The Beekeeper's Corner Beekeeping Podcast
The Beekeeper's Corner Beekeeping Podcast
Kevin Inglin
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Great information!
I really enjoy this podcast. As a new beekeeper I learn so much and find answers to questions I didn’t even realize to ask. Thank you for the great podcasts!
Very informative podcast
Food for thought
Well I refreshed my podcast app this morning and up pops Kev, good to hear from you and the bees. Today’s podcast kicks off with therapy, morphs into medicine a side serving of inventiveness, and a lengthy discussion about urine (by the way have you ever noticed how Kevin can carry on a conversation all by himself? I almost feel like I’m contributing...... sorry Tim moment). As for the deer problem there’s only one way to thin them out however it is fun to go in nature. Lastly we tried the regular old bee escapes this year and they worked great. Keep up the good work bro🐝🐝
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No more music! Just bee talk
I’m new to having bees but have been researching for years. A lot of the newbie stuff doesn’t apply to me as my hives are 6 yr established but I enjoy listening regardless. So long as you’re talking bees I love it What I don’t care for is long periods of music Which you have way to much of I drive for a living. I do not want to have to pick my phone up to skip through music to move on or go to the next podcast 1 last grip When you go out into the field and have a field trip session - it is soooooo annoying To many people talking at once or in the back ground Half the time I can’t even tell what’s being said All in all I like listening to you talking about bees
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The man in the Arena
Kevin podcast reminds me of Theodore Roosevelt's quote. His podcast is over ten years running and Kevin takes listeners through highs and lows of his experiences while teaching about all things about beekeeping. It is my favorite podcast.
I’ve been a beekeeper for 30 years and learn something beneficial each episode,
WV Master Beekeeper
Great content
Kevin is a great resource and really fun to listen to. The show is very much for the beekeeper, and his wonderful personality shines through. Thank you Kevin for all the great content. I spend my travel times listening and it scratches the itch of talking about bees when I don’t have many folks around that do.
Always learn at least one thing new each podcast
Kevin has many gifts - I appreciate his way of teaching thru his true-life experiences. Keep up the good work! I'll keep on listening
happy beekeeper
Great podcast
Kevin is a great teacher. You can tell he loves beekeeping and passing on what he knows.
Double Trouble
The new episode was fun - as always great information but extra fun with the lively banter.
Michelle in WI
Worth a listen
Good content and delivery. Host is entertaining and knowledgeable.
I have been listening for a while now but the last two episodes will not download!
Sea Shift
Great podcast
I started listening from your 1st cast and absolutely love every episode. I’m a fairly new beekeeper and consider you my online mentor. Keep up the great work.
1st year beek
Just coming to the next end of 2013 your show. Thanks for taking the time to share your learnings!
Missing you these days!!
Was just saying on my episode today how much I’m missing hearing from KEVIN! No doubt you are busy as heck but there are many of us who hopefully check the podcast app before starting the car for work in hopes you have posted a new episode! Hope this finds you well. And I love your podcast! Leigh— from Beekeeping at Five Apple Farm Podcast
Great source for hands-on beekeeping info
This podcast is fantastic! Kevin starts in 2009 with his first hive and you can follow him through his trials, errors, successes and observations as he works his way to becoming a master Beek. Wonderful source of information about hive management and current events in beekeeping news and research! A great program!
northern nectar apiary
Listened to all
I listened to all of the podcasts from the beginning. It was interesting to hear how everything evolved for him. I chose this podcast because he started so long ago and is still going today, so I knew there would be some good wisdom in there. And Bob is awesome! I love the reviews of books and articles he gives. I also listened to them at 1.5 speed. It just seemed to work better for me. (I was so interested in this podcast that I let two months worth of audible credits build up! That’s okay though because I’m using one for a book that was recommended.)
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One of my favorites
I recently started listening to BK Corner podcasts. I like to listen to each year in the month we are in, so I've listened to all of the January podcasts, then all the Feb, etc. Lots of good info. Thanks Jeff T.
