The Beauty Biz™ Show
The Beauty Biz™ Show
Lori Crete
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Very valuable and insightful information!
I love this podcast because it is extremely authentic and offers positive insight and stories. I highly reccomend this to anyone who wants to learn more about the beauty industry. Lori offers a positive and light environment with interesting guests who inspire others!
God Bless!
Much Lashin’ & Waxin’ Love to ya! ❤️ Best to you, Samantha Hardin @BeautyJamBySam
Great industry insight!
I love the Beauty Biz Show!!! I’m currently in esthetician school so I’m always looking for podcasts to learn more about the industry. I find myself coming back to this podcast often and really love the guests that Lori brings on. I highly recommend this to anyone in the beauty industry, anyone looking to join the beauty industry, or anyone interested in beauty industry trends.
Amazing Podcast
I’m new to the industry and this podcast has a ton of valuable information. I’m happy that I found it.
Yes! So inspiring!
This is THE best podcast for beauty professionals! The guests on this show are PHENOMENAL and true heavy hitters in business. And of course, Lori Crete is a trailblazer for the esthetics industry so it is just so great to hear her insight on things from her years and years of experience. Thanks, Lori!
Kendra Villarreal
Thank you
Lori Crete has brought brighter days to the esti Thank you so much!
So inspiring!
I absolutely love Lori Crete’s Podcast! I look forward to listening while I learn and relate to other Esthetician’s in the industry! It is inspiring, uplifting and all things beauty ✨ I love how her guests are a wide range of unique & talented people, ranging from celebrities to everyday Estheticians like me. Lori keeps it real and I am so grateful I have discovered her amazing work!!
Such an Inspiration
Lori, you are truly amazing; such a breath of fresh air and a true wealth of information!!! The amount of knowledge I have gained from listening to your podcasts have enlightened and inspired me beyond words. The diversity of your interviews always keeps your listeners guessing and waiting for more... Thank you for being a beacon of light in the beauty business and wanting to continually lift up others in the industry.
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Love Lori’s podcast
I love this informative and fun podcast. Lori is so knowledgeable and really cares about the beauty industry and her fellow esthetician’s. I’ve been listening to her podcast during quarantine and it’s seriously keeping me sane and inspired once we are allowed to go back to work. As an aesthetician and small business owner I feel this podcast really speaks to me and I’ve learned so much form the variety of guests Lori has on her show. Thank you Lori for creating such a great podcast that not only helps but supports those of us in beauty industry.
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My ‘go to’ podcast for inspiration!
I used to look through spa magazines for inspiration and motivation, but now I just tune into Lori’s podcast. All the interviews are so interesting and informative, and have helped me to be a better spa owner and esthetician. My fav podcast by far!!
Sweet Life Skincare
A godsend for beauty biz practitioners!
Lori’s passion for this business is apparent in everything she does. Each episode is thoughtful and enlightening. As an esthetician, this podcast and my membership in The Beauty Biz Club have been valuable resources to create and sustain momentum in my dream profession. Thank you, Lori Crete!!!
The reassurance and boost you need to hear hear!
Today was my first time listening to Lori’s podcast and I’ve already learned so much. Appreciate all the tips on adjusting to working with clients during these uncertain times.
Inspiration and advice I really need
Lori’s podcasts are right on the money! The information is super helpful for my beauty biz. Most importantly I respect the integrity and genuine concern for her fellow estheticians and our clients that drives Lori’s content and approach. She’s honest, realistic AND encouraging. To say that the Beauty Biz Show lifts up our industry is an understatement. Thank you, I’ve learned so much from this podcast!
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Grateful for The Beauty Biz Show
This Podcast is so helpful to my thought processes in business. I really enjoy listening to all the interviews. Lori Crete does an excellent job delivering her dynamic content. I gain so much by listneing to her, I feel filled with a positive vibe that gets me focused, clear and compelled to hit my 'To do" list. I felt joining 'The Beauty Biz Club' would help level up my business game - and it truly did just that. I highly recommend!
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I’m so thankful for this podcast!
I listen in while I’m using LED on myself or exercising... I always get nuggets of super useful information that I can easily implement into my own business. Thank you so much for sharing your insight and knowledge!
Mahalo Lori for sharing the wealth of knowledge that you have! It's always fun hearing your podcast, I always know I'm going to come out having learned something new.
My go-to
Lori Crete is a leader in this industry for so many reasons, this podcast is only one of them. I have been a huge fan for years and this is my go-to podcast for anything skin business related. She was the first to take this profession seriously and to show esthetician’s what they could do with this career. I love this podcast and have listened to many of them more than once! Thank you Lori!
