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The CGA Tour
Calvin Glen Alexander
Oklahoma State Football 2023 Season in Review
1 hour 11 minutes Posted Jan 3, 2024 at 8:18 pm.
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Show notes

Welcome to the CGA Tour Podcast, where host Calvin Glen Alexander invites you to explore the captivating world of Oklahoma State University football. In this episode, Calvin is joined by a special guest, his dad, Kerry Alexander, for an engaging discussion on all things OSU football.

First on the docket is the highly anticipated 2023 Season Review. Calvin and Kerry dissect the highs, lows, and surprises of the season, categorizing performances as either Great, Good, or Disappointing. Get ready for an insightful analysis that unveils the team's strengths and areas for improvement.

Moving on, the father-son duo dives into the storied history of Oklahoma State University football by ranking the Best 5 OSU Quarterbacks of all time. From iconic plays to unforgettable moments, Calvin and Kerry share their thoughts and opinions, ultimately revealing the top five quarterbacks in chronological order. Fans of the Cowboys won't want to miss this nostalgic journey through OSU football history.

Finally, the podcast shifts its focus to the future with a discussion on the OSU football ceiling in 2024. Calvin and Kerry explore the team's potential, examining key players, strategies, and factors that could influence the upcoming season. Whether you're a die-hard Cowboy fan or a college football enthusiast, this segment provides valuable insights into what to expect from Oklahoma State in 2024.

Don't miss out on the CGA Tour Podcast for a dynamic blend of sports analysis, personal anecdotes, and the unique dynamic between host Calvin Glen Alexander and his dad, Kerry Alexander. Subscribe now for an engaging and informative podcast experience that delves into the heart of Oklahoma State football.

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