The BHooked Podcast for Crochet & Knitting Enthusiasts
The BHooked Podcast for Crochet & Knitting Enthusiasts
Brittany: Crochet Designer, Crochet Instructor, Broadcast Personality, Professional Blogger and Serial Fiber Artist
Brittany's primary goal is to inspire you and help you grow in your craft with The BHooked Podcast. Through her own stories and the stories of each special guest, you'll discover tips and tricks to improve your crochet and knitting skills and find inspiration to achieve your hobby goals. When you want to kick back and learn from yarn industry experts, grab some yarn and turn on The BHooked Podcast. There's never a shortage of all things crochet, knitting or yarn.
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Great crochet podcast!!!
Brittany does a fantastic job! I’ve been crocheting for 43 years, and I have learned many new things from this podcast. I enjoy listening while crocheting or making dinner. Brittany presents the info in such a friendly manner.
Really Helpful!
She is encouraging, relevant, and necessary in the crochet community! This is such a small thing, but I thought I'd leave it anyway, sometimes it can be hard to follow because the sound quality or the way she pronounces words are little muffled. In one episode about buying yarn, I had a difficult time following because of the pauses she needed to take to catch a breath, swallow, etc. I know it sound nit picky, but I think this is also something that professional radio DJ's must learn how to deal with. Brittany - you are amazing and I know you talk about just starting on things and getting through it. Your podcast is so relevant that it's probably worth learning how to tweak a couple things to make it sound more pro. Keep on doing your thing! thank you for all you do!
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Mindfulness and Healing through Crochet
I just found your awesome podcast. Having started crochet 5 years ago, and having studied Neurology in graduate school, I found this podcast most interesting. The relaxation and mindfulness of crochet, and why I look forward to falling into my crochet projects each night, has taken on a more positive, deeper understanding. Thank you! Dayna
GA Mountains Woman
A MUST Listen!
So motivational and informative. 5 stars is not enough.
Love love love
I love this podcast!
inspiration here!
As a lifelong crocheter I never knew how much a podcast might add to my enjoyment of the craft. Brittany is so knowledgable and has such a pleasant personality she's very easy to listen to. I've learned quite a bit - and have totally reorganized my supplies in a way that makes creating more fun and efficient. Thanks so much!
Dorothea in FL
New Techniques and Lots of Fun!
I’m a huge fan of this podcast. Brittany does an excellent job of sourcing guests and topics. I have learned about so many techniques by listening to this podcast. I’ve binge listened to this show and if you are a new listener I recommend starting with the show topics that interest you most. If that episode is an older one- do know that her interviewing/presentation skills have improved over the course of her broadcasting. There are just a few episodes that don’t hit the mark for me-(a couple of guests who weren’t very articulate) but Brittany is an excellent host because she has used those as learning points to make the podcast better and better. To Brittany- congratulations on creating a wonderful podcast experience for your listeners. Your podcast is my absolute favorite. Please continue with the occasional lists of techniques to try and bringing on guests who specialize in advanced techniques or ways to improve base skills. Whether just a maker as a hobbyist or a business owner- those are great episodes for everyone!
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Highly Recommend
I was really hesitant to try out a crochet podcast because the whole point of the craft is to be able to feel and see what you’re working on. I am so glad that I started listening to this podcast because it’s helped me so much! Brittany has introduced me to many wonderful designers and I’m excited to try all the new techniques. This is a podcast I can listen to anywhere.
The best
Can’t say enough good things! This show both informs and inspires. I love to geek out on this topic.
New Runnuh
Excellent podcast about the Craft
Brittany is knowledgeable and bring a lot of important information for those of us that love crochet. The information is good for beginners and the ones more experienced. My motivation runs high when I listen to this podcast. I feel encouraged and empowered to continue and get better. One learns something knew all the time and for me that is the prime motivation for doing this craft. Thanks!
The best!
Q: How good can a podcast about crochet be? A: Really, really good. Brittany is smart and interesting and she has the MOST soothing voice. She produces the podcast really well so the audio is a pleasure to listen to. And she does a wonderful job choosing a theme for each episode, so there’s no rambling and I always, always learn something. Thank you for making this, Brittany! Hook on ;)
Great Resources!
