The B&N Podcast
The B&N Podcast
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I love Barnes & Noble and love that they are helping readers connect with authors for a more exciting experience!
Interesting and informative
I love listening to these author interviews. They’re always interesting and informative, adding an extra layer to my reading experience.
Wonderful podcast
Throughly enjoy listening to the B&N podcasts. The author interviews are enlightening. The interviewer asks insightful and interesting questions. Highly recommend.
Horrible audio quality
Good program but the audio is terrible. I am trying to listen to the final episode of Dark Tower series. Apparently one guy is hoarding the mike and other two are talking from inside the broom closet. Woman is talking from inside the closet of the closet. Annoying!!
In Love
Big fan have been for years glad BN decided to do this Podcast 💙
Podcast is King
Love the King casts.
Jennifer Weiner
Loved this discussion, brought back memories of my grandpa who would bring home Metrical cookies from work.
I love it, I have discovered so many new books that I would of passed if not for this podcast. I greatly appreciate it a lot.
These podcasts are terrific. They stand out for the preparation that went into them. By that I mean that the interviewers are on top of the material and ask questions which produce the most fertile answers and explanations. I am slowly making my way through them all.
More Variety
I have enjoyed for the most part the segments featured. I wish there was more author variety. I have to double check to make I’m not listening to a podcast a second time by mistake because the majority of the female authors voices and manner of speaking is the same. I do have to say I was a little annoyed by some of things Stephanie Land said during her interview. Stephanie it is hard for people who are poor but not poor enough to get on government programs but have to help pay to fund these programs watch someone with a foodshare card buy a steak when they can’t afford to buy one themselves. She needs to look at it from both sides. So I’m saying the same thing to her as she said in her interview - How dare you. You need to look at it from both sides not just your side.
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Can't believe I only just discovered this
I''ve been a B & N customer and supporter for years, but only today discovered this from reading about Benjamin Dreyer's new book. I'm just beginning to listen to podcasts on a regular basis but just looking at the list here I can see I have a lot of catching up to do.
I’ve been a Barnes and Noble member for decades, and have even worked of them, but did not know that the podcast even existed. But I do now, and boy, it it rewarding. I am an avid podcast listener since buying my first iPhone about three or four years ago, and I rarely miss even one. And now the BN Podcast is one of my regulars. Thanks to the management at B&N for creating the podcast, but I do wish they had done more to push it.
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Love this PODCAST
I love listening to the authors, writers, share their story. The books talked about give more meaning and more life, causing me to obsessively read every single book talked about. OR I get chills when discussing a book I read and loved. OR a book I didn’t quite love but feel I should read again. This is the best book podcast. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
Great selection of authors
Great selection of authors speaking about their latest releases. Interviewers ask great questions that take you into the author’s background and motivation.
I recently discovered this podcast and I'm impressed. This podcast is so underrated. Loved the episodes with Gyasi and Ng! And Roxane Gay's episode was phenomenal!
A podcast for readers
This is a great podcast for booklovers of all stripes—serious, thought interviews with interesting authors. Don't let the fact that they are a retailer fool you, the B&N folks live and breathe books, and this is far more than just an vehicle to advertise the latest bestseller.
Amazing guests!
There isn't one guest that I'm not excited to listen to an interview from! And the interviewers really know their stuff. I wanted them to keep going and going! So good.
Why is no listening to this?!
This is exactly what I wish the other podcasts on books and literature could/would