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Welcome to the The Aaron LeBauer Show. This is the #1 show for passionate physical therapy and healthcare entrepreneurs looking to level up their income and impact in the world. If that's you, you're in the right place. Sit back, chill out and let’s get into the show.
Touch: the most powerful technique in physical therapy
Today I talk about the the most powerful technique in physical therapy, touch! This is the number one thing most physical therapist get wrong. But this is how you make sure patients know that you are the right person to see for their problem. Cash practices are better than in-network clinics because you can take time to find the problem. We talk about:-finding the problem-different types of pain-collaborative care -cash practices are better than in-network clinicsConnect with Aaron:Facebook: Nation FB Group: 9 Profit Accelerators:
May 30
17 min
Building your Network to Serve Patients with Dr. Michael Murphy
Today I speak with Dr. Michael Murphy, a cash based Orthopedic PT working with active individuals ranging from the wellness warrior to the professional athlete. He is the owner of Divergent Rehab & Wellness, co-Owner of Revolution Bike Fitting, where the perfect blend of expertise in human anatomy, biomechanics and cycling dynamics converge to enhance your riding experience, and owner of Sublease Solutions, driven to connect small business owners to space that optimizes growth.We talk about:-the power of networking-working with soccer athletes-experience in the CashPT Platinum Mastermind-collecting No’s-multiple streams of income-expecting problems-being willing to growTIME STAMPS:1:00 introduction5:46 lessons learned as a high level athlete10:39 deciding to start a business16:40 first year in business23:16 where to network27:38 day to day business29:50 other businesses38:00 most important business lessons43:50 long term goalsConnect with Aaron:Facebook: Nation FB Group: 9 Profit Accelerators: with Michael:Instagram:
May 23
48 min
Success is the Journey Not the Destination
Today I’m going to talk about finding success in the journey. I’ll also talk about what it means to be a business owner and how to handle the hard days. We talk about:-loving the process, not the results-how much do you need to start?-underestimating the work-confidence in sales-stacking wins-ride the wavesConnect with Aaron:Facebook: Nation FB Group: 9 Profit Accelerators:
May 16
29 min
5 Step Social Media Content Strategy
Today I’m going to share my five step social media content strategy. I’ll tell you how to figure out what to post so that your voice on social media is aligned with your actual voice! One of the most common questions I get from my clients is what to do when you get busy with creating content.Creating content for social media doesn’t have to be complicated or intimidating. If you focus on the questions your clients are asking, then you have all the information you need. We talk about:-answering the right questions-dispelling false beliefs-listening to your audience-document your life-staying consistent-when to hireTIME STAMPS:1:00 introduction3:30 the questions you need to answer4:56 personal Facebook page7:12 document, don’t create9:36 start small12:17 hiring someone to helpConnect with Aaron:Facebook: Nation FB Group: 9 Profit Accelerators:
May 9
18 min
You’re sabotaging your success
1) Talking about money2) Sales3) Email marketing4) doing the work – being responsible for your own success5) commitment6) Tech7) The APTA8) belief in yourself9) sharing your dreams10) sharing your lessons11) Asking for help12) feeling like an imposter13) when you’re feeling sold to14) paying for help – physical therapy or coachingPeople at the top don’t shit on others below them5 steps to grow and get to the next level1) get uncomfortable – growth doesn’t happen in your comfort zone2) Set goals and work hard towards them, both physical, business and for your family3) hire a coach – time collapse your results4) Go to events – masterminds, events, be in the right room
May 2
36 min
10 Lessons from 25 Years in Business
Here are ten lessons I've learned from being in business for over 25 years. Learn from the mistakes I've made!Stay the course. You only lose when you quit.Service first. Do right by your patients and the money will come.Partnerships are tough.Ride the wave.Set impossible goals. Embrace the mistakes and lessons. 
