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I actually have listened to every episode!
And I’m considering becoming a patron just to get more.... I might be sick. Don’t start listening unless you want to subject yourself to laughter, knowledge and general low brass jackassery. If you go beyond this point...there is no turning back.
Great podcast!
Really enjoy listening to Andy, Lance, and the guests they bring onto the podcast. Thanks for putting this together and for the many laughs!
Kevin Fenske
Get your Bachelors in a Podcast
I know why the Mary Pappert School of Music has to buy ad space every episode. Without it these guys would be stealing their students. Jokes and stories that’ll make you laugh and trumpet players scowl.
Equally informative and entertaining!
This is a fantastic podcast featuring some of the greatest people and personalities in the brass world! The Brass Junkies consistently strikes a fine balance between substantial pedagogical, musical, and life advice while simultaneously being full of heart and humor. Thank you Andrew and Lance for providing us with such a great resource for equal parts learning and laughs!
Podcast very funny. Nice.
So many stories...
Love hearing the guest interviews but wish the hosts didn’t talk about themselves and tell they’re own stories so much. I’m mainly listening in for the guests and there stories, not the stories from the hosts that take away from the interview and the guest.
Fun and helpful
It would be an episode like this week that ends up having such actionable gems. Now I have to find a way to share it and give people the time stamps in case they don’t want to go on the Easter Egg hunt themselves :) Epic!
MUST LISTEN for Musicians!
6/5 stars. Andrew and Lance are extremely knowledgeable and interview some amazing guests with great pedagogical information and stories to share!
Launch w/ Trajectory, Insight, and Inspiration, your Brass Career!
Launch with Trajectory, Insight, and Inspiration, your Brass Career: Listen Now! Hear the stories, blaze new paths, elevate your art of brass music making. If talking in rehearsals was common place, this is what it could be like: a couple of folks sharing their joys of brass, music, and people. So, pull up a chair and sit between Hitz on tuba and LaDuke on euphonium and immerse yourself in the confluence of all things brass!
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Jack Kinsella
It’s a lot of fun to hear Andrew and Lance pick on some of the greats! I’ve learned a lot.
Not as cool as James Markey
I’m only writing this review, the first one I’ve ever left for any show, in the hopes that they read it on the podcast. This is one of my favorite podcasts, I listen to it religiously when it comes out every other week. Great content, I find myself laughing out loud on my commute, and even me- community band hack- gets a lot out of it. But where the heck is James Markey, why hasn’t he been on??? Get on it you guys, he rocks. Signed, definitely NOT James Markey. (Seriously, it’s not, but get him on the show.)
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Not James Markey's Mother
Exceptional podcast with amazing guests!
I love everything that these guys do and this podcast is no exception. So much info and also entertaining. Wishing you all the best for 2020!
This is my favorite podcast to listen to. I enjoy hearing all of the jacka** humor every episode. This is a great podcast for brass players. It has opened my eyes to different viewpoints and ways to think about how I play my tuba. Keep doing what you are doing Lance and Hitz. And my prayers are with jens in the new year. Hopefully he adopts the #newyearnewchops motto.
Great Podcast!!
I love listening to these guys! Every episode brings the perfect combination of comedy, inspiration, and knowledge. I always take away something that I can work on, either on my instrument, in my life, and sometimes both.
Arnold Gottlieb
Fantastic podcast
Former freelancer, now I play only for enjoyment. I love listening to these guys and their guests—lots of brass nerd content if you don’t get enough in your day, and lots of lively discussion on seemingly inane topics if you do. Thoughts and prayers for Jens.
These guys are so obsessed with Jens Lindemann that HITZ! can’t even mention Canada without saying Jens name at the end. Seriously though these guys and their guests are awesome. They have completely changed how I view the music business and even how I listen to music. Tuesday’s are my new favorite day of the week. Keep it rockin!
Informative & Entertaining
We gain insight by picking up the thread of an idea and following it where ever it leads - to other ideas, opinions, and new perspectives. Brass Junkies is an amazing collection of conceptual threads and rabbit holes that explores the how and why of music as a personal pursuit and profession. The guests bring a wealth of practical knowledge and wonderful stories to the podcast. The show is hopelessly tainted by the low brass player’s perspective, which Andrew and Lance shamelessly display. These are two kids who obviously had way too much time on their hands in the back of the band in junior high, and spent it perfecting their sharpshooting skills. Highly recommended!
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Good stuff!
Undoubtedly one of the stupidest things I listen to regularly. I love it. But in all seriousness, the guys do a great job getting the best of the best from all walks of brass life. Great and varied insights from guests, and Andrew and Lance do an excellent job giving space for each guest to give an in-depth depiction of his or her corner of the music industry. As a working musician who is in the car a lot, I haven’t missed an episode since I first heard about this podcast!
