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The Chris Stigall Show
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An Upside Down Flag In An Upside Down Country
1 hour 9 minutes Posted May 21, 2024 at 5:00 am.
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Have you heard the stupid new attack on Supreme Court Justice Alito? Perhaps the dumbest thing you've heard yet in the news cycle. John Fetterman and AOC lock horns. Joy Behar comes unglued about the Electoral College and the Supreme Court. Christian Toto from discusses the death of actor Dabney Coleman, John Voight continues to live out his conservatism at the Cannes Film Festival, and why are live comedy events booming in ticket sales? Plus, a conversation we had last week but ran out of time to feature and didn't want you to miss from Col. Tony Schaffer on Tony Blinken's rock concert in Ukraine and why he doesn't believe Putin is what Washington continues to insist he is.

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