The Chernobyl Podcast
The Chernobyl Podcast
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Great listen
Just came to this show and pod after watching first few episodes of The Last of Us and realizing I had to catch up on Chernobyl. This is a great companion to the show. The creator gives incredible background info and details surrounding the events depicted in Chernobyl. It was insightful and thought provoking. Also super interesting to listen to after the global events of 2020.
Great companion piece to the series
I had heard great things about the series but only just now watched it. The series was so good! But I needed to talk about it/process it with someone, and this podcast was just the thing. A great companion to the series !
Stephanie in MN USA
I watched all the episodes first then found this
It’s amazing!!!! I watched all of Chernobyl first then found this podcast and I recommend
Excellent companion to the excellent show.
Mister Stay Puft
Too much TDS
Keep domestic politics out of it unless it’s 1986
Purple Rain Cherokee
Binge Worthy
It was great to hear the back story of the series. The program had my heart pounding with the constant humming, fabulous! You guys are BRILLIANT!! Thank you for doing this podcast!
Perfect podcast addition to a perfect show
I can’t recommend this series enough
An Excellent Companion Piece
First began listening as the series released on HBO. Both hosts often reference “Voices from Chernobyl” as inspiration for the series narrative. This book is critically acclaimed, containing many unique accounts of the Chernobyl tragedy and its lasting impact on “liquidators” and those who inhabited the region.
Great podcast
Watch the tv show a year ago and was shocked how interesting this story was. Afterwards I watched a few more documentaries about this tragedy. Stumbled across this podcast and loved the slow walk through of each episode and knowing the parts that were dramatized.
Informative Podcast
I greatly enjoyed the show, so I dabbled in the podcast. All the insights about the actual event and the production made me enjoy the show even more. I’m glad that this show was made and reflected events realistically rather than trying to vilify all Soviets. There were villains and there were heroes at Chernobyl, and they were all human. Definitely worth a back to back listen.
Dr. Strangelove!
Awesome content
Had to have more after finishing the series on hbo and this definitely was worth the listen!
Loved it
Loved the TV series and wished I had listened along. Now I get to rewatch! Yay!! Good work guys
My favorite series ever! My favorite podcast ever!
I watched this series all the way through about 3 times so far in the last month, and ever since watching I have been CONSTANTLY looking at videos from the series and more just simply about nuclear energy, power plants, radiation and so on. I literally have become obsessed with this topic PURELY based on the series. I have seen a TON of series before but nothing like this one ever. I was blown away by the amount of detail they put into this series and to hear that come from the creators words in this podcast made me love the series even more. Seriously this show and podcast have changed my perspective on life, with all the lies and secrets from this show has really made me question and wonder what really is the truth in so many events we all think we know what happened. The storytelling and acting in this film make this the absolute best all around filmmaking production I have ever seen and I truly hope the best for all those who were affected by that terrible tragedy and hope that as human beings we can learn from our mistakes and not cover them up or lie about them. Truly amazed at the perfection of this show and podcast, hats off to all those involved and this podcast was just the perfect way to complete the all around knowledge of the true life events and what it took to bring that story to life!
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I’ve been watching films since perhaps 1941 and have had television since 1947. Chernobyl, by far, is the finest production I’ve seen, magnificent in all respects. I’m familiar with the Soviet system. Congratulations to all!
Just outstanding. Adds so much value to the television series. What a great historical and educational series. Bravo!
best podcast i’ve ever listen to, super entertaining, i felt like i was watching the show all over again!
The Chernobyl Podcast
This is a very enjoyable podcast which brings some of the history and and details of the making of the series into greater relief. The 5 episode series is riveting and deserves a wide audience. I was drawn to it but reluctant to watch it at first, due to having grown up with a hyper awareness (I spent my childhood as a “downwinder” 100 miles from the Hanford Nuclear Site in a Ephrata, Washington) of the dangers of nuclear energy. I finally watched it with my daughter, one episode per evening for 5 consecutive evenings and we were both moved by it. It’s an absolutely brilliant and flawless production which illuminates an important event in our world history.
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Ummm do you mind
Loved it
I’m OBSESSED with this show on HBO and cannot stop watching it. I’m so excited that there’s more to consume!