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Ryan Cson
A Must for Musicians & Music Lovers
These guys *nail* the balance between valuable information sharing and lighthearted entertainment. World-class musicians interviewing other world-class musicians with humor and a genuine interest in helping others. Tune in!!
Shizzle m'Nizzle
Lost Bassoon Player
I play bassoon, and while bassoonists are intellectuals, brass players have solid intellectual moments. This podcast is for everyone. Even the lost double reed player that needs advice and infinite wisdom from brass players. This podcast is for the band directors that feel hopeless about their brass sections. This podcast is for anyone that wants to be a better person and performer. Shockingly, the hosts have better personalities than Regis Philbin on Who Wants to be a Millionaire. Seriously. If you want to be hear how successful musicians work their butts off to get to where they are or if you are questioning whether or not the industry is for you: 1) Listen to this Podcast, 1A) be a decent human being 2) Go Practice, 3) listen to this podcast, 3) steal every great idea and piece if advice, and 4) GO PRACTICE. TLDR; GET WOKE AND LISTEN TO THE ADVICE, STORIES AND TIPS FROM THE FOREMOST LEADERS OF THE INDUSTRY.
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Great stuff!
I’m admittedly way late to the party here but I’m glad I landed on this podcast. This and Andrew’s TEM podcast are on point! Definitely on my regular daily listening. Thanks fellas!
I love how the hosts saying something like that to the guests: “Why are you so important to be here with us today?” as a way to get them introduce themselves...haha. Yesterday I realize the podcast theme was composed by Fernando Deddos. It was really nice to hear a Brazilian name in the show! Thanks guys!
Yeah man
Yeah man !!
Fun and Insightful
Fun because of all the interesting industry stories you get to hear. Insightful because of all the knowledge being imparted by the guests. A great combination. Learning while being entertained!
Atta Boys!
The interviews are always entertaining and insightful. Sometimes you might think that the inside jokes will get lost on you, but they always put it in context. Good fun, great info, and an easy listen.
I am grateful for this resource
I love this podcast! I’ve been listening to The Brass junkies for over a year, and I’ve loved every episode. I work for an instrument/mouthpiece manufacturer and every time I have mouthpieces to Pre-finish or pipes to draw I turn on this podcast. I recently made the leap to be a Patreon patron and the bonus content is well worth it! I live in the central Kentucky area and have a lot of exposure to Vince DiMartino and I believe he would be a great candidate for a future episode. I love the content and look forward to more episodes! P.S. when I met Jens Lindeman I made a first impression by asking about his chop problems! His response was about how you would expect.
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If I could use just one word to describe “The Brass Junkies”, it would be: phenomenal! They always deliver the absolute best in our art form! Humorous while being motivating, informative and enlightening...which says a lot coming from two low brass players! Just kidding. Love listening to these guys! Highly recommend for all musicians alike!
Fantastic Show!
Hilarious, insightful, and inspiring. The guests are fantastic and overall the content is exceptional.
The best podcast by 2 low brass guys you will find
This is the best combination of good information about brass playing and total jackassery that I have been able to find. Come for good career advice. Stay for stories about Jeff Connor’s eating habits, Andrew’s attempts to sprint into a radar gun sign, and Lance’s Air Force basic training. And pray for Jens.
Thank you!
As I was walking to the music building today at the University of Arkansas, listening to episode 104, I was outwardly laughing in front of the whole campus because of your guys’ hilarious Harry Waters impression! You guys are the best. I listen ALL the time whether it’s on my way to work, or making breakfast before a morning warm up session. Your humor and knowledge that you and your amazing guest artists bring inspire me to be a better player than I was the day before. I’m a junior music Ed/performance major and bass trombone player. I started listening with the Brian Hecht episode and was immediately hooked. You guys have a truly wonderful thing going and I hope that the podcasts keep coming for many years to come. You guys are doing so well, that when I make breakfast at home, my mom requests to hear you guys while I cook, even though she’s not a brass player! Thank you for doing what you do! -Benjamin Grief
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The brass junkies podcast is really great to listen to on my way to work! They have great guests that talk about the topics and Lance and Andrew are hilarious! And the trumpet jokes are great too😂
Life Changing Information
Lance and Andrew never fail to entertain with witty banter and the stories discussed on this show are legendary. The guests are all world class musicians with incredible information for any musician. Some of these podcast discussions have altered how I approach my own musical journey and has provided me with some pretty life-changing stuff. I highly recommend this podcast to anyone looking for the perfect mixture of education and entertainment. Keep it up guys!
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You're in for a treat!