I love how much I’m learning and growing from this Podcast! From guests that give you insight on how to improve your own content, business, or blog to improving the quality of your skill and technique; I am really pleased with how your podcast is evolving! Thank you!
Great for new and seasoned crocheters!
Awesome awesome awesome podcast! I think I learned to crochet when I was around 10 years old (now almost 34) and don’t get me wrong I had some great teachers; however I wish This podcast was around then. Beyond informative! I have never read a crochet diagram and I’m now going to try using the show I listened to earlier! So excited to listen to the rest of her episodes!
So motivating!
I came across this podcast during one of my many Instagram deep dives in the fiber arts community. Since listening consistently, I really do feel more motivated to crochet (and knit) for both pleasure & business. There's so many tips on craft/life balancing and just general information that is difficult to come by. The guest interviews are my favorite.
Crochet INSPO!
Bhooked podcast... amazing! I always am inspired to try new things with my hook after listening.💗
Brittany is the best! I learned to crochet by watching her YouTube videos. Her instructions are always so clear and easy to understand. These podcasts are filled with tons of very helpful information too.
Love it!
Brittany I found your podcast when I searched "crochet" on podcasts, thinking there could not possibly be any podcasts about iber art. Boy was I wrong! I started with the "Slow Knitting" episode and enjoyed it so much! Get ready for pun... "I am HOOKED!" Thank YOU. Absolutely love your podcast and I am up and running to play next ! Keep up the amazing work. :)
You need to add this to your List!
From the moment I heard Bhooked had her own podcast, I have been a devoted listener! Wonderful episodes filled with positivity, encouragement, and inspiration. On days when I feel discouraged, I listen to one of Brittany’s and there is always a gem of advice from her or her amazing guests. Thank you Brittany for all that you do!
Fantastic Podcast
Love this podcast! Brittany does a fantastic job of switching up topics and keeping episodes interesting.
Not a gamer 987654321
Great topics
I am so glad that I discovered this podcast! I’m a busy mom with a full time job. I run a crochet blog on the side where I shared my pattern designs. I have been doing this for a year and have read or listened to many different online influence advice. Most of them did not pertain to the maker world in any way! I love how Brittany breaks it down for us makers or designers! The topics are exactly what I want to hear. I have learned so much from her and it has helped my business grow. Thanks Brittany for your hard work!
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Crochet It Creations
I absolutely love this Podcast
I’ve been listening to this podcast for a few weeks now. I like to take a 30-60 minute walk everyday to help me destress and combining it with Brittney’s crochet podcast is just perfect for me. I love the people she brings on the show and how well her questions are thought out.
Fia 81
Love listening while crocheting!
I’ve been following Brittany for a few years on social media and I listen to audio books. I wanted to make transition to pod casts and Brittany’s pod casts are great! It’s a pleasure to listen while driving and crocheting. I feel like I have a friend sitting next to me.
Full Moon Lotus
Aha moment
Ladies and gents, the podcast is amazing. So many great guests and each week I learn something new. From pricing my items (btw not nearly enough) to finding your own style, I love this podcast!
I love Brittany, thank you for being my motivation!
I love to crochet! I don’t have any friends that crochet, even though I am trying to turn them on to it! Anyways, I find the most motivation when I have a buddy to work on projects with. To chat with about it, pick me up when I’m reaching my burn out point, and to keep me motivated and interested. Anyways, that’s what I think Brittany helps me with! I ABSOLUTELY love her podcasts and enjoy so much when she has the guest speakers. I feel like I’m in the room with them, and it helps me crochet more when I throw in my headphones and tune in. I wish it was possible for more episodes, but I completely get that there’s no way. Lol. And I can’t find another crochet centered podcast. So again, thank you Brittany from the bottom of my heart! As a single mother of a five year old and almost one year old I want to be at home with them more. I am thankful to have this podcast so I can focus on my making and making some extra money doing what I love to do. ❤️😘
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Wonderful podcast!
I just discovered Bhooked and I'm so glad I did! I'm a crochet enthusiast and I feel so inspired by the interviews, resources, and encouragement!
