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The Beauty Project
Addison Robert
A licensed esthetician chatting away about all things beauty and her experience as an Esti Find me on instagram @thebeautyprojectpodcast Intro music-
Acnes A B*TCH And So Is 2020
Todays episode we dip our toes into acne something I know we all love so much! Nothing makes me happier than a fresh zit on my face in the morning... NOT. Listen to this episode to the end for some tips and tricks on how to treat acne and leave a review if you like it! Source: 
Sep 2
11 min
Angry Rant: MLMs + Pyramid Schemes
Todays episode is full of anger and facts! Oh and please dont't sue me for this. If you like this podcast, leave me a review on ITunes! sources @MLMDEBUNKED instagram
Aug 19
10 min
Ingredient Corner: Ceramides!
Todays episode we go in depth on a very special ingredient: ceramides! Listen now to learn more and feel free to leave a review!
Aug 12
9 min
Why Proactiv Sucks + Skin Care Myths Busted
Todays episode we talk about oil cleansing, Proactiv,  and a few skin care myths.  Sources:
Aug 5
13 min
Ingredient Corner: Niacinamide + Fenty Skin Drama
Today we talk about the oh so popular ingredient niacinamide and why people are mad that Fenty Skin is using fragrance in their products. Please feel free to leave a review and message me on instagram @thebeautyprojectpodcast if you have any concerns or ideas. Sources:
Jul 29
11 min
Product Layering + CBD Benefits
Today we talk about how to layer products, what active ingredients go together, and the benefits of CBD! Sources 
Jul 22
14 min
Hormones + Diet MiniPod
Today Addie talks about things she literally knows nothing about! No worries though she cites her sources below. How do your hormones and diet affect your skin? Listen to maybe find out or to make fun of me. Sources
Jul 19
8 min
Laughs and Ass?
Today we switch things up. Let's scroll through the instagram explore page and judge/learn together! Super chillax episode for your lovely wednesday Feel free to leave a review it means the world to me! Accounts mentioned @maximumskin  @lucymountain @acneawayplease
Jul 15
16 min
Maskne + Skin Care Gadgets... What Could Go Wrong?
Todays episode we talk about how this pandemic is f'ing our skin up and how to fix it. We also discuss skin care toys like dermarollers, pore vacuums and more! This was definietly a fun one!  Let me know what you think by leaving me a review or reaching out on instagram @thebeautyprojectpodcast!  Sources: Savanna Boda @thedallasaesthetican and just my good ole knowledge 
Jul 12
19 min
Is Threading Superior to Waxing?
Today we talk about why threading hold a key to my heart and why waxing does not. We also touch on the Naturium drama and how it f*cked up my skin. I hope you enjoyed and please feel free to leave a review! Instagram: Thebeautyprojectpodcast
Jul 8
14 min
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