Industry Leader, Generous Mentor & Awesome Human Being!
Lori has created so many ways to give back to this community! She has a wonderful online beauty biz group that has more in-depth coaching and tools but you can vastly improve yourself and your business with the generous free content she shares here in the Beauty Biz Podcast, IG, Facebook page or private Facebook group! Thank you for all your help over the years Lori you are truly a gift!!! 💛Samantha
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My hero in Beauty Biz, Lori Crete!
I have listened to her for years...I have learned so much from her Podcast such as products, treats, equipments and people. I am also a proud member in her Beauty Biz Club. During this uncertain times, she still shows up everyday for us. She has so much passion and gratitude for beauty industry and it is so contagious. I am so grateful for her continuing leadership, mentor, and coach. Most of all, I am giving thank to God for she-being her: authentic, integrity, and true to her words. Thank you for all Lori!
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A gem!
Lori Crete is an inspiring, incredible beauty entraupeneur and expert in her industry. I could listen to her all day long! She’s so knowledgeable and authentic in how she connects with others and is top notch in my book!
Julie A Hall
Love the beauty biz show
I love that Lori gives so many different interviews across the industry. I always feel inspired by her guests. She has such a great way of connecting with them. Her questions are fantastic and whether she’s doing an interview or a solo-cast, I walk away with new knowledge. During this time of uncertainty surrounding our industry, I’ve been so thankful to be able to go back and listen to some of my favorites too keep me excited and focused on my beloved career. Thank you Lori!
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Lori is the most endearing and genuine little brainiac you will ever listen to. She is bright, has great delivery of her strategies and marketing tips and you will love her giggle! She is real and relatable. You want to listen to her, TODAY! 😊
Brenda Tarter
Love Lori Crete and everything she does for the industry. Super motivated after listening to each show has truly shaped me into a better esthetician.
Must listen for the beauty industry
Lori has great information on her podcasts! She has a creative and experienced view on marketing, growing, and running your beauty business that has helped me to be innovative and intentional with my business. I’m in a better mood after I listen and feel so inspired!
A must for Beauty Pros!
I am so grateful to have discovered Lori Crete and her podcast. She is so knowledgeable and inspiring, a must listen to podcast for anyone in the "beauty biz"!
Lori is AMAZING!
I am in Lori’s Beauty Biz Club and she is AMAZING! I have learned so much over the last 2 years from following her, listening to her podcasts and now that I’m in her BBC I am soaking up so much more. I have no doubt that my new business will be highly successful thanks to Lori, her staff and the BBC! Thanks Lori!!
These podcasts are incredible! I love soaking up all the guidance and experience of successful entrepreneurs. Can’t wait for the next podcast 👌
Great for anyone in beauty biz
I love this podcast so much! Lori is very knowledgeable on all aspects of the beauty industry. She gives so many great tips that I’ve incorporated into my business. Lori is so genuine with all that she does and I feel that I can trust her with anything she says.
My favorite business podcast
I have listened to Lori’s podcast for years. Lori has taught me a wide variety of topics over the years but what sticks out the most is how much she has helped me to treat my business like a real professional. She has the best guests that really have really been influential in my business. She really cares about helping esthetician’s grow!! I’ve joined The Beauty Biz Club and haven’t looked back!
Always motivating!
No matter what the topic of discussion, I am always motivated and reminded of why I love this industry after listening to Lori’s interviews.
The best for the biz
Lori has been an amazing mentor to me for years! I love this podcast with tons of amazing insights and wisdom from herself and the guests on the show! Inspiring!
Endless fountain of Motivation!
Lori and The Beauty Biz Show plus her beauty biz mentorship club keep me motivated in this now extremly competitive field. Thank you Lori for sharing your wisdom and always keeping it interesting and fun!
Industry Favorite
Lori Crete is uniting the beauty industry! Her inspirational guests, interesting topics and business knowledge make her my “Go to girl!!!”
This podcast is so incredibly inspiring and so helpful with my new business! Thank you Lori!
katerina w.
Love the Show
Good information always pushing you to grow and become a little better at what you love. She also deals with the uncomfortable aspects and gives you great solutions.
Beauty Biz Pod Cast is my GO TO Listen!
