The Big Fat Joey Show Radio Podcast
The Big Fat Joey Show Radio Podcast
If you missed the LIVE RADIO show, you can catch up & hear it now on your favorite podcast site. The Big Fat Joey Show is an upbeat entertainment RADIO show heard in the NYC metro area on 95.9 FM & 1240 AM WGBB radio. The show highlights the doings and happenings in the entertainment industry by interviewing celebrities, musicians, indie artists, authors, writers, as well as the movers & shakers from NYC to Hollywood to the Hamptons. To be in the know, you need to LISTEN to the show!!!Check out the show's highlights on Instagram @thebigfatjoeyshow
Interviews with Discovery Channel's Captain Sig Hansen of Deadliest Catch Fame and Sophisticated Pop Duo Renee and Lang of Bliss Bliss
On today's show we speak with theViking King of the Bering Sea, Captain Sig Hansen of Discovery Channel's Deadliest Catch.Captain Sig talks about what it's like fishing the Bering Sea, being on Discovery Channel's HIT show Deadliest Catch, King Crabs, Movies, GQ Magazine and having his daughter Mandy work side-by-side with him at the helm of the NorthWestern Fishing Vessel.Sig also plays a round of everyone's favorite game, Cyn's 'This or That".So drop a line in the sea of TV and hook yourself some Captain Sig and the Deadliest Catch crew on the Discovery Channel.To keep up with all that Captain Sig is up to, follow him on the Internet at:www.fvnorthwestern.comwww.discovery.comand on IG at:@northwesternsigAlso, we have Renee and Lang of the Sophisticated Pop Duo 'Bliss Bliss' on with us. They're talking about, and we're going to hear, their latest HIT song;'What's Going On', a re-mix of Marvin Gaye's 1971 HIT. 'What's Going On' is out NOW!Pick it up and keep the spirit of 'Thought' Going On!With all that's going on in the world today, there could not be a better time for a song like this. To keep up with all that Renee and Lang of 'Bliss Bliss' are up to, follow them on the Internet at: www.blissbliss.comand on IG at:@blissblissmusicThank you for listening and follow the show on IG at: @Thebigfatjoeyshow
Nov 14
1 hr 1 min
Interviews with Infectious Disease Specialist Dr. Fernando and Transformation Coach Glenn Poveromo
Today we speak with infectious disease doctor Rajeev Fernando. Dr. Fernando is one of the top infectious disease doctors in New York as well as a humanitarian who has worked around the world assisting those in need while searching for a cure for Covid-19. Dr. Fernando sheds some light on the do's and don'ts, with regards to staying safe during the pandemic, as well as he clears the air regarding the many rumors that are circulating about.He's also spearheading the drive for people to understand the reason for and the need to wear a mask.With his Mask Up Earth campaign, he's helping the world to fight back by providing free masks to those in need.Check out his campaign at:maskupearth.organd his global charities campaign at:chiraj.comand follow him on IG at:@rajeevfernandomdRemember to stay safe, be well and mask up! Also on today's show we have Transformation Coach, Educator and Athletic Coach Glenn Proveromo.Glenn has been shaping the minds, bodies and souls of students and adults for over 50 years.Glenn speaks with us about how WE are truly and actually in control of OUR lives with his two books:'Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life'and'Simple Thoughts About Life & Living'Glenn has cleared the way for people to get on the 'right' path of life. It's the little things in life that make a BIG difference.Pick up both of his books on @amazonFollow him on Facebook at:@Glennpoveromo Thank you for listening and follow the show on IG at: @Thebigfatjoeyshow
Nov 5
59 min
Interviews with Bravo TV's Below Deck Mediterranean's Anastasia Surmava and the founder and creator of the Keys and Kingdoms game/learning platform Graeme Winder
On today's show we speak with Bravo TV's Below Deck Mediterranean's Anastasia Surmava. Anastasia shares with us just how close she is with fellow Below Deck Med alum Alex Radcliffe, her friendship with business partnerHannah Ferrier and what she's up to now. Don't miss Anastasia playing the game of all games 'This or That' with Cyn. Cyn does really find out people's most inner likes... To keep up with all that Anastasia is up to, follow her on IG at:@nastiasurmavaAnd on the web at her company website: Also on todays show we have Graeme Winder. He is the founder of a NEW learning/gaming platform, 'Keys and Kingdoms'.Keys and Kingdoms brings about a whole NEW WAY to learn how to play music. This is a self guided, but intuitive, learning system for those looking to learn the keyboard/piano. This system will have you playing some of your favorite tunes in no time. Especially with today's pandemic, this is all the more reason a system like this is beneficial. No need to worry about social distancing when you have this system at your finger tips. You'll be social-dancing to the beat of your own tunes. All in all, with today's technology, there is no reason why you can't learn to ROCK ON!If you're looking to pick up this super affordable learning/music system, stop by your nearest Best Buy store or go online at To keep up with and see this platform first hand, check them out on the web Thank you for listening and follow us on IG at: @Thebigfatjoeyshow
Oct 26
59 min
Interview with Bravo TV's MDLLA Star James Harris and Interview with Alyson Cambridge and Tony Bruno, Creators and Co-Producers of the Musical Concert Fusion Experience 'Rock Me Amadeus'.
