The Business Power Hour with Deb Krier
The Business Power Hour with Deb Krier
Deb Krier & C-Suite Radio
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A Business Power Hour Indeed
The Business Power Hour podcast truly lives up to its name—it's a power hour of insightful discussions. Deb excels in engaging her guests with thoughtful questions while also sharing her own practical tips and advice. I had the pleasure of joining Deb for a recent episode, and our conversation went deep into essential topics for entrepreneurs, such as how to best prepare for starting their first business. And of course, no discussion on entrepreneurship is complete without addressing the challenges of failure and the importance of resilience (including Deb’s inspiring personal story of being a cancer survior).
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Love the show!
It's incredible how Deb uncovers the hidden gems in every guest she talks to, bringing up valuable and interesting stories about building a business and growing as an entrepreneur.
Marina Barayeva
This show stands out in the crowded field of business podcasts. Deb expertly navigates through the overwhelming sea of books, articles, and events on marketing, social media, and entrepreneurship, making it digestible and, most importantly, actionable. The twice-weekly episodes are packed with insights from various experts, bringing fresh perspectives and cutting-edge trends directly to your ears. Whether you're running a business or just fascinated by the dynamics of the corporate world, this podcast is a treasure trove of knowledge. Deb's engaging interview style and the diverse range of topics make each episode a must-listen. I can't recommend 'The Business Power Hour' enough for anyone looking to stay ahead in the fast-paced world of business!
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Nick from Jax
Helps you connect at a personal level
Great guests and dialogue. Deb keeps the conversation moving and makes sure you can connect with the conversation at a personal level. Nicely done!
Get the inside scoop on running a business
Deb and her guests are great about teaching the inside scoop on leadership and running a business, whether you’re just getting started or have been in the C-suite for years. Highly recommend you tune in! Kim Stewart / Velma Knowles
An outstanding interviewer
I get on a lot of podcasts, but Deb stands out as a wonderful interveiwer, she "got" so much more out of me that I think this podcast was one of the most honest and informative I've done. Thank you Deb!!
Riggs Eckelberry
Great guests!
It’s obvious Deb puts extraordinary effort in covering salient topics and finding guests that are authentic and truly care about being a positive force in this world - the insights they bring to bear are still mind-blowing every. single. time.
Great range of business topics!
Deb brings great energy and conversation style to the show!
Tune in for strategies you need!
What a great discovery, love how Deb and her guests share strategies to help us build our business. Kim & The Podwize Group
Powerful interviews
Deb hosts fantastic interviews that are brimming with value. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🦊♥️Subscribe!
Honestly the best host
Loved the episode with Shannon where you talked about utilization and acknowledging the “puppy in the room”. Deb is one of the most engaging hosts to listen to with some insightful guests!
Deb is always fires up to help!
I had the honor to be a guest on the show and Deb is always bringing the motivation and inspiration...not to mention she’s a wealth of knowledge! Thank you, Deb, for all that you are doing for business owners!
Carmen is the best! Take the time to Plan
This is great advice, just take the time to plan for yourself. Seek guidance from people around you that are knowledgeable in specific areas, then you are armed with the information and can make the final decisions.
Car Doesnt Move
Great Podcast, loved Dellutri’s interview!
I just listened to the episode interviewing Attorney Carmen Dellutri and I loved it. The chemistry and banter between the two of you was awesome and the entire thing was very insightful. Very well done!
Super Valuable. A+++
This show has been a great resource for me since I started my online business and it has kept me going strong with all the great content that has enabled me to grow and scale the business sustainably so far. You are awesome, Deb!
I regret not finding out about this podcast sooner. It could've saved me so much time before! Great tips, great content, great host. Always a delight.
Saoirse Sky
Must Listen!
I highly recommend this podcast because Deb and her guests offer great content and have a lot of energy! It covers all different business topics from entrepreneurship to marketing which will help anyone trying to grow their business. As the name implies, it is a powerful podcast!
Lisa Kaplan
Value Value Value!!!
