The Breakdown
The Breakdown
Emma John and Patrick McGonigle
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Give us more please?
I love the podcast and sorry it ended. It would be great if it could come back in some form.
I want more!
I Love this series! I want more episodes! There are so many more albums you could do! Old and in the Way, a New Grass Revival album or two, The Bluegrass Album Band come to mind. PLEASE, make more! I’m dyin’!
You may learn something
It’s a talk show ABOUT bluegrass recordings. They do a good job but if you don’t know the album you won’t have a clue. I disagree with something they say almost every episode. So now I listen for that😀. Keep going.
Great Education on Pivotal Recordings
I’ve listened to all of the podcasts and learned something new on each one. My major complaint as echoed by other reviewers is with the recording levels. I can barely hear Emma, except for the Punch Brothers where she’s had some cocktails prior to recording. Fix that and it’s perfect. Thanks Jerry Douglas for the recommendation!
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Great exploration of Bluegrass
This is a great podcast for someone who is new to the nuances of bluegrass music. There are some very meaningful and in-depth conversations about some of the genre’s most influential albums. The only reason I’m not giving it 5 stars is because the audio mixing leaves something to be desired. It seems to me that the music clips are mixed much louder than the speaking, which can be annoying sometimes. As far as content is concerned, I love it and can’t wait for the next season!
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Highly recommend
Fantastic and informative podcast, ideal for people new to bluegrass and seasoned bluegrass fans alike. Lots of cool tid-bits from the artists themselves and really well researched historic context!
Educational, Informative and Entertaining. What more could you ask for?
As a lifelong bluegrass lover, I was thrilled when I heard about the concept of this podcast. After listening to the first two episodes, I was extremely blown away! What Emma and Patrick have done is remarkable. Not only do they go in depth when talking about these records, but they’ve actually taken the time to interview people that were directly involved or connected so we can get their perspectives as well. Although I’ve heard most of the albums they’ve talked about thus far, I’ve always come away with new knowledge and appreciation that I didn’t have before. Whether you’re new to bluegrass or a long time enthusiast, there’s something here for everyone. I cannot recommend this podcast enough. I normally don’t take the time to rate and write reviews for the podcasts I listen to, but this is a serious exception!!
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Drive Episode
The interviews were fantastic in this episode. Thank you!
This is a great podcast, it has tons of interesting facts about each album, and historical and cultural analysis as well. Also interviews! Looking forward to more episodes.