Jeff in Elon
Non-judgmental information
I am a baby beekeeper with a thirst for bee knowledge, but also a lot of other responsibilities. This podcast allows me to absorb information while still taking care of everything else. Kevin is easy to listen to, with a comfortable voice, and the show is not over-produced. Thanks for doing this, Kevin!
Great Podcast
This is my go to podcast period. Topics very but always about Beekeeping....Don’t miss the coffee.
Loaded With Great Information!
Kevin is a wonderful host and easy to listen to. His insights and experience are very helpful to a new beekeeper like me.
Too much statist political BS. Too much rambling. Stick to the bees.
Too much statist political BS. Too much rambling. Stick to the bees.
Entertaining, educational, addictive
Thus far I have listened to the show consecutively from episode 1 to 103. The show is educational and I feel as though it’s host is a mentor in a way. As a new beekeeper I dove into reading and listening last year before obtains my colonies this year. I have learned so much from this podcast that I have dove head first into 3 hives with confidence. My first two were swarm captures and my third was a cut out from my work place. I did not have any hesitations to tackle these tasks due to the knowledge obtained mainly from this pod cast. Well worth the invested time to start at episode one and work through them all.
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Kevin is awesome.
Really enjoy the podcast and Kevin's work and dedication. Keeps me company on my commutes to my bee yards.
15 Beekeeping
Have listened to Kevin and his informative podcast. Enjoy the views and development he has made and shared since the podcast inception. Good to see he continues to have stamina a commitment to sharing current topics. Enjoy his “Kevin moment........”.
Beekeeper N
Love it
I have been in marketing for almost 20 years and have always loved the idea of beekeeping. Well, I am happy to say I am on year three of tending Bees and started a Honey company last year! Loving every minute of it. This show is well organized and researched. My practices may differ a little from his, but I learn something new every time I listen. Isn’t that the point?
Hubs and a
Great Podcast
If you’re a beekeeper this is a must listen show. Kevin is very knowledgeable and offers great insight from all areas of beekeeping.
The BeeBro
Great podcast especially the kevin moments
I am enjoying the podcast but do wish the titles and descriptions were clearer. Being able to search a specific topic isn't easy here. Informative and interesting otherwise.
Thoughtful and Well Produced
This podcast is pure gold for beekeepers. I'm working my way through the back catalog to learn all I can. Kevin's throughtful insights into all things beekeeping is remarkable. He takes the time to put out a well produced and well researched podcast about beekeeping. Kevin...keep up the good work! Your efforts are appreciated.
Best beekeeping podcast
I finished binge-listening to all available episodes of this podcast just in time for getting my first honeybees last Friday. Kevin's podcast helped me gain knowledge, prepare my hives, and handle my new bees in a calm manner. I chose Warre hives, and unfortunately, my local beekeeping club is only open-minded about Langstroth hives - not very helpful. Kevin has an open-minded approach to beekeeping techniques and offers information on new bee research. A lot of really good info, plus Kevin is so much fun to listen to. I especially love those "Kevin Moments."
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Nora in Oregon
This podcast is great. I have about a 35 minute commute so when it comes out, I listen to it on the way to and from work.
Pretty biased views
He only talks about big ag bull****. If you are looking for a measured perspective to listen to, this is not it.
Kevin provides an excellent resource for new and experienced beekeepers alike. The local hive report is particularly valuable for those living in NE US. It's also great to keep up with recent research, advancements and best practices. Thanks Kevin!
Great podcast!
The content is great. I live in Pennsylvania so the hive reports are very relevant to me.
We enjoy listening to this podcast on the way to the beekeepers meeting
I am a thirteen year old beekeeper. I keep bees with my dad. We listen to this podcast while driving to our monthly beekeepers meeting. This is a great podcast. Kevin gets great content and the podcast is the perfect length to drive to and from the meeting. Eric(13) and Seth Stoltzfus of Briar Valley Apiaries of Bedford, PA
Shep iphone
Kevin, Great podcast and they get better with each new episode. I appreciate all the work that goes into putting together a quality content. I look forward to maybe meeting you at this year's EAS, as well as, listening in on future podcasts. Keep up the great work. Thanks Ronnie
Love This Podcast!
