The Child Whisperer Podcast with Carol Tuttle & Anne Brown
The Child Whisperer Podcast with Carol Tuttle & Anne Brown
Carol Tuttle
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Need more!
Love this podcast. Just need more of them!
Awesome Podcast!!!
Carol, host of The Child Whisperer Podcast with Carol Tuttle & Anne Brown podcast, highlights all aspects of kids & family and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Clarisse Gomez
Love The child Whisperer!!
This podcast is amazing and has given me so much insight on how to better understand each of my kids as individuals. Love having this knowledge and love Carol Tuttle.
SO helpful!!
These podcasts are sometimes exactly what I need to get me through the week to learn one bee tip that will help me and each of my children better live true to our strengths. As John Maxwell says, “Live in your strength zone as much as possible!”
Brightplus app user
Thank you
I have appreciated so much all the tips and support during this journey of motherhood. I love constantly learning and becoming better in all areas and this podcast as well as your books, Carol, have been a huge blessing. Thank you!
Emily pete
So helpful
I enjoy these so much. I just wish they released more!!
Great podcast!
Cool!!!!! I love it. This was helpful. It reeling helped.
Wonderful advice!
Still have yet to find a better and more helpful parenting book than Carol’s. She has a true gift of helping others, and helping us know ourselves and our family better.
Quality advice
This is my favorite parenting podcast, and I listen to quite a few. The Child Whisperer book, which works in tandem with the podcast, is also excellent and has helped make parenting smoother and more enjoyable for my entire family.
This podcast is so helpful to me, I use it to supplement with the book! I love the dynamic between Mother and daughter too.
My favorite podcast and author
Reading the Child Whisperer changed my life. I can't imagine not knowing what I know now. This podcast is incredible. It's great information and the perfect length of time.
Child whisperer
I love this podcast!! Always helpful information to help raise happy healthy children!
Sherri L Albrecht
Not knowledgable and promotes ads too much
When people call in, she doesn’t understand what is natural for different age groups. “All kids are trying to manipulate, talk to a professional therefore I cant help you.” Babies can’t be spoiled. They dont manipulate. She also gives advice while promoting books and ads so I think she’s less listener focused and more interested in her sponsors.
Child Whispering has changed my life
I am so grateful for all of Carol’s work. It had really changed my life. I have better insight on myself, I’m s better mom, and all around a better person because of the things I have learned from Carol’s various books and online resources. This podcast is just icing on the cake.
Great parenting advice
Love the practical advice for parents with kids of all ages! Thank you!
Inspiring and assuring
Thank you for this podcast! Sometimes the episodes that are published, are exactly what I need for that week! Thank you Carol and Anne for sharing you wisdom.
Great parenting podcast!
Love the book and love to have this podcast to show the different ways to implement the books information. So helpful in raising my 4 boys ❤️
I Love Carol’s Work
I have not only followed Carol’s Child Whisperer book and podcasts, but I have also been follow Carol’s other work directed to helping people live true to themselves! I love her parenting tips, advice, and direction! These podcasts are full of helpful information that goes along so great with her book, The Child Whisperer!! I am grateful for the major difference her information has made in my personal life, and in my parenting for my children’s lives!!
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Improved, concise podcasts
I love the quick, concise format and two hosts.
Where did 2011 to?
I love these podcasts but I was in he middle of listening to the ones from 2011 and they just disappeared from the available list. Any way to get them back??
I love the insight she gives
If you are ready for a new way of viewing yourselves and your children, this is a great way to start ! Enjoy your family and their special gifts through this podcast!
Great information poor sound quality.
I have tried to listen to a number of different episodes, but find myself struggling to hear well due to the poor quality of sound. I wish I could listen more because there is great information. Please get a setup that is more professional.
Best practical advice!
Carol is so great at simplifying parenting by explaining about the 4 different types of children and how each type works so differently. She is so straightforward it is refreshing!
So Helpful!!
So grateful we have this in our lives!
More ways to implement unconditional love
I love being able to hear experiences and feedback for how to apply these tools in learning to love not just our children unconditionally, but how often I think of a friend, neighbor, or someone else I know and how I can better love and interact with them as I learn and practice living myself unconditionally.
Wonderful Guidance and Support
Wonderful guidance and support from a brilliant perspective. Thank you Carol!!
Best parent and child podcast
The information in the podcasts are so helpful for parenting. I have found many times over the information gained from listening has helped in my home. On top of helping in my home it has helped in my own life to understand who I am.
Great Podcast
These podcasts have great practical info. for raising children.
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