Donze Minnesota
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Great political analysis
Will miss you on Sundays. All the best.
Inslee was great
Chuck has a solid Rolodex! Remember this is pod. This is discussion. Not straight interview - it’s good. Thanks
Insightful and Interesting…
I have learned more about what Chuck is “binging”, Washington sports teams, and SEC/ ACC rivalries than I ever thought I possible could. Thank god for the 30 second skip button, the show has gone down hill a little in the past year, but still has some good takes once in a while.
JT probono
This used to be one of my favorite podcasts and I eagerly tuned in every time there was a new episode. Now it’s unbearable. Chuck does not let his guests get a word in edgewise for all his interrupting. It’s beyond annoying! You invite interesting and insightful guests but don’t let them express their views. If Chuck wants to speak so much, host a podcast where all you do is speak. Don’t bother with guests. I’m so disappointed and frustrated. Gone is a valuable and interesting podcast that gave a more centered view of the world.
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Interview with NC Representative Jeff Jackson
More of this kind of Representative please! Thoughtful, intelligent, fair and found something positive to say about someone across the aisle. Listeners benefit from this type of content. Wish my representative would spend some time with him.
Two men from Florida
You lost me when you went on & on about Sports. Not interested.
Please stop interrupting your guests!
Chuck Todd interrupts his guests. It is rude and Annoying.
No Teledoc ever again!
Great conversations!
I came to this podcast from the Meet the Press podcast, but now I enjoy this one more! For a hypothetical, what would have happened if SCOTUS upheld the OSHA vaccine mandate? Or if McCarthy appointed republicans to the 1/6 committee? Or if Trump walked onto the floor of the House during the electoral count? Or if Barr withheld the Mueller report? Or if Harrison didn’t end reconstruction?
Please buy Chuck a Microphone. Otherwise good
Like the long form interviews and deep dives made possible by the podcast format. But… why do amateur podcasts have better audio quality and better microphones?
Who’s the Expert ??
Chuck Todd constantly interrupts the Expert, to throw out his childish ideas and simplistic summarization of the topic. Chuck asks questions and then doesn’t allow the expert to answer. Chuck, the solution: SHUT UP! And try to be respectful, of the expert and the audience. Thanks!
Alt History Episodes are great
Love the Alt History Episodes. I think it would be neat if you did one on Obama not running in 08 and McCain Palin winning but losing in 2012 to Hillary…Would love to her a spin on that. Thanks
5 ⭐️
Potential alt history topic: McCain choosing Lieberman as VP. It likely doesn’t change the outcome of the race but it does, potentially, remove Palin from the scene.
Alternative history
I really enjoy the alternative history! Kind of wish they would slow down and go a little deeper. I’ve learned a lot about history from this podcast.
Great insights into political races
and especially good at explaining data, but dear Chuck, can you work on your listening skills and stop showing your guests how smart you are! It’s not a competition. Mitch Daniel’s interview is a case in point. He has so much insight and relevant experience. Did we need to hear about your knowledge of Garfield? No.
Learner A.
My alternative history would be what if we had completed Reconstruction in the 1800s? I’m not sure what the best hinge point is maybe Lincoln’s assassination or the election of 1876. How different would our country be today if we dealt with our racial problems then rather than waiting 100 years. Another one I have is what if Teddy Roosevelt had run for a 3rd term in 1908? Presumably he wins, Taft runs and wins in 1912 and a Republican President takes us into WW1 much sooner. If the US is involved from the outset does the war end sooner? If so is there a Russian Revolution, does the Ottoman Empire collapse, are the Germans crushed to the point that it later gives rise to Hitler?
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Zero Chance Chuck Catches the Monkey
Really Chuck? Reginald is laughing at you while counting his winnings!
Trite & Superficial
Sounds like you two guys know of illegal activity at the state level that the FBI should know about. Shame on you. Your episode proves that we have the best government that money can buy. Chuck, stop wondering why we had an insurrection. You “inside guys” just validated the people’s disbelief in our political institutions….good job Chuck!
Kenosha, Wisconsin
I love this show
I love the post game shows. It gives you all the extra info you wish there was time for on the broadcast.
