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The Briefing -
R. Albert Mohler, Jr.
Cultural commentary from a Biblical perspective
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Think Christian
This pod cast helps keep up with what’s going on in our world.
Love his insights
Especially in this election cycle, I appreciate his putting words to what I feel when I follow the news. It helps me not get so frustrated when The clash of world views is articulated so clearly.
Timely & Informative!
I really like Dr Mohler’s perspectives. I feel like listening to him is stretching me to go WAY being talk radio
Every morning
I start every weekday listening to this analysis of news and events from a Christian world view. Such intelligent and thoughtful analysis, given in a measured, non- emotional manner. I have learned so much from this man! I would give 10 stars if I could.
Dr. Mohler is a brilliant, brilliant man. It is my view that - especially right now - accuracy and clarity is more important than certainty. Dr. Mohler brings accuracy and clarity, but also tends toward being overly-sure on his views when they aren't as straightforward as he sometimes suggests. For example, in 2016 Dr. Mohler made is abundantly clear that - as a faithful Christian - it was improper to vote for Donald Trump. He went as far to say that if he ever supported Trump he would have to apologize to Bill Clinton as well as suggesting he would "never ever" vote for Trump. Four years later and he is voting for him. I don't take exception with either political stance, rather, I take exception with adamantly espousing clarity when a lack of clarity exists.
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All the information is so well researched and shared in a way that cannot be found anywhere else, and most importantly all from a Christian perspective. Details are shared that cannot be found in my other news references.
Discipling the mind
With so many false worldviews espoused today, this podcast is something we all need. Thank you Dr. Mohler!
Michael Betrus
Fundamental, Logic, Godly, and Moral
The ability to touch on all the ongoing political chaos and bring it into a rational application through the use of biblical and godly direction is both phenomenally helpful and extremely educational. If I could give six stars, I would! My favorite podcast. Truly helping to change the way I look at politics, how I discuss them with others, and how to use my religious belief to shape where I stand on current day politics.
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Banned Books Week
“Forbidding students to read books, with little or no comment, will make their appeal only greater.” To display books as banned is to promote them and create more curiosity about them. Trusted Christian teachers and parents can present students superior reading (biblically based books and the Bible itself) while pointing out the dangers and biblical injunctions of poor and/or evil literature. This endeavor takes time, money and dedication.
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MB live for Jesus
Reading News Vs. Actual Insight
I have admired the author for years. However this podcast sound like a rehashing and actual reading of news summaries without any insight, debate or discussion. Not original at all. Disappointing. I would expect a conversation not a regurgitating of known facts and already stated articles and podcasts found all over a day before.
Johnny Stillwater
Fire & Brimstone delivery?
I was perusing some of the reviews & read one where Dr. Mohler was advised communicate without yelling. I disagree. At times, the topics covered had made ME feel like yelling. However, Dr. Mohler, in my opinion, does not yell but he does have an intense diction indicating he cares deeply about what he’s talking about, as we all should. I’ve appreciate and learned so much from him from the daily briefing.
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Ak jen
Clear and informative!
Albert Mohler has a gift for giving you today’s news in a clear and understandable way. I am so thankful to have this daily podcast to help me not only hear what’s happening in the world but why it matters to us as Christians!
Sara Toonstra
The only news I listen to
I feel like AL and I are friends. I’ve listened to The Breifing daily for the past two years and I don’t think I will ever used any other news source. He covers every current event needing to be talked about and is consistent, concise and very biblical. 10/10 recommend.
Kallyn Nordell
Fire and brimstone delivery
Thoughtful, in-depth content on a small universe of topics but extreme delivery. Almost like controlled rage. It would be more effective and easier to listen and absorb if Dr. Mohler would communicate without “yelling.”
Informative and Helpful
This is an informative news podcast that is from a Christian perspective. The logical and concise deductions of news event from a biblical stand point. Some will say his it’s very opinionated but Albert is standing alone in a sea of voices who are opposed to the Word of God. So it’s refreshing to hear a Godly perspective on the news.
Josh Berger
Stay current from a Christian perspective
Interesting daily update on current events in America and abroad from an evangelical/orthodox Christian perspective
Scott Hodgin
I listen every day to this podcast to get an honest, Christian worldview of current events. Dr. Mohler is intelligent, prepared, and candid in his approach, and he always honors the scriptures as our authority on worldview analysis. This is a great podcasts. Thank you Dr. Mohler for the work you invest to produce this podcast.
I listen to you often. You are a voice of reason in an otherwise chaotic world.
Arguably the most informed and insightful podcast on the market breaking down news from a Christian World View. Mohler does not ramble, he is concise and to the point. Can not recommend this podcast enough.
Very in depth and confronts cultural/ current events with Biblical truth. Would highly recommend for any Christian. Very solid podcast
Dueling orthodox
Replace Democrats and abortion with republicans and guns and you have a script for tomorrow.
Biblically faithful
Mr. Al does a rather good job at analyzing current events through a God view and not a man view. Despite this he talks too slow leaving me to speed him up myself. 4 stars
August 5th Episode
I love Mohler’s podcast- he gives a great biblical exegesis to world events. But in regards to the recent episode with Union University- I only wonder why Mohler won’t apply what he talked about with regards to making sure a Christian university is in indeed Christian with his own seminary where many teach critical theory and other unbiblical ideologies. Just a thought I’ve been pondering. Still love Mohler and this podcast though.