Lori Crete and her podcast spoke to me when I needed it most and a year later it still speaks to me! She alone is an amazing resource and her guests are wonderful and insightful!❤️❤️❤️
AFL Skincare
Lori was God sent - Beauty Biz game changer
Soooo grateful that an instructor at a skin care class told me about Lori and her podcast!! I was running Groupon’s to get clients in... (BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER!!) I’ve learned a lot from Lori and my business has changed for the better. I absolutely loooove my business and the amazing clients I have the opportunity to work with!! Lori was God sent in my opinion. Had it not been for all of the amazing tips, advice, and guidance I’ve received from Lori I don’t think my business would still be open! Or I would still be running Groupon’s to try and get deal hopping clients in the door. Back when I relied on Groupon’s I would work my but off doing pedicures(I hate doing pedicures!) for people who didn’t care about the value I was going over and beyond to provide to them. Because of Lori, I was able to let go of the services I don’t enjoy performing and only offer what I love to do! It was soooooo scary at first however, the BEST decision I’ve made for my self and my business. I absolutely loooove being part of the beauty biz club community and I’m extremely grateful to be working with Lori. Anytime I meet a fellow beauty biz professional... first thing I do is tell them about Loris podcast follow by the changes I’ve seen from being part of the beauty biz community. Lori willingly give away all types of useful tips, advice trick and much more through her podcast show! If you’re reading my comment and wondering if you should start.... imagine where your business will be a year this moment today... use the five second use and take action! ( count backs from 5 to 1 then Move you body/take an action)
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Motivating and enlightening!
After 27 years as a massage therapist, I switched over to the esty side! I needed info and tips and I needed to catch up fast...Lori’s podcast has been a great tool in my toolbox!! She tells it like it is, interviews industry icons, and nudges with motivating concepts and actions. Thank you Lori for your wonderful gifts!!
Glowing Skin by Abby
Success Strategies & a Lot of Heart
I just love learning from Lori! She is always authentic, generous, & full of strategies & business success tips. In her podcast you’ll find inspiration & specific strategies to help you succeed in the beauty world. I just can’t get enough..I love it!
A Gem In Our Industry
Lori is amazing. I have been following her for years and have recently joined the beauty biz club. She is filled with so much wisdom and positivity. She will help you transform your business.
David Thul
Best Podcast Ever!!!
If you are in the beauty industry and want to be successful, this podcast is a must! Lori is my business mentor and has helped my business grow in numerous ways. No joke this podcast changed my life and inspired me to join Lori’s Beauty Biz Club which is hands down the best decision I’ve ever made. No matter where you are at, if you are ready to take your success to the next level subscribe to this podcast!
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Well this changed my business life!
This particular podcast really helped me with my day spa business. The nuggets that you pick are invaluable and can’t recommend it high enough. Definitely tune in, you won’t regret it!
A Rafferty
Always excited to listen
I absolutely love listening to the beauty biz show. I know I will always be taking new tips to help me show up in my business like a boss! I love the different types of guests to help me better serve my clients. Always excited when a new episode is available!
Jessica Saren
Amazing practical business inspiration!
Loved the interview with Lori Bush of Solvasa. I am so inspired by her story. Excited to listen to past & future episodes and I subscribed! Thank you for all you do you empower business owners to live the life of their dreams.
Awesome Podcast!!!!
Lori, host of The Beauty Biz Show, highlights all aspects of beauty, success and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Clarisse Gomez
An Esthetician Must-Listen Show
Love love LOVE Lori Crete’s wisdom and practical advice for creating an amazing business as a solo-esthetician. I also highly recommend joining her online mastermind the Beauty Biz Club. Best investment you can make in yourself!
Love it!
As a soon to be graduating Esthetician, listening to the Beauty Biz Podcast , truly gets me excited for my future and all the possibilities that it holds. Lori’s positive mindset and views deeply resonate with me and I’m grateful to have found her!
American Witch
Completely addicted and I never miss an episode! As soon as I hear The Beauty Biz theme song, makes me sit up straighter, chin higher, ears wide open and pen in hand. It’s so uplifting and prepares me to focus. Lori is an inspiration to all in the beauty biz world! Love the community she has created for us. All the knowledge she passes on through her podcast and club is beyond educational and motivating. She fills your cup full with confidence in yourself. Thank you, Lori for all your time, hard work and passion! I hope to meet her someday!
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Michelle Envy
Absolute must for beauty professionals!
If you already (or aspire to) own your own beauty business then you need to make The Beauty Biz Show a part of your world. Lori has an incredible energy and wealth of insight into what it takes to become a client-magnet (aka how to attract your BCEs - best clients ever) as a practitioner, and what it takes to translate your passion for esthetics into a thriving business that supports your ideal lifestyle. I highly recommend Lori and Beauty Biz!
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Loved this!
Thank you Lori and Shannon for sharing this. Loved listening to this.
Jeane T.
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