On today's show we speak with James Harris, one of the Stars of Bravo TV's HIT Show, Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles. James gives us a behind the scenes rundown of how MDLLA is produced as well as what goes into putting those multi-million house deals together.He also speaks about his NEW HIT Podcast 'POSITIVELY CHAOTIC with JAMES HARRIS'James speaks with celebrities, entrepreneurs and self-made people who started with virtually nothing and now are leaders in their industry. To wrap up the interview, James plays 'This or That' with Cyn. This is where James reveals some of his most inner likings.To keep up with all that James is up to, follow him at:on IG: @JamesbondstAlso on today's show we speak with creators and co-producers Alyson Cambridge and Tony Bruno from the next biggest musical concert fusion experience'Rock Me Amadeus'.Rock Me Amadeus brings together some of the greatest talents from the worlds of rock, pop, and classical music into an unexpected nostalgic musical fusion and spectacle of a show you never knew was possible until you experienced it.When iconic songs from Led Zeppelin, Journey, Pink Floyd, Aerosmith and Nirvana get uniquely mashed up with the likes of classical masters and rockstars of their day, Mozart, Beethoven and Puccini, Rock Me Amadeus takes you on a unique and edgy musical journey. To keep up with all that the show, Alyson and Tony are up to, follow them at:www.rockmeamadeuslive.comon FB: @Rockmeamadeusliveon YouTube: @Rockmeamadeuson IG: @rockmeamadeusliveon IG: alysoncambridgeon IG: tonybrunomusic Thank you for listening and follow the show on IG at: @Thebigfatjoeyshow
Oct 19
57 min
Interviews with Real Housewives of Dallas OG Cary Deuber and Fine Art Photographer and Musician John Mazlish
On today's show we catch up with the OG ofThe Real Housewives of Dallas, Cary Deuber. Cary shares with us what it was like being a reality housewife in addition to giving us a look into her nursing career, working with her husband and how a Northeastern girl wound up where everything is Bigger, Texas.  To keep up with all that she's up to, follow her on IG at: @carydeuber Also on today's show we speak with Fine Art Photographer and MusicianJohn Mazlish. John's elevating the whole notion of 'Treat other's as you'd like to be treated' by opening up a virtual art gallery where the artist's interests are truly looked out for.To kick off this amazing endeavor, John is hosting a LIVE event from 10.14.20-10.19.20 at One Art Space located at 23 Warren St., in NYC.To keep up with all that's he's up to and to get tickets to this event, follow him on the Internet at:www.mazlishgallery.comwww.johnmazlishfineart.comand on IG at: @johnmazlishfineart Thank you for listening and follow the show on IG at: @Thebigfatjoeyshow
Oct 12
58 min
Interviews with Artist/Musician Ramiro Fauve and Americana Artist Erick Beau
On today's show we speak with artist, musician, singer, songwriter, sculptor, designer and Renaissance man Ramiro Fauve.He talks with us about his varied and diverse career, his family and how he keeps doing what he does. On October 6, 2020 his latest HIT album 'Where Rivers Cross Vol. I&II' drops. Make sure to pick it up! To keep up with everything that he is up to, follow him on the internet at:ramirofauvemusic.comand on IG at:@ramirofauvemusic Also on today's show we speak with attorney turned musician Erick Beau.Erick shares with us how he was able to come back to his first Love, music, after a long and distinguished career as an attorney. In these crazy pandemic times Erick has taken what we all take for granted, the ability to come home, and has written a poignant but uplifting song about it called 'Coming Home'. Erick wrote this song based upon his experience of being stranded in Europe when the pandemic hit. From that moment on he realized that 'Coming Home' will not be the same for quite some time.Get his latest HIT song 'Coming Home' NOW! Pick it up from your favorite streaming service.Keep a look out for his HIT album 'What It Takes' dropping in May of 2021.To keep up with everything that he's up to, follow him on the internet at:Erickbeau.comand on IG at:@erickbeau1  Thank you for listening and follow us on IG at: @thebigfatjoeyshow
Oct 6
59 min
Interview with Celebrated Rock Guitarist Mike Skill of The Romantics
