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Is The Daily Show Stealing?
1 hour 14 minutes Posted May 23, 2024 at 11:58 am.
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You be the judge. Stigall and Fast Eddie are wondering why it seems so much of the creative juices squeezed from the show seem to be finding their way onto larger platforms. Biden's lies about the economy and inflation are killing his campaign. The Harrison Butker story still has "legs" and it's the NFL who's getting kicked. Some of the leagues stars broke their silence yesterday. Another Trump attorney and affiliates are rounded up in a witch hunt - this time in Arizona and Stigall speaks with one of them. Christina Bobb - author of "Stealing Your Vote" and the head of the RNC's Election Integrity Unit explains what she's been charged with and how she predicts things will shake out with the latest case of lawfare against Trump and his associates.
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