A very biased left wing extreme host
Seems to be obsessed with former president Trump. He ruined Meet the Depressed as well unlike Tim Russet. It has become Another propaganda show for liberals and they hate the USA and everybody is a racist and the most important people on earth are the LGBT folks who make up about 1.6 percent of the population and everybody is identified as a race, religion, sexuality, etc. Never just people. Divide and conquer is there creed. Make everyone hate everybody
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Stop talking and listen!
Does Chuck ever replay the podcast and flinch every time he interrupted his guest? It’s astounding! Let the guest provide a response. This one was particularly annoying. Where is the producer?
Please stop interrupting your guests
We’re interested in hearing what your guests have to say and it’s annoying when you step on them while they’re speaking. I understand you need to keep the interviews moving but please do a better job of letting them finish their thoughts and responses.
Chuck balks.
Always look forward to stopping the podcast when Chuck starts talking about baseball.
Pete Williams rocks!
Just loved this episode, especially the chats about Chuck’s and Pete’s shared passion for music. Godspeed, Pete Williams, hope to hear you in a future podcast somewhere.
Proud Florida Democrat
Nooo! Don’t go Pete!!
I really like Chuck Todd and the people he brings on to interview. I am very sad especially for Pete Williams retirement.
Chuck Todd’s slipshod reporting is partly responsible 4 Trump
The slipshod Chuck Todd & his ilk is why we have the Trump Administration. He should cover something he cares/ knows something about like sports.
Chuck and Amy
Have loved hearing your discussions with many recent guests, but you and Amy Walters are so interesting. Thanks for feeding the political nerd in me.
A worthy podcast
Always enjoyable and informative news podcast. Chuck provides good insight’s into current issues, while maintaining a sense of humor. Guests are informative. Chuck does occasionally tend to monopolize the conversation.
Let the guest talk!!!!
Chuck Todd drives me crazy because he won’t let the guest finish his thought. He has to interrupt and talk. He needs to talk a lot less.
please stop interrupting
Chuck i really like your podcast and guests but can you please stop interrupting them. You ask them a question and as soon as they start answering, you interrupt and start telling them your opinion. This is VERY distracting. Could you please try to talk with your guests more in the manner of “Meet the Press” where you appear to be listening to them.
Ministers of misinformation! Don’t believe a word they say.
stu knodd
Too Smug despite partisan views
Chuck Todd used to be a neutral interviewer but his leftist partisan slant makes his interviews no longer interesting. He should have followed the style of the late Tim Russert; who’s we miss so much.
Please stop interrupting guests
Very irritating to hear excellent guests like David Remnick & Leon Panetta talked over.
Good topics and interviews
My only critique is that C Todd interrupts speakers a bit too much. I would like to hear the answers of guests fully; C Todd will interrupt an answer and sometimes steer the answer to his perceived answer. Maybe it’s a tactic to save time…I still find things very interesting. Take care.
DD Thompson
👍Chuck Todd
I love your shows. … thank goodness for 1/2 speed. I’m a better voter because of you and your guests
mrs mc gonagall's sister
MSNBC talking head. Not a journalist
0 stars
Chuck and most of his panel members are some of the best operatives the DNC has today.
What if Tim Russert never died?
Rather than provide comprehensive unbiased coverage of current political events each episode has devolved into what if…? What if Bill Clinton resigned after The Lewinsky scandal? What if Obama could be elected for a third term? How about the show focuses on real events and not fake history. Chuck Todd already spent years covering an impeachment predicated on a dossier that was a total Hillary political hit job. I have a what if….what if the great Tim Russert never died? Would Chuck Todd still be the mail boy of the NBC newsroom?
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Nazi game
Absolutely loved the alternate history shows!
Good history lessons here
I like these conversations.
“What if” Series
This is fascinating. I hope it becomes a permanent podcast. One half hour is never enough time for all the tangents that these conversations generate.
Norm from North Bellmore
Can we go back in time…
… and find out what would have happened if Tim Russert hadn’t died? Askin for a friend
I would like to hear the whole podcast! Not just a brief summary!!!
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