The Cheat Code
The Cheat Code
MoneƩ Lundyn
Cheat Code Alert Dropping gems like ya bf and his friends tryna win a game of 2K. Giving you the real on life, love and entrepreneurship but you know we gotta throw in some tea
Ep. 1 Toxic Friendships
Welcome to The Cheat Code! Episode one touches on a variety of topics starting with how our host (Moneé) & co-host (Lundyn met and how the podcast came to life following a fallout of a friendship. Moneé and Lundyn both open up on how easy it is to become a bad friend while dealing with personal growth. This discussion leads to the conversation on how to deal with having a drama addicted friend past a certain age and accepting that friendships can be just as toxic as a relationship. The co host then sheds light to the controversial topic of protecting black women. Instead of turning a blind-eye, if you see something say something. Introducing.... The Cheat Code.
Oct 4, 2021
48 min