The Casual Birder Podcast
The Casual Birder Podcast
Suzy Buttress
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The best!
This podcast has taught me so much and done wonders for my mental health. Happy to be part of this positive community.
Interview with Jocelyn Anderson
I do enjoy watching Jocelyn’s slo-mo films of birds as they seemingly float in for their treats. Fun to put a voice to her hand :), and to hear you both talk about your experiences. Thanks for this wonderful episode, Suzy!
How have I not written a review yet?
This is one of those podcasts that I listen to as soon as it hits my feed. I've been inspired to do more birding because of this podcast. Suzy's delivery is very calm and inviting. She'll make you feel like birding too.
Paul Csomo
Suzy is the best!
The Casual Birder is one of my favorite shows. Suzy has a relaxing, approachable style. Her casual demeanor encourages birders and non-birders alike to take a few minutes and enjoy their local sights and sounds. I hope I get a chance to bird with her someday!
Sax pirate
Love this pod!!
Love this show. Always keeps me interested and always look forward to new episodes. Can’t recommend it enough. -Tabby from Your New Best Friends podcast
Lovely and Informative
This podcast is the definition of something I didn't know I needed. I am not a birder aside from appreciating them in my own backyard but I adore this podcast. Suzy is a lovely host and she and her guests are so informative I have leaned so much about Suzy's hobby and it is so refreshing to listen to someone who loves the topic she covers and encourages others to do that same.
Delightfully Perfect!
The Casual Birder Podcast is everything I didn’t know I needed in my life. As a casual birder myself, it’s so nice to hear someone else share my enthusiasm. I love that Suzy is halfway across the world from me - hearing about her local birds is exciting and delightful. And lucky me - she recently toured my city! I found myself giddy with her enthusiasm for my local birds and wishing I could chime in when she wasn’t positive about the identification of one. This podcast is charming, soothing, interesting, and above all else, pretty much perfect. A must listen!
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I've learned so much, thanks to this show.
The greatest compliment that I can give to this podcast is that I have not only learned so much good stuff from it, but it's pushed me to go and learn more for myself. When the show started, I had no clue as to how birds collected or migrated. Two years later, thanks to Suzy, I've got a great setup in my back yard and I can not only identify the sounds, but I can also identify the behavior, be it juvenile, aggressive, alarming or territorial. I hope the show goes on for a long time!
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A pleasing podcast about birds
The opening music -- a relaxing blend of languid slide guitar and birdsongs -- sets the mood perfectly for this podcast, in which the host talks about life as a casual birder and encourages listeners to spend more time looking at the birds in their own environments. It's a charming, relaxing, and interesting podcast to listen to, even if (like myself) you are not all that knowledgable or interested in birds. Interesting guests and regular callers round out an enchanting podcast! Being a casual birder means getting a little thrill out of seeing even common birds, and the first episode in fact focusses on blackbirds. The host also answers listener mail, which is how I learned that flocks of parakeets are not uncommon in England, where the host lives. Neat! All in all, it's a short, well-recorded, and nicely edited podcast. Recommended!
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So soothing.
I'm not really a birder--but I love birds and nature, and the accents make me feel at home. My cats enjoy the bird sounds as much as I do. Haha!
oodelally3 (@AHthePodcast)
Love this podcast! Delightful to hear the guests and Suzy chat about how important getting out in nature is for all of us.
A simple idea, elegantly executed 🕊
Many members of my family are bird watchers and take bird watching trips around the United States. Even though I appreciate nature I never really learned to appreciate birds 🐦 right in my neighborhood until I started listening to the Casual Birder. This podcast is soothing, engaging and helps me to be more mindful and in the moment - it’s even inspired me to take more photos and videos of East Bay Birds. Heidi Bennett - Vibrant Visionaries Podcast ✨
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Love this podcast and I am not even a bird watcher!
I adore listening to this podcast at work. The bird sounds and Suzy’s voice are relaxing. I am transported to feeling like I am outside. Super informative, too! Well done all around, Suzy!
You’ll become a casual birder too!
What I love most about this delightfully niche podcast is that Suzy’s passion for bird-watching is contagious. I find myself taking notice of and appreciating all the birds around me more and more. Suzy is a charming and well-informed host. Her descriptions of the birds are so wonderfully detailed and evocative that I can easily picture each one. I find this podcast incredibly calming and relaxing, almost meditative, thanks to the gentle bird calls, narration, and music. I learn something new each episode too! Definitely a must-listen.
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Meg (Indoorswomen/Pod Appétit)
The Best Birder
There is nothing more refreshing and pleasant than listening to Suzy tell me about the birds of her neighborhood and talk to the best guests. One of my favorite things is how accessible this show is to someone like me who is only now becoming interested in birding. Thank you Suzy you have such a lovely voice!
Ignorant Guests
Listened to the Feral Pigeon or Rock Dove episode and barely made it to the end. The guest ignorantly spewed her opinions on a subject with which she was completely bereft of any knowledge. Podcast needs professional, knowledgeable guests who know a little bit more about birds than people who just casually observe them. All domesticated “breeds” of pigeons were derived from the Rock Dove. Pigeon racing is not a “blood sport.” Yes, pigeons have been commodities for centuries. Nothing wrong with that.
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Unleash your inner birder
I never really thought of myself as a birder or bird fan, but host Suzy Buttress has me re-examining that notion! Her relaxing podcast is as calming as a walk in the woods, and reminds you to keep an eye out for your feathered friends be it in the city, suburbs or country.
So much fun!
The host has a great personality! The episode about murals a must listen! Also the production quality is A+
matt kirschner
Perfect podcast for bird lovers. High quality recording & smooth production. Very nice!
Old School Ninja
A bird in the hand isn’t as delightful as Suzy.
Suzy gently shares her passion for birds, free from birdwatching jargon or fast paced talk. It’s a leisurely walk with a friend who casually imparts her wisdom to enrich the experience.
digital dakini
This is a lovely podcast, informative and interesting no matter what level of birding you've achieved. It's the birding equivalent of sitting down over a cup of tea to chat with a friend about what birds you've seen lately.
Strange Animals Podcast
A pleasant break.
The peaceful nature of the show and the host is the perfect break in a stressful day. Just like taking a moment, just for yourself, to watch the birds flit around in the warm afternoon sun.
Delightful and Informative
If you like to look at and learn about birds as a hobbyist or casually, check out this show. It has rekindled my ornithological interests in just one episode. The host's voice is soothing and her knowledge of birds is obvious. Subscribe!