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Welcome to the podcast on all things pop culture & reality TV! The gossip. The tea. The rumors. Whatever it is…we talk about it! So take a seat and get your popcorn because it’s going to be a good one!
Paul and Karine from 90 Day Fiance Have Explosive Fight!
Have you heard the news? Paul and Karine from #90DayFiance have had an UNREAL fight over social media. In this podcast, I will cover everything from their fight to some 90 Day Fiance recaps and even some Love After Lockup drama too!
Aug 5
41 min
90 Day Fiance: Debbie Ruins Colt & Jess's Relationship x The Celeb Talk Guy
Last, on #90DayFiance, Colt's mom Debbie has ruined his relationship with Jess! She totally tried to sabotage their relationship...  Plus, I share some insights on the last episode of Married At First Sight and Love After Lockup. Enjoy :)
Jul 28
35 min
The Celeb Talk Guy: Kalani's Dad Needs to Beat Up Asuelu on 90 Day Fiance!
Hi everyone! Thank you for listening to The Celeb Talk Guy podcast. This episode starts off talking about #90DayFiance Happily Ever After and then I transition into some personal stuff on my life, etc.  I hope you all enjoy it! :)
Jul 15
23 min
The Celeb Talk Guy: My COVID Experience + 90 Day Fiance Updates! And I'm Going on TV!
Hi everyone! We have some goods and some not-so-good news.  First: Yes, I did test positive for COVID-19. So I wanted to give you guys an update on my experience and how I'm feeling... Thankfully things are looking better and better! Second: I have some very exciting 90 Day Fiance updates! Everything from the past season, which was... well... eventful! To say the least ;) And then we have some exciting updates and recaps on the two new 90 Day Fiance seasons.  Lastly: I am GOING on TV! On July 8th I'll be on the Married at First Sight kickoff special for the new season! Don't worry... I'm not getting married ;)
Jun 28
30 min
Exclusive Interview with 90 Day Fiancé Baby Girl Lisa's BFF Nicole!
This was a GREAT interview with 'Baby Girl Lisa's' best friend, Nicole!  Nicole shared her side of the story on what she thinks of Lisa and Usman AKA Sojaboy! Stay clean during these scary times by supporting my podcast sponsor My Green Fills!  Click here to get FREE soap with your order!  
Apr 14
25 min
90 Day Fiance Usman's Side Chick Share the Truth.
In this exclusive interview, 90 Day Fiance Usman's side chick shares her side of the story with Usman and Baby Girl LISA! This is a CRAZY story! Enjoy :)
Apr 1
28 min
90 Day Fiance... Is Syngin now SINGLE?
Syngin from 90 Day Fiance is Single?
Jan 21
16 min
90 Day Fiance - Anna & Mursel Breakup?!
90 Day Fiance season 7 - Anna and Mursel Update
Jan 15
20 min
90 Day Fiance Before the 90 Days S3 Ep. 7 Recap - The Celeb Talk Guy Ep. 2
90 Day Fiance (before the 90 days) S3 ep. 7recap and my thoughts on the couples.
Sep 16, 2019
18 min
Married at First Sight S9 Finale Recap - The Celeb Talk Guy Ep. 1
Married at First Sight season 9 recap and my thoughts on the finale.
Sep 12, 2019
12 min