The Black Dog Podcast
The Black Dog Podcast
Lee Medcalf
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Hidden gem
I got introduced to Black Dog through Jim Moon’s excellent Hypnogoria podcast. I don’t know why this isn’t a more talked about podcast, it’s hilariously funny and I love how broad their movie watching approach is. The recent Robocop episode had me in tears I was laughing so hard, and I recommend going back at least a year so you too can inflict, I mean, introduce the “was in he in Star Wars Episode…?” gag to your own family.
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Listening feels like I'm sitting around with my friends
For several years prior to listening to the podcast some buddies and I would watch movies and discuss our thoughts, opinions, theories over a glass of scotch or whiskey. When I stumbled across this it sounded like someone had a hidden microphone in on our conversations. Had the accents been a southern American drawl, I might have been more worried, but it's always a great listen to hear their thoughts and theories about classic films. Sometimes serious, sometimes funny but always entertaining. Great show for anyone that likes movies and wants to look deeper under the film's surface (said in my cheesiest Sean Connery)
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Very funny, very sharp.
I love this podcast and I can’t believe page 2 of my book is the same as Jim’s!
Great show for anyone!
The hosts of the Black Dog Podcast explore a wide variety of topics in addition to reviewing movies. They are a funny and engaging group and I find the show to be very entertaining! It’s hilarious and I always look forward to it.
Great fun and insight on all the films that are (and aren't) worth seeing. Well worth tuning in to hear the fellows and their cast of regulars slice and dice film and chat about life. A solid recommend.
Nice and Long
This is the most entertaining podcast around - always absorbing and funny - and the best thing about it is that it lasts A LONG TIME. If you do a lot of driving, as I do, this is the perfect podcast. This podcast generally lasts longer than Star Trek the Motion Picture, and it's far more entertaining. Of course, you don't get to see long, slow motion shots of the Enterprise creeping out of its spaceport - but you might get to hear Lee, Darren, Jim, and Elton describing it for you. Highly recommended podcast.
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This is the reason the Internet was invented.
In brief, this is the best and most entertaining podcast available.
This Dog Will Hunt
Best friends, Lee and Darren, take you back to the films of yore. They and their eclectic crew of oddball listeners turn a critical eye on said films to determine if they are as good or as bad as popular opinion suggests. But that isn't all. Mr. Jim Moon provides creative cussing in his Profanisaurus segment. Lee reviews a film in just one sentence. They also feature embarrassing run-ins with celebrities, film news, and do it yourself mishaps. A powerhouse of a film review podcast with many offensive jokes to tickle you in your funny place.
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Insanity, to genius levels
Ok, I admit it, I'm a fanboy. This is my favourite podcast bar none (honourable mention to the shonky lab) but for an intoxicating mix of Film, DIY Disasters, and the occasional bit of games reporting, and the incomparable vocal stylings of Darren Diamond (You'll understand when you listen) this podcast really does bring you all you could wish for. The two hosts banter (or bicker) with each other wonderfully with the occasional addition of a guest host. Frankly, just listen, I promise it'll be worth it. (as long as you can handle the occasional swear word)
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Alister Forbes
100% Pure Awesome
These two fellows are not only just great to listen to, but frequently a small tear comes from my eye by how funny they are. Great opinions and awesome segments form the basis of the show with comedy gold and the dulcet tones of Jim Moon occassional guest makes this a must listen to every week. Keep it going guys. You rock.
Jen Wagner
I shall name my first born "Black Dog"
If you're looking for the best podcast dedicated to the zany world of animal husbandry, you're going to be sorely disappointed by The Black Dog. Seriously. You're in the wrong place. If, however, you want a podcast that delights in all things geek, The Black Dog is an absolute winner. Lee and Darren analyse, dissect, and discuss news, comics, TV, film, games, and any other gleefully geeky topics that come up. These fine gentlemen know their stuff, and are a joy to listen to, and interact with. Every week showcases "Rose Tinted Specs" (taking a fresh look at films that most remember as good) or "Sh*t Covered Goggles" (a look to determine if bad films deserve their negative reputation). Listener feedback is welcome, and encouraged. The Black Dog really is a must for any lover of geek culture. So stop reading this, and get to downloading it already!!
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Lee and Darren: two friends, a movie, and a microphone
I have been fortunate enough to follow The Black Dog since episode zero. Lee and Darren are great friends with not just the usual chemistry, but a vibrantly comedic style. They balance each other well, providing the podcast with ample personality. Together they talk about embarrassing run-ins with celebrities like J-Lo, new movies, video games, and television programs. Regular features include Sh*tty Super Heros (scraping the bottom of the comic industry for the lamest characters), Ten Minute Spoiler Zone, Rose Tinted Specs (a critical review of the movies from our childhood), Sh*t Covered Goggles (a second look at the worst movies to see if they are really that bad), as well as feedback. Interspersed are musical segments by Darron Diamond, lounge singer extraordinaire and target of assassination. there is also regular appearances of Spinny the Hubcap, The Black Dog's metallic mascot. It's all as madcap as it sounds and I just love it.
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Dr. Brandi Sexyvoice
For Geeks of All Shapes and Sizes
Whether you are a movie geek, sci-fi geek, comic book geek, TV geek, video game geek, or any combination, this podcast is for you. Highly entertaining, informative, and most important - INTERACTIVE. Listener feedback plays a central role in this 'cast, creating a sense of community among its listeners (and the list of Blackdoggers keeps growing, and growing... perhaps to include YOU?). Check it out - you won't be disappointed.
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Geeks to the nth degree
These guys revel in geeking out and totally know their stuff. Each show features a review of a classic movie with regular discussions of new releases. The highlight of the show is the listener feedback. Whereas most shows get boring at this point The Black Dog really comes alive when they interact with their fans.
Great content
Just started listening and this I a wonderful podcast for geeks. These guys know their stuff and really havoc fun time. Keep it up!
Excellent Show
Speaking as a card carrying geek and Trekkie listening to the review of Wrath of Khan was a joy. The knowledge and obvious respect for the material shines even through the criticisms. An excellent listen, and I will be back.