Of all the podcasts and YouTube interviews available to us, The Brass Junkies present some of the most hilarious yet incredibly informative content. I only recently became acquainted with the podcast after my trumpet professor recommended I listen to the Dr. Raquel Rodriquez episode. Whether you are coming off of a bad day at work or a tough playing day, I can guarantee these podcasts will brighten your day and provide some inspiration to get back to the practice room!
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I’m a Brass Junkies junky
This podcast can be described in 3 words: Heavy valve caps
Extremely Entertaining and Informative
I drive 12 hours to and from college about twice per semester. This podcast is one of the only things that can get me through the drive and makes it actually enjoyable. Thank you guys so much for hosting such an entertaining and educational podcast. As a tuba player, I can definitely say this podcast makes me excited to play more and learn more about brass!
Adaquate Podcast
Out of all the podcasts that I listen to, this is certainly one of them.
This show is awesome!
I’ve listened to about half of the episodes right about now. Having idolized a lot of the people who appear on the show, it’s amazing being able to listen to them talk about life, music, and share stories about their experiences. The hosts are full of.... personality, you could say. I love there show and I highly recommend it to every brass player, musician, and lover of comedy and fun out there.
guy who doesnt like slither
Came for brass knowledge, got potatoes. Could be worse.
Andrew Hitz and Lance LaDuke are a hilarious yet surprisingly professional duo. I have been enjoying listen to them while I bike to and from work, and I think of Lance every time I pass the speed radar. I felt compelled to write a review when, by complete happenstance, I continued listening to the back-half of the interview with Matt Tropman on 9/11...when 9/11 itself and its affect on their careers came up on the episode. The odds of those stars aligning were too small for me to not mention. Also I made sure to look both way before crossing the street afterwards. P.S Your international downloads are probably my fault since I travel through Europe and Africa with the Air Force Band in Europe and I listen a lot while I travel. So take that with a grain a salt, and I'll see if I can get some place where the numbers a low!
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Colby Fahrenbacher
This podcast is invaluable to brass musicians of all levels. The informality of the format lets listeners feel like they’re sitting on a porch, sipping a beer, and talking with them! I have my students listen to at least two a semester. I would like to hear more young musicians that are breaking stereotypes. Also, please, PLEASE, break of some of your intro throughout the interview for a listener break. It’s 10+ minutes long guys. Thank you!
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Best brass podcast around!
Love these guys! I can’t recommend these guys for enough. Pure gold! And somehow entertaining as well. I would love to kick back and watch one of these play out live.
Tuba Tim
Knuckleheads unite!?!
As much as it pains me to say this...these guys give funny and insightful interviews that are a must listen for all brass players... In all seriousness, this podcast is now a required part of my syllabus at Duquesne and I'm happy to be a recurring joke in support of this fabulous endeavor. I've had to stop listening to this while running so my neighbors don't think I'm more insane than I am. On a side note, if I give Jens my Dad's pizza dough recipe from his old shop (this is why I was 180lbs. in 8th grade...) and he soaks his chops in raw dough for a week, he should be all set.
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Three or four of these and you’ll throw rocks at your own house
Together, Lance and Andrew have a chemistry that brings the best stories and advice out of their guests. They will make you laugh, keep you awake while driving, get you out of your foul mood, and leave you itching to get back to your instrument.
Jeff Strong- Episode 88
Go to 103:50 to hear Andrew almost lose it! So funny! You guys rock!!! Love the Gould episode!
Perfect Show for a Wannabe Pro!
Love the variety of guests you have. They’ve all got their own story; Lance and Andrew really know how to make said stories even more entertaining. And as a hornist looking to improve my game, I enjoy hearing what y’all go through to get where you got. i.e. Donna Parkes and her trombone choir of old dudes. Ha!
The OG Valpo Horn Star
Important: trumpet jokes
Thank you Lance and Andrew for all your hard work in putting this podcast together! I listen to you guys all the time and always get great ideas on playing and teaching from you and your guests. Much love!
Seth Horner
Screw you guys
I spent four hours trying to beat my friend's highscore in pacman while listening to you guys thinking it would give me the competitive edge. It didn't work. I now think less of both of you. #Prayforjens
Fantastic entertainment and informative
I learn something new and helpful every week through the Brass Junkies, it’s a great way to supplement my education in school. I would recommend the show to instrumentalists of any age who want to learn more about life as a musician.
Pit trombone
What a Phenomenal Resource
This podcast is such an amazing resource for any brass player! These interviews are informative, funny, and an amazing collection of vignettes with amazing players, teachers, and innovators! Thank you to both Lance and Andrew for this amazing project!
Just discovered this, it makes me relax as a brass player. :)
Brass players MUST subscribe!
This podcast has everything needed by brass players at all levels. These guys are funny, and ask their incredibly insightful guests the right questions. Everyone needs to listen. Keep up the good work! arts
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