The Broadswords
The Broadswords
The Broadswords
Rashemen is a land steeped in superstition, ruled by witches and entrenched in snow. Berserkers reign and spirits roam the frozen wastes. Yllairies, Keilah, and Mépris all have their own reasons for journeying north, but they soon find they have something in common—they are pawns in a divine plot. Join the broads as they unravel the mysteries of Rashemen. The Broadswords is an all-women and non-binary actual play D&D podcast.
Hey There!
Hey there! Here's an update.
Nov 7
2 min
God Walk
Disrespecting gods doesn't sit well with Mépris. She decides to make amends and visits Bahamut's temple.
Sep 28
42 min
Scheduling Update
Thank you for your patience as Victoria navigates her new career. The next episode will be up Sept. 28th.
Sep 23
1 min
Book Club - Marque and Reprisal by Elizabeth Moon
The broads are preparing for the new arc by sharing Science Fiction media they each love. First up is the novel Marque and Reprisal by Elizabeth Moon.
Sep 8
31 min
In Which Gods Come to Tea
The broads have some thinking to do. Will they continue down the path of vengeance? While pondering their next actions, they are visited by some of their favourite beings: gods.
Aug 30
38 min
Snip the Strings
The broads have breakfast and a heart to heart with Paisley and Kerrek.
Jul 18
45 min
Now What?
Last season, Yllairies, Mepris, and Keilah sailed to the Moonshae Isles to find and obtain Keilah's magic bagpipes. After many sea voyages they finally found the instrument in the hands of Queen Urphania. Instead of aiding the queen in her war against a powerful rival, the broads performed a heist and stole the bagpipes back. They escaped to their safe house in Sigil via Keilah's magic ring. Now what?
Jul 4
56 min
Season 2 Wrap Up - Q&A
Season 2 is over, so the broads answer your burning questions.
Jun 27
1 hr 3 min
The broads decide they're tired of being pawns in a game of gods and have come to the conclusion that they'd much rather take their destiny into their own hands. They're stealing back Keilah's bagpipes. How will this heist go? Their last one, while successful, had some questionable twists and turns.
Jun 15
1 hr
Pawns Become Knights
The broads arrive in the realm of Queen Urphania via the plane of dreams. Ever the gracious hostess she gives them time to recuperate from their travels, refresh, and eat before they meet to discuss what she would ask of them.
Jun 7
45 min
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