Deb's podcast is a must-listen for any business owner or entrepreneur. She provides tremendous value within her own knowledge, as well as through the amazing guests she brings on the show. I love my power hour!
@IV-Heather Tieben
Definitely worth subscribing to
The host of this show is marvelous, she asks all the right questions and invites all the right guests.
Deb is like a good friend I can call and get really good advice from! In fact, that's why I listen to her podcast and will keep on listening!
Fantastic show!
Deb and her guests share such great advice and tips! Love this show!
Business 101 All Day
Deb and her guests cover so many facets of business and their knowledge is invaluable.
Composer 1853
Great podcast with tons of incredible information. Deb Is awesome!
tommye w-c
Business Power WOWer!!
This C-Suite Radio podcast delivers vital business information. It's a one-stop-shop w/ a fantastic host and excellent guest experts. Tune in and be wowed!
Terri in Fairhope
Check it out!
Deb asks all the right questions and makes everything easy for her audience to understand. Great show!
JRichardson - IV
Can't wait for future episodes!
You have a terrific podcast! Your wonderful guests offer are inspiring! Looking forward to future episodes.
An education on the go!
Not only is Deb a great interviewer, she is really great at breaking down the details of a business. I've listened to her podcasts and I always walk away with something I can apply to my business. Always. It's very aptly named The Business Power HOUR!
Powerful Hour
Deb Krier has a knack for cutting through the noise to glean the most quickly usable and impactful information. Her ability to do this with heart and authenticity makes her show a pleasurable experience which is easily translatable for every business person. Truly a powerful hour!
Unlimited Beliefs
Deb Krier Rocks as an Interviewer
What a treat it was to be interviewed by Deb on your Business Power Hour podcast when I provided some practical tips for ways to be more effective and productive on LinkedIn. Being she's very savvy herself on using LinkedIn and helping others use LinkedIn, we have a delightful interchange on this important topic. I especially liked how she built on what I said to offer even more tips to the listener. Plus she moved the interview along at just the right pace. Overall, it was so much fun to be interviewed by her.
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Joyce Feustel
Great Business Podcast
Deb does a good job asking questions that result in a conversation that adds value to her audience. It was great being a guest and I'm now a regular listener. Thanks Deb!
In the sea of business pods
This one really stands out. Honest advice, great guests. I am constantly surprised at the insight that Deb shares with us, as well as the value that we get from her interviews. We’re all so busy, but this is definitely one not to miss. - PJ Ewing, X10 Knee Therapy
Fast-paced, educational and entertaining
Deb Krier is a delight to listen to. She makes you laugh, entertains you, and provides insights into the c-suite and business leadership. I’ll be listening to all the archives now.
Great insights
I've enjoyed listening to the array of Deb's guests provide insights from a variety of perspectives for people in all walks of life, ages, and beliefs. An easy listen and she keeps things moving.
PB Perspective
Fun and Powerful
It was a pleasure to be a guest on Deb's show recently and I must say after being on hundreds of podcasts Deb's interview was truly a breath of fresh air. Thanks for having me Deb, it was a real pleasure!
Fun interview
As a recent guest on Deb's show "The Business Power Hour", I can speak directly to the heart and spirit behind this show. Deb has a wonderful and down-to-Earth heart that really puts you at ease as a guest, and her passion for helping businesses and entreprenuers succeed and thrive is evident. Thanks for the invite Deb! It was fun!
A pleasure to listen to
Deb asks critical questions and really illuminates the background of her guests. Really enjoy this.
Great Info for Entrepreneurs and More
Deb gets right to the heart of what will work for her listeners. Her podcast is filled with stories, tips, advice and motivation to get your business going and growing.
Terrific Host
Deb Krier is the wonderful host of The SociaLight. She knows her stuff and combines that knowledge with an upbeat conversational style. We thoroughly enjoyed our interview with her!
Conversational and Information Packed
Deb does a great job of pulling out golden nuggets from her guests. I have learned something valuable in every episode I've listened to.
Stephanie Calahan
The Social Light
Excellent show
Gordon Tredgold
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