The Bootstrapped Founder
The Bootstrapped Founder
Arvid Kahl
Arvid Kahl talks about starting and bootstrapping businesses, how to build an audience, and how to build in public.
135: Scalable Customer Service for Bootstrappers
Arvid shares the customer service strategy that got his business to $55k MRR.
May 6
14 min
134: Managing Expectations: Making Good (on) Promises.
Arvid talks about how we can shift the expectations of our customers.
Apr 29
18 min
133: You Don’t Need to be an Extrovert to Build in Public — an Introvert’s Perspective
Arvid talks about introverts turning into temporary extroverts.
Apr 22
10 min
132: Why Founders End Up Unemployable
Arvid talks about compliance, autonomy, and why ex-founders have a hard time finding jobs.
Apr 15
16 min
131: Seven Kinds of Entrepreneurial Debt
Arvid talks about the kinds of debt that surprise many founders.
Apr 8
25 min
130: Entrepreneurial Anti-Patterns — What to Avoid When You're Starting a Business
Apr 1
14 min
129: What Founders Can Learn from Professional WoW Gamers
Arvid nerds out on where business and Warcraft intersect.
Mar 25
24 min
128: How I Find Twitter Content Ideas
Arvid shares his approach to finding ideas methodically.
Mar 18
23 min
127: How I (Fortunately) Failed to Launch an NFT Collection
Arvid talks honestly about his failed NFT experiment.
Mar 11
15 min
Bonus: A Conversation with Michele Hansen (on the Software Social Podcast)
Arvid and Michele talk about Twitter and building in public.
Mar 7
37 min
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