Love this podcast
I really like the way Brittany explains everything. Brittany’s voice is soothing and relaxing. I love to listen while I crochet and although I’ve been crocheting for 38+ years, I feel like I learn something new every time I listen to an episode. Thank you Brittany for an awesome podcast.
Love the Crochet information.
I love this podcast. There is always something to learn every time I listen. Lots of interesting topics.
Niche Crochet Podcast - Awesome, Personable Resource!
I was introduced to the crochet craft through an in-person crochet class series I sought out in my local community about a year and a half ago. Over time, I've learned how to single, half double, and double crochet, among various other stitches (I'm always learning more of the countless ones out there). I've made granny squares, scarves, hats, baby booties, and most recently started my first longer-term project (a toddler blanket). I've done all of this without patterns and/or watching video tutorials and following the steps. I'm currently in the midst of a six-week stay pet-sitting in the UK (I live in CA in the US), and I had found a local yarn store and was inspired. Wanting to listen to a podcast about crochet while crocheting, I searched iTunes and few applicable results came up. I listened to part of one other podcast's episode and it just didn't hold my interest. I came across Brittany's, committed to listening to one full episode, and I was "hooked" (yes, pun intended please)! I've essentially binge-listened from the beginning all the way through her most recently posted episode over the past couple of weeks. Her approach, personality, and style truly resonate with me; not only is she personable and likable, but she really takes the time to break down and explain quite a bit of crochet craft terminology, processes, and techniques while encouraging her audience to be confident, to just try and that failure will only help us learn and grow more! She discusses topics that she thinks will be relevant for her listeners, recognizing we are an audience of all-levels with varying crochet interests (e.g. hobbiest vs. career) that may expand into other areas at some point (e.g. someone who is soley a seller at craft fairs could someday want to become a designer, teach others how to crochet, or write a book, and therefore provides the tools on the show to educate everyone on how to going about doing so). Although I'm still a newbie to this craft, I feel like I am aware of what my potential options are as I continue to learn and grow in my skill set. I took away so much from her multi-episode pattern-reading series and put many of her suggestions into practice, and they worked! Although I am a visual and tactile learner, I see why it is important to be able to read a pattern and am shifting my mindset to think of video tutorials as supplements to written patterns (she convinced me)! I feel like I now know so much more about the industry through the various guests she's brought onto the show, and wanting to garner more inspiration, I've started following many of them on social media and have checked out a couple of their websites, too. What I really like about Brittany is her "collaboration over competition" attitude as a member of the crochet community, and she proves she means it by inviting all of these peers of hers who she admires or considers to be experts in their area of specialization to personally learn from them as well as providing the opportunity for her listeners to join her in doing so. This positive approach can apply to whatever industry you're a part of (I know it applies to mine as a fitness instructor/trainer)! As a small business owner myself in a different industry, I've found a lot of the information she's covered to be applicable to operating whatever independent business one might have (i.e. not just a craft like crochet). Overall, I am grateful for Brittany's podcast as a resource that I don't believe is out there already, one that she saw a need for and created it: I think she's found her niche! I'll certainly continue listening and look forward to what Brittany and her guests will teach me to help me grow in my skill set, experience, and confidence with crochet over time. THANK YOU SO MUCH, BRITTANY -- KEEP DOING WHAT YOU'RE DOING!!! :)
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Sactown Chick
Excellent resource!
Brittany is a joy to listen to! She maintains the perfect balance between sharing technical expertise and relating to her listeners. What a wonderfully engaging podcast to enjoy while crafting!
Awesome crochet podcast
I've been crocheting for a few years now, but have gotten a little more serious about it since graduating from college. I love learning about the crochet community! It has actually made me interested in blogging and maybe selling some of my items in the future. I also love all the interviews!
My favorite podcast!
