The Art of Storytelling with Brother Wolf
The Art of Storytelling with Brother Wolf
Eric James Wolf
A national conversation from all perspectives on the profession of storytelling with children. Serving all members of the storytelling with children portion of the storytelling movement. Including presenters, listeners, festival organizers, administrators, educators, parents, and storytellers.
Interview #122 Odds Bodkin – Storytelling in the Bardic Tradition.
The New York Times dubbed him "a consummate storyteller" while TIMEOUT New York writes, "Master Storyteller Odds Bodkin is the talk of the town with his remarkable one-man Art of the Tale."
Oct 27, 2011
58 min
Interview #120 Diane Wolkstein – Connecting with Audiences, Other Cultures and Ourselves
iane Wolkstein is also the award–winning author of 23 books, including The Magic Orange Tree and Other Haitian Folktales and Inanna, Queen of Heaven, and numerous CDs and DVDs.
May 17, 2011
53 min
Interview #118 Diane Edgecomb – Place Based Nature Storytelling.
In this interview with Eric, I speak about how the various elements of nature mythology can be an enlivening force both for those who hear you tell and for your own journey into this ancient form of meaning.
Apr 1, 2011
1 hr 1 min
Interview #117 Tim Errenta - Bringing Storytelling to the Fringe.
Tim Errenta has performed in Fringe Festivals around the United States using his storytelling who Top Ten Hits from 1349.
Feb 28, 2011
59 min
Interview #116 Antonio Rocha Using the Language of the Body in Storytelling.
How does the body without the use of te voice commuicate to an audience?
Feb 1, 2011
1 hr 8 min
Interview #114 Angela Llyod - The Gentle Power of Patience.
Angela Llyod is a California based storyteller who has told at the National Storytelling Festival and at Festivals all over the ountry.
Dec 21, 2010
1 hr 2 min
Interview #113 Octavia Sexton - The Jack Story a Traditional Tale for Everyone.
Octavia Sexton is a raditional storyteller from Kentucky who grewup hearing and telling Jack Stories for as long as she can remember.
Dec 2, 2010
1 hr 4 min
Interview #111 Kathy Collins – Comedian as Storyteller - Storytelling as Comedy.
A discussion on Kathy Collins work as a Comedienne and Storyteller using her persona of Tita to tell stories about the Volcano Goddess of Hawaii.
Oct 29, 2010
54 min
Interview #110 Rafe Martin - Zen and the Art of Spiritual Storytelling
Rafe Martin is both a storyteller and a Zen practitioner - a writer of stories and a teacher of the zen tradition.
Oct 20, 2010
1 hr 8 min
Interview #108 Ruth Stotter – Working with Props in Storytelling Performances.
Ruth Stotter has spent years developing hte art of using props and strong in her storytelling performances.
Aug 25, 2010
57 min
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