Kevin's podcast is fantastic! As an engineer I can greatly appreciate the scientific studies he references to elaborate on bee behavior, etc. Keep up the great work, Kevin!
Edication for all beekeepers
This is a very easy listening podcast. Kevin does a great job explaining stuff in detail about beekeeping or a project they are working on. If unable to understand they usually make a video to share. There has not been an episode that I have been unhappy with. Very family friendly podcast.
Insightful well presented Beekeeping information
Kevin does a great job of bringing current information and ideas from his latest experiences in hobby beekeeping. Keep the Kevin moments coming.
Great podcast!
This is the most informative be keeping podcast out there. Kevin does a great job of keeping up on new technology and other innovations, as well. Any beekeeper or anyone thinking about keeping bees, should subscribe to this podcast.
Mark 111z
Listening for over a year and a half
Kevin does a great job trying to give objective, fact based information as best he can research. He is not quick to jump to conclusions. He is an experienced beekeeper but doesn't claim to be an expert. There's plenty of 'regular guy' in Kevin. He is willing to share his successes and failures alike so that all of his listeners can learn from his experiences. I'm always amazed at how many different topics Kevin can find related to bee keeping.
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Jeff DF
Great Podcast
This is one of the best. Kevin shares contrasting views on many subjects as well as his own views. I have never had the feeling he pushed his ideas. Keep up the good work Kevin
L k Bruns
Good stuff
So informative. This guy does his research. Love to listen to him.
Eagerly awaiting the podcast !
I'm a beekeeper in Massachusetts and eagerly await Kevin's podcast every 2 weeks or so. His podcast goes over the local hive report for New Jersey (Close enough for me) and touches on bee keeping issues that relate to beekeepers everywhere. I disagree completely with the last review by Mickey7. I haven't heard anything stated by Kevin which would lead me to believe he's a mouthpiece for big AG. Too each is own I guess. Well worth the time to listen. Great job Kevin. Stephen in Massachusetts .
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I just got tired of the misinformation and bias.
After being a subscriber for a long time, I finally deleted and unsubscribe to this podcast. The delivery has always been similar to NPR, as in very good to put you asleep. I've listened all this time for the shear reason that I believe in getting multiple perspectives on anything I do. However, I just got tired of the constant propaganda. This guy might as well be a mouthpiece for big Agg. and the chemical companies. If you believe in the natural way don't bother with this guy.
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Mikey 7
Fantastic Resource
I am a brand new keeper - or I will be once my girls arrive. I listen to Kevin every morning on my way to work and every afternoon on my way home. I cannot fathom a better way to dump information into my brain. Though I am only through 23 episodes, I cannot wait for the rest. I do miss the music, however as it was a way for my brain to absorb between topics. Well done!!! Thanks Kevin.
Love this podcast 💛🐝💛
I look forward to each & every episode. It's a great mix of conversations about bees, science & papers boiled down into everyday terms, updates on his own hives and the club's hives (I'm hooked, I look forward to hearing how they're doing), interviews with other beekeepers and bee-related news. The audio quality is very good, and the host warns you up front on the rare occasion that it won't be. He has an easy going, smart, humorous manner that makes this a great podcast to listen to. (FWIW I am a fan of the "Kevin moments"! I formally request you don't remove them.) Even if you are not a beekeeper yet but are considering it, you should be listening.
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hubBA bubBA grrrl
Great beekeeping show
Kevin covers a lot of topics and brings an interesting point of view to beekeeping.
Blazer dog
Best Bee Podcast
Kevin does a great job making his podcast with a professional quality. He sticks to a format that allows him to cover a great deal of items relevant to current beekeeping practices. You'd think there'd be about 1000 beekeeping podcasts, but I've only found The Beekeeper's Corner and the Kiwimana Buzz that have regular, recent episodes. These two podcasts are must-listens for beeks, but I must say I look forward to Kevind's shows a little bit more.
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