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The China in Africa Podcast
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How China's Changing Economy is Impacting Africa?

1 hour 5 minutes Posted Jun 21, 2024 at 4:46 am.
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Back in the early 2000s, when Chinese engagement in Africa started to ramp up, China was enjoying double-digit growth and devoured vast quantities of African oil, minerals, and timber to feed its surging manufacturing sector.

Fast-forward to the present, and China no longer relies on African resources as it once did. The Chinese economy has matured, and those heady growth days are long past. And now, with the BRI in place, China doesn't rely on Africa for resources anywhere near as much as it did 20 years ago.

A new paper published by two of the world's leading scholars on China-Africa ties, Zainab Usman from the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and Professor Tang Xiaoyang from Tsinghua University in Beijing, details five key economic trends re-shaping the relationship between these two regions.

Zainab joins CGSP Africa Editor Géraud Neema to discuss how this evolving economic relationship will impact African countries, in particular.

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