The Bible For Normal People
The Bible For Normal People
Peter Enns and Jared Byas
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Explore w Openness
I think B4NP provides space for a spectrum of views about the Bible and it’s implicit (and explicit) themes. Pete and Jared do a great job of listening (usually) while also holding the interviewee accountable (usually). I have REALLY enjoyed their teaching podcasts where they explicate particular books of the Bible. Highly recommend for seekers of all sorts!
Amazing podcast!!!
This podcast has literally help changed my spiritual life in terms of how I see God, the Bible, Christianity and religion overall! I recommend this podcast to anyone who is truly trying to seek God and I think you will fall in love with the honesty, transparency, integrity and overall quality of both the shows content and production (in terms of how Pete and Jered really know there stuff! And they are totally willing to wrestle with the big question and issues we are all thinking about but may be too afraid to say anyways!!!!
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Banjo Moonshine
So good!
Helpful, thought-provoking, generous, and understandable. If you love the Bible but are looking for new ways to engage it, listen up!
My favorite podcast!
This is such a helpful and enjoyable podcast!
This is a great podcast even if you don’t meet the technical definition of a normal person. I have a MDiv and this podcast reminds me of what I loved about seminary. It’s great to hear people who actually know stuff about the Bible.
Best Bible podcast
Probably the best Bible podcast around. Diverse guests and excellent thought provoking topics. Top notch thoughtful scholarship.
Fr. Nark St. John's Dean
“I’ll get the Bible to agree with me.”
I had immediate concerns about some of the views expressed after listening to one episode, but I didn’t want to reach rashly. I kept listening. After about six episodes, I felt I had enough information to make an informed decision. In an early episode, Peter quips, “I’ll get the Bible to agree with me.” It was meant as humor. But as you know, there is a bit of truth in every joke. And so it is with this podcast. The episodes function as a forum for those who would like to bend Scripture to their will by using their “imagination.” The justification is that Scripture is composed by humans. Guests have advocated for everything from embracing homosexuality and rejecting the historicity of the Bible to denying the divinity of Christ. I would be frightened to sit in the same seat as the hosts. I applaud their effort to question everything and search for truth. We will have doubts and the quest for truth is part of the great calling of our Lord for which He gave us the Spirit. But to position yourself as a teacher and lead others always from the central doctrines of the faith, is a dangerous proposition. I now understand Westminster Seminary’s decision to terminate Peter Enn’s back in 2008.
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I’ve probably listened to the most recent podcast with Ilia Delio 10 different times now. Incredible. I love the thoughts and perspectives that are brought onto the show. This podcast inspires me as a Seminary student to grow and dig and ask thoughtful questions that help me advance my faith. Super thankful for this podcast.
I just listened to your interview with Ilia Delio, and it was delightful. You guys helped make the “concepts” clear and accessible. So appreciative... Thank you!
Amos Armstrong
Good Show, just Not My Thing
I thought I would listen, but I’m not religious anymore and it’s just not my thing. Great podcast, just not my passion. I’m agnostic.
The Spirit of Intelligence
This podcast has me thinking more about our society and looking more to the Bible than ever before. It’s so refreshing to find these normal people.
Be open
I love it I love it I love it. Come listen to this podcast with an open hear and open mind.
my truths- M
You shouldn’t talk about what you don’t know. You sound like faith healers. Nothing ‘normal’ about it. Unless you’re normally misguided.
done with heart
You should listen
I Love STM
Still deciding
I consider myself a fence-sitting agnostic and enjoy the discussions and dives into ancient history that the hosts have with their guests. Reminds me of a class I took in college on the works of Tolkien. Deep dives into myth and meaning. I am leaning towards the Bible as meaningful mythology. To be fair, I am not sure the hosts would agree with that assessment, but I honestly don’t know if they believe the Bible is actually from a God. Definitely interesting if you like history and philosophy.
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Some really great info here, but be discerning for yourself
I would say this podcast isn’t really so much the Bible for normal people as it is the Bible for liberal people. I’m a center-right conservative so that has struck me, not necessarily a bad thing but just something to keep in mind. Really enjoy hearing almost everything Pete has say, some of the guests have highly questionable ideas however.
a drumming dog
Helpful and Interesting
Fantastic listen every time. Pete and Jared are good by themselves and the guests they bring on are always top notch. I was late to discover but since subscribing, I’ve listened to every podcast and some twice. Appreciate their depth of knowledge as well as the ability to disagree with other more conservative strains of Christianity with respect. This podcast is a gift.