On today's Big Fat Joey Show, we speak with celebrated rock guitarist Mike Skill of The Romantics.Mike has a NEW HIT Single out titled "67 Riot". This song puts to music the trials and tribulations of America circa 1967. Our country was at war in Vietnam and there was upheaval and riots in the streets of America. This song is very telling and appropriate for the times.  Mike also shares with us some back stories on how he became one of the world's most celebrated rock guitarists as well as how technology has changed how music is made along with how The Romantics came to be, who they played with, where they played as well as how they got their name, The Romantics. To pick up Mike's NEW HIT single, "67 Riot", go to To follow all that he and The Romantics are up to, follow them on the web at: Mikeskill.comRomanticsdetroit.comand on IG at:@Mikejskill@Romanticsrock ***ROCK ON! Thanks for listening and follow us on IG at: @thebigfatjoeyshow
Sep 29
58 min
Interview with Composer and Recording Artist Kevin Keller and interview with Brand Ambassador Rick Martinez of Tower Beverage
On today's show we speak with composer and recording artist Kevin Keller. Kevin is a pioneer and a leading composer of Ambient Chamber Music. Kevin's latest album release is 'The Front Porch of Heaven' featuring his HIT song 'The Forgotten Places', which we'll be playing today at the show's closing. Kevin has over 20 releases to his name, including 'A Star In A Stoneboat' from his album 'Across The Sky'. 'A Star In A Stoneboat' was featured on the HIT network show 'So You Think You Can Dance'. Kevin also shares his amazing story of recovery from an undiagnosed heart ailment as well as him attending the Burning Man Festival in its early days. To keep up with all that Kevin is up to, and to purchase his albums and music, follow him on the internet at:Kevinkeller.comand on IG at:@Kevinkellerpro Also on today's show we speak with Rick Martinez, brand ambassador of Tower Beverage. Rick is a retired NYPD ESU police officer who has 'Not Forgotten' the events of 911 and all that our first responders do on a day to day basis. Tower Beverage is taking up the cause of continuing to help and assist our first responders by supporting them in all that they do. To keep up with everything that Tower Beverage is doing, follow them on the internet at:Towerbeverage.comand on IG at:@Towerbeverages Thank you for listening and follow the show on IG at: @Thebigfatjoeyshow
Sep 29
59 min
Interviews with Kasey Cohen of Bravo TV's Below Deck Mediterranean and Entertainer to the Stars Kevin Nicholas, A.K.A. Modern Mentalist
Long Island Special. All our guests are from Strong Island!Today we talk with Kasey Cohen of Bravo TV's HIT Show, Below Deck Mediterranean. Kasey spills the sea water and tells us how it really is working on a high end chartered yacht. Kasey also plays a round of "This or That" with Cyn, where we find out her most inner likings. To keep up with everything that Kasey is up to, follow her on IG at:@Kaseylcohen Also today we speak with Entertainer to the Stars, Kevin Nicholas-A.K.A. Modern Mentalist. We met Kevin, in the Hamptons, where he mesmerized us with his slight of hand and his magical prowess. As talked about in the interview, Kevin made a deck of cards disappear from my hands only to be replaced with a block of Lucite. I'm still in AWE! Truly magical. Check out The Big Fat Joey Show IG for the Vid.Also, Kevin will share with us what it is like to be a Modern Mentalist and how magic has evolved itself and kept up with the times in a world full of technological magic.  To keep up with everything that Kevin is up to, follow him on IG at:@Modernmentalist  Thank you for listening to the show. Follow the show on IG at:@Thebigfatjoeyshow
Sep 20
57 min
Interviews with Tanner Sterback of Bravo TV's Below Deck and Bob Golden along with Brian O'Byrne Of TREO Fruit and Birch Water
On today's show we interview Tanner Sterback of Bravo TV's Below Deck. Tanner is another Long Island HOTTIE YACHTIE that has been swept aboard Bravo TV's HIT series "Below Deck".Tanner spills some seawater and gives us a behind the scenes look at the high life on the high seas.    To keep up with all that he's up to, follow Tanner on:IG at @TSTERBS Also on the show is Bob Golden (son of one of the founders of Snapple Ice Tea) and Brian O'Byrne of TREO Fruit and Birch Water Drink.Bob has brought to the market the next best thing in an ALL Natural fruit drink. If you ever drank Snapple, TREO Fruit and Birch Water Drink is what Snapple would be today if Snapple was invented now. You can buy it at Stew Leonard's, most major supermarket chains as well as at your favorite local eatery.To keep up with all that TREO is up to, follow them on:The internet @ Drinktreo.comand on:IG at @Drinktreo Thanks for listening and don't forget to follow the show on IG at @thebigfatjoeyshow
Sep 14
59 min
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