Apr 25
39 min
Big Lessons from Scaling a Cash Practice with Dr. Owen Johnston
Today, I speak with Dr. Owen Johnston, founder of Advanced Physical Therapy & Wellness, about scaling his cash practice. They specialize in group fitness and giving hope to the hopeless. Owen talks about being a Go Giver instead of a Go Getter and how that mindset has informed his entire outlook on business. He shares how they grew their practice to have multiple physical therapists and how the handle the ups and downs.*Owen references Dr. Kevin Downing of Turning Point CounselingWe talk about:-being unemployable-burn the ships-lessons from hiring and scaling-coaching business-struggles hiring-staying in your lane-plans to expandWhy I gave up treating patientsWhat’s been your experience like in the Cash PT Platinum Mastermind? How has serving/coaching in the Cash PT Platinum Mastermind changed your life and practice?TIME STAMPS:1:00 introduction5:44 using the giving mindset to grow your business9:45 first years in business14:47 overcoming the big challenges22:52 being unemployable28:40 deciding not to coach36:36 stepping away from treating patience39:20 experience in the Platinum Mastermind42:45 learning from teachingConnect with Aaron:Facebook: Nation FB Group: 9 Profit Accelerators: with Owen:Instagram: tips, tricks, Q&As on Instagram trainings to help cash pay PTs: YouTube:
Apr 18
50 min
Secrets to Creating Passive Income as a PT
Passive income isn’t work-free. This is working once and continuing to earn income on that effort. Here are the 8 secrets to making passive income as a physical therapist.1) Give Results in Advance-Give value first to grow your audience. No one is going to buy from you if you don’t give results in advance. Build relationships. Build trust. Then your audience will buy from you.2) Lead Flow-Your lead flow starts with blocked, no flow. Then it moves to a trickle. That is followed by a drip. After that, you get a flow. At the very top, you have a flood. The truth is, there are really only 2 kinds. You either have enough leads or you don’t. 3) Value Ladder-At the bottom rung, you have a free offer like a lead magnet. Then you move to a Low Barrier Offer (LBO), which is something low cost but high value. Then you move to a primary offer. This is a higher cost item like a plan of care. The top of your value ladder is a monthly recurring membership offer. 4) Proven Offer-It can be free and paid, but it has to be proven to work. You can have an idea for something, but you need to know it works before you build it out. You need to know people actually want it.  5) Work Smarter, not harder-Most who are struggling don’t have a favorable input to impact ratio. You have to get to a place where yo are leveraging a team and software to increase your impact without increasing our input. I can’t help more people if I’m stuck at a table working on people all day. That’s why I bought back my time with building the right team and software to expand my impact.6) Evergreen Sales sequence-Have an automated sequence that moves people along the path to becoming a patient or a client. You want them moving up the value ladder. 7) Email Marketing System-You have to use email marketing. You just have to. That’s why we created the PT Email Engine for our CashPT Platinum Mastermind members and we’ve opened it up to everyone. It’s like buying a car and getting free gas for life. I’ve done all the setup for you. You just have to implement it with your email list. 8) Investing-You need to start investing at the beginning, but there are different levels of investments. You can start by investing your time to set up a marketing sequence. That’s investing in yourself. You need to invest in your business BEFORE you worry about debt like your student loans. Then you can start investing in the stock market, crypto, and real estate. Real estate can build long-term wealth.   “If you’re not in the game, you’ll never win the game.”
Apr 11
31 min
Homeschool Mom and Physical Therapist- Dr. Sarah Martinez
Today, I speak with Dr. Sarah Martinez, a homeschooling mom of four, who also runs her cash-based practice out of her home. Sarah grew up loving sports and taught group fitness through high school and college. After physical therapy school, she worked for a big chain, and hated the hours and the patient load. She lasted six years before "retiring" and being a stay at home mom. She opened up her business a little over a year ago. She treats active adults in Houston, TX. The clients she mostly serves are women who enjoy pilates, yoga, and barre.TIME STAMPS:1:00 introduction2:42 Sarah’s business11:40 treating out of her home13:20 homeschooling her four kids18:54 “retiring” her husband24:53 being a flight attendant30:00 direct access laws35:00 when to hireConnect with Aaron:Facebook: Nation FB Group: with Sarah:Instagram:
Apr 4
46 min
The Comeback is Always Greater than the Setback with Joey Seyforth
Today, I speak with Dr. Joey Seyforth, a Cash-Based physical therapist in North Denver who primarily works with CrossFit and baseball athletes. Joey shares how he went from feeling completely stuck to confident and growing in a matter of months. He tells us what allowed him to grow so quickly and gives advices he thinks other physical therapists need to hear. The comeback is always greater than the setback!TIME STAMPS:1:00 introduction7:15 deciding to move to Denver8:40 the promise versus reality11:38 deciding to start his own practice15:54 the plan for growth19:40 big jumps in growth25:25 the sales process31:40 explaining cash pay to others40:40 getting referrals 50:32 being quick to actConnect with Aaron:Facebook: Nation FB Group: with Joey:Instagram:
Mar 28
57 min
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