Marc Eagles
Grateful for Pete and Jared helping me gain new perspectives and to regain a new sense of the sacredness of the text. I have lived the diversity of guest on this show and if I were to choose a favorite, it would be AJ Levine. Many, many thanks for this labor of love.
Fantastic But Not Really For Normal People
I love this podcast, but in no way is it for normal (ie, ordinary) people, if you mean by that (1) non-Christians or (2) “baby” Christians. As a seminary graduate (Dallas Theological Seminary), it’s often “over my head.” I love it because it’s exposed me to so much DTS did not. And in so many ways and about so much that many (a lot but not all) episodes not only exposed me to things DTS didn’t but actually taught the converse, which I freely admit often pisses me off, and make DTS look like a glorified adult Sunday School Class, except for the Greek & Hebrew. So, thanks and I did join you on Patreon. Two Suggestions: (1) While I find it funny some people I’ve recommended this podcast didn’t, ie, calling it only God ordained podcast (ponder this) & (2) When Jarred ask listens to write a review but only if it’s positive, and if not (a) reconsider your priorities (fine) or (b) go ahead and make baby Jesus (I sort of think it’s funny, but boarders on sarcasm that some people could find highly offensive (ponder it). Thanks again for a great podcast, definitely I’m my top ten and more towards one as opposed to ten.
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Well stated
Episode 119!!!!! Thank you thank you for speaking on this incredibly relevant and important issue.
Intellect but...
They really miss the mark on a lot of things. I am very shocked at how they try to justify that there are more than 2 genders in one episode... what they do is take the text and interpret it as if it was missing something. The Bible says God created male and female he created them. Saying “well, maybe God didn’t mention the inbetweens” is speculating that you are more intelligent than God. Same thing for the episode on transgenderism. Assuming Jacob is a homosexual? What? The Bible doesn’t say that... Try and take the Word for what it is instead of trying (and failing) to reinterpret Scripture under the light of modern society.
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I love this show. I see as something like this: “Christianity that isn’t afraid of the intellect”
K. Jolie
The tag line for TBFNP ought to be “imagine all the people reading for today” has a nice jingle to it.
Fresh air
I truly appreciate these talks with so many diverse people. Thank you for all the effort to put these together. I’ve been binge listening for awhile now and just loving each episode.
A Space to Explore
I’ve been listening for a while and have also heard Pete speak on other podcasts. His and Jared’s work, and the work of many guests, is a breath of fresh air for me: someone who loves the Bible but is too curious and often dissatisfied with the simple answers offered by many pastors/churches. They explore good/hard questions without rushing to a single, black and white answer. They allow space for diversity in thought and recognize their own limitations. This podcast may not be comfortable for more conservative listeners, but speaking as a former apologetics nerd, it is so necessary for those who think Christianity or the Bible is crystal clear or black and white.
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Elizabeth Dailey
I really appreciated episode 119. This is a very relevant topic that needs more discussion. You have gained a loyal listener after episode 119. I’ve always liked this podcast but felt as though many topics were rather surface, or I had a tough time relating. This was well overdue. Thank you! The scripture references were amazing! Very enlightening!
ArmChair Theologian
Episode 120 was really hard to start listening to but I was so sad when it was over... thanks for the work you all do!!!!!
ArmChair Theologian
Leftist Propaganda disguised as God’s word.
Episode 119 is horrible
What a waste of an episode. Nothing to do with Christ or the Bible. Won’t be listening to this podcast again.
New listener getting help for old thoughts.
This podcast is putting into words the questions that it seems I've always had but thought would show me to have a weak faith. The hosts allow their guests to explain themselves because they ask the guest great questions and the relaxed atmosphere of humor.
Jared B. W.
A great resource for a former conservative Christian
I’m a recent grad from a conservative seminary and currently a mental health professional. I have struggled with my faith through school and after. Recently I’ve landed at a more progressive church, and this podcast has been a great intro into a larger community of christians where it’s ok to have questions.
The Bible for people who like to sit in class, but hate tests
Nuff said
Love this show 🕊
Is heaven a jar?
I turned in to hear the Exodus teachings. Really liked them. Jared and Pete are not shy about having people on. Some I really like and others I cannot agree with at all. But I still listen.
