The Bohemian Mom: Restoring The Soul
The Bohemian Mom: Restoring The Soul
Sasha Moreno
Cultivating My Personal Power: Day 19: Coming Home To Yourself
22 minutes Posted May 22, 2020 at 8:44 am.
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Show notes
Thank you for tuning in and listening.Todays episode is POWERFUL! Oh hello dear wild woman, are you home within yourself?
I read today a passage out of my favourite book "Women who run with wolves"I remind you to look within and ask yourself: Am I home?
... are you home?
If you have not yet listened to my episode with Kit on Yoni steaming, PLEASE go listen here!We speak about the "common normal" reproductive health that is not actually normal... We talk about womb health and womb healing.
TODAY! I talk about after 2 months of yoni steaming, I am cycle symptom pain free!Dig in wild woman, and listen to how you can take control of your womb health.
happy healing xo