The Bohemian Mom: Restoring The Soul
The Bohemian Mom: Restoring The Soul
Sasha Moreno
I want you to stop trying to be the "perfect mom." What I do want you to do in this mom life is just show up as yourself. As beautiful and messy and disastrous as that can be. You are constantly surrounded in an overwhelm of do-this-do-that everyone in your face parenting.What do you know to listen to? I am here to knock down barriers and walls to help you step into the mother you want to be, as perfectly messy that is. Join me in conversations that *NO ONE* wants to discuss, the hard topics and the slap you in the face discussions that will have you healing your soul and parenting. I am Sasha Moreno, and this is The Bohemian Mom.
Our Journey To Conception
I wish I could say this episode isn't scattered and perfect, but I cant. I go through the cycles, the hurt, and the emotional turmoil that this journey has been for both of us. Being a year of trying, lots of money, misinformation and loss. Conception for a same sex couple isn't talked about anywhere. I go through how we did it and how long it took, ending now with our beautiful babe at 13 weeks pregnant! Don't forget to share, subscribe and reviewxo
Aug 19, 2020
56 min
Cultivating My Personal Power: Day 19: Coming Home To Yourself
Thank you for tuning in and listening.Todays episode is POWERFUL! Oh hello dear wild woman, are you home within yourself? I read today a passage out of my favourite book "Women who run with wolves"I remind you to look within and ask yourself: Am I home? ... are you home? If you have not yet listened to my episode with Kit on Yoni steaming, PLEASE go listen here!We speak about the "common normal" reproductive health that is not actually normal... We talk about womb health and womb healing. TODAY! I talk about after 2 months of yoni steaming, I am cycle symptom pain free!Dig in wild woman, and listen to how you can take control of your womb health. happy healing xo
May 22, 2020
22 min
Cultivating My Personal Power: Day 12-16: Working On Our Relationship To Make It Stronger
With this quarantine we've realized we haven't really prioritized our relationship. Living with and having dependents can often steal the show and attention. We set out weekly date nights and took steps to ensure our relationship stays strong!I talk about a book we got and how amazing it is: whether you're in a relationship or not. Here's a weekly check in.Nugget: It's important to take responsibility for our needs.And even more important to communicate our needs.
May 19, 2020
17 min
Cultivating My Personal Power: Day 11: Take up space in todays male DOMINATED world.
Who created the beauty industry? It wasnt a female.The male dominated beauty industry (Yes it's male executives who run this market) is a $425 BILLION dollar industry. They (men) make billions of dollars on your insecuirities.They run marketing to put it into our girls at a young age (helloooo listen to the music and shows coming out there... entertainment and beauty want you to be insecure with problems) What can you do today to challenge this industry?What do you do daily beacuse of what the industry has told you to do? What can you do today to take up your space in today's society? NUGGET: Stop making yourself small.. You deserve to take up space, to be heard and to love yourself unconditionally in WHATEVER you choose. Your power comes in your choice.
May 14, 2020
13 min
Cultivating My Personal Power: Day 10: "To see a world in a grain of sand"
Everyone has different perspectives and everyone has different experiences in life.When Im feeling annoyed, today I focus on my lifes miracles. Physically I am slowly gaining more power, but mentally I am gaining a life time of growth. What life miracles are you focusing on today?
May 14, 2020
11 min
Cultivating My Personal Power: Days 5, 6, 7 & 8 : "Can you please just give me 20 minutes?!"
Life gets off course and instead of letting my OCD cause me to get frustrated that plans changed and it was 100% out of my controll, I embraced it. Progress is progress and today I feel good that I am able to do more than I was last week, mentally and physically. Slowly strength is forming. Welcome to motherhood where 20 minutes is sometimes to hard to ask for (ha!) Day 8 Nugget: Let go, things change.
May 11, 2020
9 min
Cultivating My Personal Power: Day 4: Diet Culture Speaking To Our Daughters
"This is a fattening food" I stopped what I was doing SO quick as I heard this being said on a kids show "Pucca". I was floored that this was being said and had an entire episode dedicated to a girls diet was being aired or even created (but am I really shocked?) This fits perfectly into what is being talked about and this transitional journey into cultivating my power outside of food and looks. Gold nugget: "Unlike self-criticism, which asks if you're good enough, self compassion asks what's good for you?" - Kristin Neff, PHD
May 7, 2020
14 min
Cultivating My Personal Power: Day 3: What you Practice Grows Stronger
Day 3 "What you practice grows stronger" What will you be practicing today within yourself to grow and cultivate the healing and change you're looking for? "We are practicing something all the time - not just when we're meditating, but in every moment. This means we are growing something all the time. So the most important question becomes: What do you want to grow?" WOW that is powerful and really hits you.Dive into that a little bit and set your intentions for the day. ** Link to Episode on judgement and self love
May 6, 2020
17 min
Cultivating My Personal Power: Day 2
I'm an adult child of an alcoholic and although she got sober and made a lot of changes there are things that still apply. One being, I was taught from childhood to put others needs above my own. Going into 29 years of life, that proves to still be true.I am reminded that putting my own needs above others is important and needed in order to cultivate my own happiness and mental health care. Todays nuggets:What are the little things you can do today to make a change?Do you need to pace yourself? Here's day 2 of committing to my own personal power. *Please remember to subscribe and leave a review
May 5, 2020
14 min
Cultivating My Personal Power: Day 1
TW: Eating Disorder Mentions Over the last 3 years I lost a lot of my mental and physical work.You'd think it would have become more powerful as a LOT of amazing things happened to me and my family. However for some reason within my family growth I lost a lot of my mental growth. My emotional welbeign and worth have dwindled into a state of berating my soul and body. So much that I break down daily over how I feel within my skin.I've always wondered what it feels like to not be hyper aware of every inch of my fat, my rolls, my skin. What does it feel like to sit down and not immedietly feel like I'm crawling within myself? I've never had that. Even at my healthiest. This is a journey to empower myself.This is a journey to feel good in my skin.This is a journey to a whole new level of mental mindset. Day 1 and I cried and broke down. I feel tired of beating myself up every waking hour. But this is day 1 of comitted growth and I want to share this journey with you. I am stepping into my power of choosing how I want to show up for myself. Todays Reflection: I have the strength to change how I feel and react within my body. I am capable of changing what does not and has not been working to be the best version of me.
May 4, 2020
15 min
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