For a really long time I've been looking for resources on how to be a better crocheter and had so many questions buzzing around in my head. And I had saved so many articles and pdfs and sites that had answers to those questions. But as a mom of 3 it's hard to find time to sit and read through all that material. So when I discovered bhooked this week I was overjoyed! She invited many of the people I admired in the crochet world and some of whom I had saved said articles and websites from! She has done a beautiful job at asking the right questions and truly giving me a complete guide to being a better crocheter and helped ease the frustration of: where do I start with my crochet business? From finding time to crochet to how to be a crochet teacher and how to successfully start my business and so many more topics that I feel are essential to growing and blossoming that I can listen to while I fold the laundry or wash the dishes or even nurse my infant, I even took my waterproof speakers with me as I took a bath; it's that good! So I encourage anyone with love for crochet, Even as a hobby, to listen to this podcast. It's a treasure trove of information. Plus; I am loving the way Brittany talks. It shows in her voice that she truly loves her craft and is giving this podcast a lot of love and thought! Keep up the good work Brittany! I'm glad I discovered your channel 💕
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Love this podcast!
I am thoroughly enjoying this podcast. I love the interviews and getting to know the people behind the crochet blogs and Instagrams that I already follow, as well as finding new inspiration. Keep on recording!
Great podcast
I love this podcast for when I'm crocheting or doing housework. I always learn something new.
So glad I found this podcast!
First - I never write reviews (I read them though...) I've been crocheting for over 20 years off and on and recently decided to commit more time to perfect my craft (and maybe sell a few things to pay for vacation). I found this podcast through Instagram and wow- it's a godsend! The tips and tricks are so good I'm inspired to try more difficult patterns - ones I've been intimidated by in the past. I'm even thinking about taking the teacher training course to help others learn. I'm still a few episodes behind but I look forward to catching up and being inspired! Thank you Brittany! You rock!
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Great podcast for people who crochet
Thanks for taking the time to explain how to read and understand crochet patterns.
Good podcast
This is a very informative podcast. It's also a great podcast to turn on while you crochet. I definitely look forward to new episodes.
Good Podcast
I'm glad I found this podcast. The host offers nicely paced information and instructions. She has a very pleasant voice and does a good job explaining things.
Must listen!
This series was very helpful for me! Brittany is very thorough in her teaching and I can tell she sincerely wants to help you grow and perfect your crocheting. I'm looking forward to future podcasts.
Thank you!
I found your podcast through another crochet blogger I follow on IG and I am loving having a voice to listen to while I crochet. I especially loved your segment on reading graphs as they have been particularly scary to me. As soon as I finish up a few WIPs I'll certainly be going back to that session and trying out one of the graphs. I am also excited to hear some of your new collaborations coming up. Good luck and thanks for giving me the confidence to try new methods.
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Informative and fun
This podcast is very helpful for the beginning crocheter (like me) and would probably serve as a great reminder for everyone. The host is so positive and upbeat and I love that she encourages mistakes and reiterates that nothing is permanent. Reading a pattern can be like trying to interpret a foreign language and she makes it sound "do-able" and not so overwhelming. Definitely subscribed!
Brittany has found a verbal way to excellently explain the ins and outs of crochet! Her soothing voice also helps me to stay on track on my current WIP while I listen. I'm so glad I found Brittany and all of her BHookedCrochet platforms! Thank you so much, Brittany!
Brittany rocks crochet!
Takes me to a higher and more confident level in my passion.. crochet. Keep on keepin on! The learning is deep, the teaching is real!
Great crochet resource
I look forward to this Podcast! The learning how to read a crochet pattern and the different ways the patterns can be written (or drawn) are covered. This isn't just a brief overview, Brittany has gone in depth and helps you reach an understanding of each way a pattern is written. A wealth of knowledge embedded within just the first 4 lessons, I call them lessons bc I will be able to go back and use them. I love that she has provided additional hands on learn tools you can grab from her website. Better than any book, it is like sitting down with a friend and her helping explain everything. She is polished and prepared. Her voice is perfect for podcasting, I could listen for hours. Bravo, bravo! Thank you for putting the time and energy into such a fabulous topic!
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Yea for Crochet
They is definitely a dearth of crochet-specific podcasts out there. Very instructive and easy-to-follow. Can tell this will make me a better crocheter.
BHooked Crochet
Such calmness and patience and clarity. Makes me feel like "I've got this".
How to read a pattern
You can learn from Brittany
I'm so happy that B.hooked crochet now has a new platform. Brittany has a great way of explaining things clearly and making crochet an enjoyable experience. Her podcast is very informative and easy to listen too! Looking forward to her new future episodes! Congrats
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