Wonderful, insightful content, with interesting guests and lack of repetition. Always a pleasure!
Recent Departee
The Bible for “NORMAL PEOPLE”?
So the faithful aren’t normal people?
No absolute truth in Bible?
What a weird thing to say. Why bother with scripture if there isn’t absolute truth. I appreciated what was said about context, but you lost me after that.
Had one of many "a-ha!" moments with this duo
Just wanted to write in and thank Pete & Jared for a superb and refreshing podcast. Great interviews with probing, candid, unexpected questions, but honestly love when they each talk separately to the audience just as much if not more. Jared did a talk early on about talking with people that you disagree with. I have already listened to it 3 times. I was never given tools like this to talk to people - not from school, parents, or pastors. My husband and I don't agree on some key things, but the way he talked about it gave me some serious hope that we could listen to each other and not agree but still respect and meet each other where we are. Thank you both!
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I very much needed this podcast at this time and glad I stumbled onto this. God lead me to y’all.
I have very much appreciated The Bible for Normal People. The questions they ask. The many answers they consider. Anyone could enjoy these thought provoking discussions.
Great insights for the scientist who wants wants to keep faith!
A great balanced presentation of the Bible
Peter Enns and Jared Byas combine biblical scholarship while still maintaining a view that God is present and active in our lives and that the Bible can help us in our relationship with God. In my experience presenters who are respectful of the Bible often do not deal with the Bible in intellectually satisfying ways. I am often left with a feeling that the issues have not really been addressed. Those who deal with the Bible in intellectually satisfying ways often come across in a way which does not take a personal relationship with God/Jesus seriously and cast doubt on the value of the Bible. Thank you for these podcasts!
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Perpertual Student
Brilliant Loving Scholars
The intelligent, diverse approach is gentle, humble yet captivating. Thank you for enriching my spiritual life.
Foggo braunscheidel
The only God ordained podcast,,,
These guys rock. Pete Enns is brilliant. I’ve learned how the Bible really works. They have top notch scholars as guests. This podcast has helped me hold on to my faith after much deconstruction,,,
Mind expanding and freeing!
This podcast is helping me see that God didn’t create me to be programmed with a scheduled set of beliefs but instead to think, believe and interpret as my experience leads me to. Thank you Pete and Jared for sharing this message!!!
Learn so much
I’ve listened to most of these episodes and learned so much about the Bible and how to read it for myself - not just see what I was told it meant when I was in church and a kid and young adult.
God Can’t
Wow! This one was so good. It put words to things I’ve been thinking about. Wish you guys could have kept going... made it a two part.
Still Doubting
Great podcast, kind of a last ditch effort for me to retain faith. Although it hasn’t done that for me, I appreciate the discussions, and have a better understanding of the Bible. Problem is, I only see the Bible as a work of man, now. The more I learn (including from this podcast) the more uninspired it seems. That’s not their fault, though. I just wish there was something to point to that supports God’s existence, and the significance of the Bible for faith.
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Jeremy Watkins
The Podcast I Cannot Stop Recommending
Engaging, smart and objective with the right amount of snark. These guys have introduced me to so many authors, teachers and wise leaders I now follow. This podcast has been a game changer in not only how I approach the Bible, but how I engage my faith in its totality. Thanks Bible for Normal People for all you do!!
Where “Heresy” has a Home
In a theology class I took with fellow Bible majors in undergrad, any time one of us was about to say something “scandalous” or that ran counter to what we believed growing up, the professor would always say, “It’s okay, you can say whatever you want in here. This is a theology class: heresy is our middle name!” That’s the kind of environment that Pete and Jared and the team at TBFNP have created with this podcast. It is here where earnest seekers of truth and meaning (and an evangelical background) can go to ask the questions that they were, sadly, too afraid to ask in church or with their own faith leaders. They specialize in topics that make your cheeks warm up and cause you to look around wide-eyed like a newly rebellious teen lest anyone hear what’s being discussed. They approach our sacred certainties with an equally sacred sense of wonder. They help listeners affirm to themselves that their doubts are not unmerited or unwelcome, but can be considered without anyone feeling judged in the process. I often find myself shocked at some of the things spoken in this podcast, but then I feel grateful. Because I remembered that I’d thought about those same things as well. And this is what The Bible for Normal People is all about.
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