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Worldview Development
I really appreciate Mohler’s straightforward presentation of issues gong on in our current cultural moment. He’s quick to dissect these events through the lense of Scripture and he allows for his listeners’ worldviews to develop along the way.
Max Janusch
The best daily podcast for the Christian
No fluff, no nonsense. Highly recommend.
Always solid, well thought out, and well explained updates on what’s happening.
A great source for news!
I realized today is the day that The Briefing returns from its summer break. I look forward to hearing the news every week day from an encouraging worldview that values truth.
Excellent Content
Wonderful program where Mohler shares a thoughtful Biblical perspective on current events.
It is an excellent resource for events in America and around the word.
I listen every single day
It’s the only podcast I listen to every single day. Great insight, intelligent arguments, spot on Biblical thinking. A voice of reason in the chaos of today. Thank you Dr. Mahler!
I start my day with the Briefing
Coffee and the Briefing are absolute necessities for me each weekday morning. Dr. Mohler’s wise and Biblically-based take on the events of the day helps me to remember to focus on what God is doing in the world.
I am thankful for helpful daily thoughts that help keep me focused on Christ and worldview centered.
My Favorite Podcast
I love the mix of Biblical worldview with current news and events. This is my favorite podcast and the one I’m always caught up on.
Great show; extremely worth my time
Thank you Albert Mohler for persevering to record these daily shows. I know it takes a great deal of energy and time, but hope you keep your stamina up. Thank you to your family for undoubtedly sharing their precious tome with this audience. For my part, I really appreciate it!
honest thinker
Very good
Love to hear news from a Christian perspective. He is so intelligent and a great communicator. We can’t get enough truth these days.
Very helpful
Thank you
A. Spangler
Great analysis of contemporary issues
Dr. Mohler does in-depth analysis and commentary on hot topics. I find his thoughts helpful as I form my own opinion on current events.
Bowing down!
Thanks for not being a coward!!! 🙏🏻❤️
Great job
Great job
Thankful for both an academic and spiritual bird’s eye view of the events going on around me. Often this world is so confusing but when understanding it through different world views I can start to see through the chaos to Christ.
Great insight
I really appreciate the insight and analysis from Dr Mohler. I especially enjoy the addition of a historical perspective on current events. His analysis is careful and his conclusions are strong. I look forward to listening every day.
Facts Matter
I know under the surface you are a anti-Trumper. Why don’t you get on the horn soon and correct the error of your reporting today regarding tear gas. By the way the Bible is a foundational document in our country. You don’t have to say anything when you hold it up to insite the radical media. Everyone knows what the stage craft is about. Everyone knows he’s saying. The foundational precepts still rule.
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If you are a must listen to The Briefing! His daily analysis is so spot on and helpful in these crazy times. So thankful for Dr. Mohler!!!
Excellent content
I’ve been listening to The Briefing for 5-6 years now. Dr. Mohler is brilliant and I enjoy hearing his concise thoughts on our world’s current issues. He is very theologically sound and is a voice of truth in a day and age where many change their views and theology with the blowing of the wind.
Holding Fast to the Faith
Albert Mohler is holding fast to Christian principles. If you get depressed by listening to the news, but you want to stay up to date on what’s happening around our world - this is the podcast for you. Mohler does a fantastic job presenting a couple snippets of important world news in the context of a Christian world perspective. This is a great way to start your day.
Sad Day
So sad the Molar is moving away from biblical teaching on homosexuality. Sadly he wants to please men instead of God. His compromise in one area will lead to another as well. Pride will lead to a fall. Praying he will repent. 😢😢
Carson, not Carlson
Just to set the record straight, Rachel Carson wrote Silent Spring, not Carlson. The world view expressed regarding her work is excellent. What I have been telling Christian high school students for years about stewardship was clearly and biblically stated. Thank you Gordon Meiners Asheville, NC
Meaningful interaction with culture
This podcast does a great job of following current issues of religious freedom, sanctity of life, elections, and broader democratic ideals. The only drawbacks are the occasional lack of variety, but each podcast (host) will have different specialties. I also listen to “the world and everything in it” for a broader coverage. This is still my #1 though. This is premium, dependable, thoughtful, and biblical podcasting!
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Keeping me Informed
To find a biblical christian worldview coupled with current events is a blesssed thing. While I wouldn't say I love to listen to polotics, or world news and events, this is my go to for a start on this education. Albert Mohler is easy to understand and breaks difficult topics down into bite sized pieces. The recent coverage on the Samaritans Purse Hospitals in NY and Italy were especially influential for me as they reached my heart, motivating me to pray for them and rejoice that there is a Christian voice being given permission to speak where it is to terribly needed right now in NY!
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The only place I have found true Christian perspective
In my attempt to grow my faith walk as well as expand my mind in both historical fact and the current political landscape I have found it difficult to find intelligent Christian voiced discussions. Thankfully I found this podcast and have been devouring it the moment it is posted! I am truly grate full for this podcast in my life.
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