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TBJ141: Quotes from the 2020 TBJ Academy Summer Workshop
49 minutes Posted Jul 7, 2020 at 1:00 am.
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Show notes

TBJ141: Quotes from the 2020 TBJ Academy Summer Workshop. Andrew & Lance highlight some of their favorite quotes from Donna Parkes, JD Shaw, Mary Bowden, Tage Larsen, Jen Montone Demondrae Thurman, and Richard White.

We had an amazing week at The Brass Junkies Academy Summer Workshop! 20 amazing hours with the best of the best in an extremely informative and powerful five-day run. 


We've decided to add an additional TBJASW BONUS DAY on Tuesday, July 21, 2020, featuring trumpet soloist Rex Richardson, Chris Castellanos, french horn with Boston Brass, and an additional hang with a special surprise guest! If you have already signed up for the course, this day is TOTALLY FREE for you! If not, head to and sign up today, using the offer code summerbonus to get the live bonus day AND access to recordings of the previous 20 hours of content for $59 through September 1.

In case you forgot, here were the artists for the original workshop:

  • Trumpet
    • Tage Larsen
    • Mary Bowden
    • Jose Sibaja
  • Horn
    • Jen Montone
    • Jeff Scott
    • JD Shaw
  • Trombone
    • Joe Alessi
    • John Lofton
    • Donna Parkes
  • Euphonium
    • Demondrae Thurman
    • Gail Robertson
    • Hiram Diaz
  • Tuba
    • Carol Jantsch
    • Patrick Sheridan
    • Richard White
  • Hangs (too many folks to list them all, here's three)
    • Jim Nova
    • Michael Parker
    • Composer Pete Meechan

Now onto this episode. 

We had a hard time picking from among a gazillion awesome quotes but found some we thought you'd enjoy. Here's the rundown:

  • Donna Parkes on:
    • Getting honest about why we do what we do
    • This current time is a chance for us to get back to that "why"
  • JD Shaw on:
    • Warming up not just because we are supposed to
    • Tailoring it to what we have to play
  • Mary Bowden on:
    • Now’s the time to get organized about your practicing
    • Making a list of the things you’re great at (and the things you’re not so great at)
  • Tage Larsen on:
    • Not waiting to get lucky when taking auditions
    • Learning that they are a process
  • Jen Montone on:
    • Consistency in auditions
    • Control over your mind - so that you have control over your body - so you can do the closest you can to your best
  • Demondrae Thurman on:
    • Nerves
    • Trusting your preparation
  • Richard A. White on:
    • Learning to pick yourself up
    • Learning to trust yourself

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