The Changelog: Software Dev & Open Source
The Changelog: Software Dev & Open Source
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So much information!!
This podcast is super informative and is so useful for those looking for tips and tricks in the development space.
Marisa J2
One of the greatest podcast for developers.
I am a listener for many years now, and The Changelog is one of the best podcasts for a developer, period. I covers a multitude of subjects and what’s more important to me is that the hosts won’t get in the way of the guests, letting they express their opinion while making the hard questions. Another high point is the subjects covered are up to date on the latest technologies, specially from the Open Source community and the programming languages we love so much. Thank you Adam and Jerod for the great work.
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Entertaining, insightful and actionable! 🔥
Whether you’re well established as someone who can translate creative energy into the impact you want to have on the world, or just getting started as a catalyst for change in the software development space - this is a must-listen podcast for you! Adam and Jerod do an incredible job leading conversations that cover a huge breadth of topics related to the ins and outs of navigating the shifting landscape of software, open source and tech culture - from leaders who’ve actually walked the path. Highly recommend listening and subscribing!
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I’ve listened to one episode so far and the conversation is quality and engaging.
Lee Hericks
Awesome show, highly recommend!
Adam, Jerod and their guests provide some incredibly compelling content and do a phenomenal job of simplifying complex ideas in a structured, entertaining way. Highly recommend listening and subscribing to The Changelog if you want the knowledge AND mindsets to level up and better understand how open source is drastically shaping our future!
J. Barshop
Love the show!
Very informative and entertaining, please keep up the good work! It keeps me up to speed, and I definitely recommend it to friends and colleagues.
Great Look Into Open Source
The Changelog is so very dear to my heart largely due to its variety. While at times in the past it felt a bit Ruby heavy, it's had its share of guests representing a variety of projects. This many years into it, it's also really fascinating to listen to return guests. I listen to all episodes, even if I'm not particularly interested in the featured project/guest.
Nikola Kantar
So interesting!
The best guests of any technology podcast I’ve found.
great but has gotten too long
This is a great show about a wide variety of topics in the open source scene. The production quality is top notch and the interviews are really good. Unfortunately, the shows (which I remember being an hour long back when I first started listening) have gotten too long. I guess it’s just my opinion, but I believe the perfect length for a podcast is 45 min to 1 hour, and these have been going 1:30 or more over the past few months. The reason for this is that they have talked more about the background and ‘origin stories’ of their guests an while that’s interesting, I’d gladly sacrifice it for shows that were shorter and more on topic.
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I love hosting this show!
There is always at least one person on this show that I agree with. Five stars.
I learn something new each and every podcast
I am more of a designer than a coder and I love listening to The Changelog because I learn something from each podcast. Great work guys!
Ben Gillin
great show, really enjoy it
Thank you
Informative and Relevant
I always enjoy listening to The Changelog. The guests and topics are top notch. Listening to this show helps keep you relevant and up to date as a developer!
Awesome hosts, awesome guests
This guys know a lot of programming. Not only that, they manage to get the most awesome guests somehow. I started following then to keep up with programming news, but in the end I realized that I learn so much by listening to this program. I will never stop!
Iraê Brasil
Great For Commuting
I listen to this on my long drive home. They cover a great range of topics. Many that I would never thought I'd be interested in. The hosts keep it lively and I end up learning so much. Highly recommended.
Thanks guys
Love hearning the new hottness.
Drew Lesueur
Really well done
Great way to keep tabs on a healthy cross-section of open source projects... especially anything related to SASS ;-)
Changelog is...
Quickly becoming my favorite podcast.
Great interviews
Listening to the backlog of great interviews, well worth the investment--so much useful content here.
Balance of depth and flow.
My biggest gripe with some podcasts is they're either (a) too in depth for audio or (b) their simply background news where the hosts flirt and say "that's what she said" and make jokes that make no sense to outsiders, etc. Don't get me wrong, I love a good "that's what she said." The Changelog is the perfect balance. You'll get great little chunks of goodness while listening to The Changelog. Everyone should also check out Adam's The Founder's Talk as well as The Web 2.0 Show.
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The Change Log is the Open Source Podcast!
This podcast is one of the best podcasts I subscribe too. Their episodes do not focus on just one technology, but cover all of the open source world. They address the current trends and hot topics in the Programming Community. SImply put this is a must subscribe to. Keep up the amazing work!
Best tech podcast
Great interviews with Open Source leaders on the very latest geek goodness.
Brian Gershon
Open source software for the win.
A very good technical podcast. I enjoy learning about all the cool new open source efforts. This is the one show I grab and listen to as soon as it comes out.
Really Top Quality
A great resource of high quality, top notch interviews and information on whats happening on the cutting edge, couldn't recommend this podcast more.
I'm glad this exists!
Open source for Web geeks
Excellent interviews and commentary on the open source projects which make the Web hum. I'd love more python and less ruby, but the two communities are constantly stealing ideas from each other, so, whatever works. :)
Great podcast on cool new projects!
Easily one of the best podcasts on cool open-source projects. Coverage is always enough to get you going and help you make decisions on what projects to investigate, but never gets bogged down in a level of detail unsuitable to radio/podcast. In the long term, I wouldn't mind more focus on non-web projects, but there are hopefully many episodes left to cover other projects. RIYL: make all, hacker news, proggit
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Tap into the pulse of Open Source
If you want to hear great interviews with the movers and shakers of Open Source Software, you have subscribe to this podcast. Additionally, they do a great job sharing tips and links to the hottest new OSS and releases of the oldies but goodies. They ask great questions and you'll get great insight into the motivations behind projects and their maintainers. If you're an open source junkie like I am, subscribe now.
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Makes Me Want to Get More Involved in OSS
Getting into open source software always seemed like a daunting task. This podcast makes it very accessible to anyone interested. Thanks Adam & Wynn!
If you want to be in the know
Listen to the changelog show!
I came across Changelog via GitHub the other day, and thought I'd give it a try. If the Riak episode is any indication of things to come, this is easily one of the best technology-oriented podcasts available on iTunes. Keep up the great work!
Great show
Great show, keep them coming.
Changelog changed my life
I got an awesome open source job through a project I found on The Changelog
Great content.
I highly recommend this podcast for anyone who wants to stay on top of the fast paced world of OSS. Good stuff!
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