Orange Man Bad
Peter Sagal cannot open his mouth without bashing Trump. Politicizing the Chernobyl miniseries by comparing it with current US politics is absurd in the extreme. Way to ruin a podcast, Peter. Question: When Trump inevitably leaves office, who are you going to continuously bash?
Looking Back
The HBO show is flawless. I remember not exactly understanding what was going on as a child. This was such a treat.
A must listen
Being a teenager when it happened, I’ve always wondered what really happened. Now as an adult, I found both the series and podcast so relevant to issues today. Listening to the podcast helped answer many wonderings I had after watching the HBO series. Interestingly, my 8 year old son is fascinated with Chernobyl and has memorized movie clips, enjoyed the podcast, and could explain how an RBMK reactor works. Needless to say, he is a huge fan.
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Could not have been better
The Chernobyl HBO series could not have been better and the same can be said for this podcast. Bravo! My only complaint is that the two had to end and now I need to find something else to fill the void.
6 stars
Loved this
Very detailed when describing the sequences in each episode. Very informative, especially being able to provide such insight during a time where everything was being covered up and very easy to follow if you have already watched each episode in the series. Great work overall.
I can’t stand the Peter voice. I heard him on NPR. He was taking jabs at our great president and thinks he is funny. Not funny at all Peter Seagull, go flap your lips elsewhere!
For many reasons I have listened to this about a billion times! Great Job!
I’m bored....
Still bored
It’s an interesting podcast. I really enjoyed Chernobyl miniseries specially for great performance of Jerad Harris
Ahmsd TZ
Thank you
Thank you so much for making this podcast! It’s a wonderful compliment to this important series. I wish every program dealing with true events could provide this level of background between an excellent interviewer and the writer/creator. Having additional episodes with interviews with the production designer, makeup department, etc would be welcome!
Wonderful Show
Excellent show Great cast, great script, based on a great novel. This is a cautionary tale that unfortunately does have echos in our politics today. Despite the reviews here that want to ignore the parallels to the current administration, denying it doesn’t make it so even though we see their current leader thinking he can just deny the truth and that makes it so. This is exactly the kind of thing we need to look out for and protect our precious democracy against.
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Uh, there’s just one problem
The creators want to compare Trump to a fascist and it’s actually the left, the anti-Trump which is the fascist faction of our government and society. Simply more propaganda. No thanks, we have enough of that already.
Chernobyl was great but the host is shockingly ignorant to the cause and an ideologue
Chernobyl podcast was eye opening and a great listen most of the time. The show was fantastic too. Unfortunately the podcaster is shockingly ignorant to the cause of what really happened and how it relates to what is going on today. Instead of using the Chernobyl situation for us all to learn from and ensure ppl are safe from ever happening again, he spreads propaganda and is a closet lefty, the type that deceitfully claims being an “independent” to make himself seem nuanced. Shame, such a quality show and insightful podcast at times but his agenda superseded true learning opportunities and, in the most unfortunate irony, people like him are why situations like Chernobyl are more likely, not less likely, to take place in the future. I’d still recommend a listen for ppl interested specifically in Chernobyl, the show, and actual occurrences that were discussed.
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Best ever
It is in detle but it needs beter explanen
go teennssee
Stop apologizing
If the facts of these devastating events are too difficult for people (particularly left leaning puppy lovers) then maybe they shouldn’t watch it? Why keep apologizing? It happened. It’s just annoying the narrators keep subtly bringing up their biased social and political opinions and comparing them to this devastating event. Mildly annoying, otherwise a good recap of the series.
This is a great podcast that goes in-depth about the HBO mini series chernobyl. I was 15 when Chernobyl happened and I found the mini series to be amazing and informative. It was well acted by an amazing cast. I learned a lot about the incident.
miniseries: 4 stars .. this podcast: 2
This pod has some decent info. But my god, is it a cheerleading effort. Mazin & his interviewer are clearly on the same team, trying to sell the show. Mazin must have an advanced degree in the Art of the Humblebrag. Now, OK, I know it's not easy to put out art and then act like you're not really proud of it. But could you just TRY?!? For counterbalanced context, if any of you ever get a chance to watch the "directors cut" episodes (or whatever it's called) of Deadwood (the pinnacle of the televisual arts, imho), note the stance and wording of one David Milch, who has just finished a 3-season masterpiece, and compare it to this Mazin dude. You'll get my drift. The other thing that annoyed me was the short shrift given to all the inaccuracies in this miniseries (And there are a LOT). Just pull up the (very long) section in wiki headed "historical accuracy." The series itself was very good, very exciting, well worth watching. All that. But the inaccuracies abound: The Bridge of Death was a myth... Legasov (the main character) wasnt actually at the climactic trial... the portrayed chopper crash actually occurred months later... Dyatlov and others were apparently not the evil-doers that the series portrayed them as... and many more. This pod gives very quick mention (and sometimes none at all) to all these factors. The thing that most sticks in my mind from this pod... now this gonna seem petty, but stick with me people... Mazin says MULTIPLE times that Legasov hanged himself exactly 2 years to the day after the tragic event. (Thats not really a spoiler; its the opening scene.) The reality is it was 2 years AND A DAY. Ok, so 2 years, or 2 years & a day, what's the diff? Nothing, in real life, but if you're trying to convince me of the historical accuracy of your new show, and telling me how exhaustively researched it was, then I should expect you to not be capable of blithely uttering such an obvious (little, but) incorrect factoid... one that the average viewer can verify with a 20 second google search. It makes me think, "What ELSE is he inaccurate about?? peace
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I loved hearing more details and Peter Sagal did a really remarkable job hosting this podcast!
Truly accurate, considerate, great show
I’m unsurprised this podcast was as well-researched and produced given the quality of the HBO series it reviews. I knew quite a bit about Chernobyl before the TV and podcast series, but the details uncovered and painstakingly explained in both made me learn much more. Thank you. I hope you earn well-deserved Golden Globes.
Insightful. Very well done
Perfect addition to the show
The show is amazing, and I can't reccomend it enough. The podcast is for people who just want more, and some behind the scenes stuff. Great. Well donw and always interesting.
When you thought you were done with Chernobyl you find the Podcast and you get hooked all over again. Every question you never knew you had is answered in the pod. Absolutely Riveting.
Like the mini-series the podcast is informative and wrenching. I’m a Ruso-Ukraine-file & history buff so have watched & listened multiple times. Ep 4 always rips out my heart. One observatIon: Everyone wearing glasses seems to be wearing the same rather ugly pair... Craig Mazin, what’s your next project? Oh—Some years ago 60 Mins reported on the return of wildlife—including wolves—to the Exclusion Zone. Any observation of this during the crew’s tour?? Anyone that’s watched/listened to Chernobyl that refuses to see the parallels between the Soviet lies & those of the current American Administration is a fool.
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A perfect listen if you enjoyed the show. Highly recommended. Also not littered with advertisements.
I'm Watching TV/My Tablet Again
Not only is the subject matter interesting and I remember it, the behind the scenes look at the filming caused me to buy the season and I just binge watched three episodes. Seriously, my TV is still unplugged but the tablet hasn't even been in use to watch baseball this season (We won't go into why, but it always has been in years past) Knowing the choices the producers and directors and whomever made for each episode made me want to see the show. I was already interested in the subject, but having that behing the scenes view on why they did this or didn't sucked me in. The last TV show I bought to give you an example was that added season of The X-files and I still haven't watched all of it! I'm a reader, not a TV person. until this.
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Great addition to the show
If you like the show you should listen this!
Amazing for people who want more
Amazing!!! It’s been a long time since the series came out but I bump into this podcast and this is amazing. This guys are telling how when why and a lot of little details that tell the big thing!.
Chernobyl ...
This was one of the most interesting and vibrant podcasts I’ve heard!! My husband and I were listening to it while we were traveling. At stops we couldn’t wait to get back in the car and listen to the next episode. There was so much information so well played out that you could picture, even if you had little knowledge about Chernobyl, exactly what they were talking about during the presentation. That said I couldn’t wait to see the Chernobyl miniseries. Though I am not a subscriber to HBO I paid for these episodes separately, I was that intrigued. The miniseries only heightened my feelings about this presentation. This definitely worth the listen to and it’s definitely worth the watch!!!
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Started it
Listened to about 3 1/2 episodes I really hate when ppl bring trump into everything I’m not a supporter of him but I’m so done with trump trump trump I’m sorry my fellow Democrats but we lost the election time to move on (later)
Marco marrow
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