The Art of Online Business
The Art of Online Business
Rick Mulready
Imagine sitting down for coffee 2x per week and getting free coaching on the best actionable plans, practical tips and easy to implement secrets for increasing your Profit and Impact in your online business, with LESS Hustle. That's exactly what you can expect from The Art of Online Business podcast.For established online course creators and/or coaches who want to positively impact the people you serve, The Art of Online Business is the place where you'll learn how to intentionally develop a CEO mindset, optimize your sales & marketing, and create the systems and processes that your business needs to scale beyond your individual capacity (while keeping your sanity).Host Rick Mulready is an Online Business Coach and Ads Expert, but most importantly he's a dad and a husband. Along with everything else in his business, this podcast is meant to represent the inclusivity and diversity of online businesses. In this podcast, you get a mix of solo episodes where Rick candidly takes you behind-the-scenes of creating a 7-figure business, interviews with a diverse group of expert online entrepreneurs sharing their actionable advice, coaching student Case Studies and more.If you're looking for tips on things like creating an impactful values-based business, removing overwhelm, building a team, outsourcing, Facebook and Instagram ads, social media, productivity, scaling online courses or memberships, evergreen funnels, podcasting, building a YouTube channel and more, hit "Subscribe" now and let's do this!
What’s NOT Working Right Now
<p>Let’s talk about a big misconception that a lot of people have about success.</p><p>This might ruffle a few feathers. It might even ruffle a lot of feathers, but the big misconception goes something like this: if you’re not working your face off, if you're not working 80 hours a week, you’re not going to be successful.</p><p>In other words, if you’re not hustling—if you’re not working non-stop—you aren’t going to be successful.</p><p>Don't get me wrong, some hustle is good. But not when it comes at the expense of your relationships and your health.</p><p>Hustle is not a badge of honor. It can lead to physical and mental breakdowns. It can damage your relationships with the people you love the most.</p><p>And hustle is no guarantee that you’ll be successful. I know plenty of very successful people that work way less than you would think they do.</p><p>So, today I’m going to give you some practical steps you can take to hustle less, reduce stress, and be successful in your business.</p><p>In this episode, you’ll learn:</p>How to increase your profit by hustling lessThe key component to working less than 25 hours per weekWhy setting a 12-month revenue goal is importantAn eye-opening exercise to help you maximize your efficiencyWhy you need to assign a value to everything you do in your businessTasks you should stop doing and delegate right nowWhat you should not be delegatingDeveloping systems and procedures to help you reach your goalsThe first thing you should put in your monthly planner/calendar<p>Links & Resources Mentioned in this Episode:</p>TogglPerry Marshall: 80/20 Sales and Marketing: The Definitive Guide to Working Less and Making MoreCanvaJames SchramkoDM me on InstagramVisit my YouTube channelThe Art of Online Business Podcast websiteCheck out my Accelerator coaching program<p>Full show notes are available here</p>
Dec 3
29 min
Your Membership Questions Answered (Membership Series)
<p>Today, we’re continuing our membership series here on the podcast. We’re going to have a Q & A to answer many of the top questions asked about memberships.</p><p>These questions come up on a pretty consistent basis in my Accelerator coaching program. About half of the members there have a membership program for their business. They either come into the Accelerator program with a successful membership already in place, or they’re adding one to their business.</p><p>I’m going to be covering a lot of points here in today’s episode. If you’re thinking about adding a membership to your business, or you already have one, this show is going to be super helpful for you.</p><p>In this episode, you’ll learn:</p>Should you use lanches for your business?How to get more membership customersWhen and how often to email your membersHow to measure your launches successHow to keep members once they’ve signed upShould you use grandfather pricing in your membership?The best platform for running your membershipWhat metrics to use to track your membership<p>Links & Resources</p>The Art of Online Business Podcast #539Jason Brown: The Brown ReportSpeakPipeAli Manning’s Handmade Book Art of Online Business Podcast: Jeff Harry episodesupport@rickmulready.comDM me on InstagramVisit my YouTube channelThe Art of Online Business websiteThe Art of Online Business Podcast websiteCheck out my Accelerator coaching program<p>Full show notes are available here</p>
Dec 1
58 min
(Best of!) Let’s Get Personal: a Q&A With My Wife Amy
What's up, my friends, thank you so much for tuning in today.Happy Thanksgiving to all of you in the US, and for everybody else who'll be having an amazing week, thank you for listening.Today, I wanted to share with you a “Best of,” episode. This is a replay of an episode, aired last summer, to celebrate episode number 400 here on the show.Now, you may have noticed, we just had our 550th episode here on the show. It’s just bonkers. That’s close to seven and a half million downloads, which I'm truly grateful for.I want to share this episode with you again, because I get asked about this show all the time.For episode number 400, I invited my wife on the podcast. This was the first time she'd ever been on the show. I had her ask me questions about the behind-the-scenes life, and having a young family and running a successful business.Many of you submitted questions that you wanted me to answer. So, I had Amy ask me those questions. I didn't know what the questions were ahead of time. So, we dive into a lot of topics here today that I've never discussed prior to that episode.So, without further ado, let's dive into this best-of episode with my wife, Amy.In this episode, you’ll learn:The story of how I met my wife and what our first impressions of each other wereSome of our favorite memories and places to travel togetherHow we try to create work-life balanceWhat a typical day/week looks like for meThe hardest thing about switching from a corporate job into entrepreneurshipHow long it took for me to feel like I’d “made it”How struggles with anxiety and depression have affected both of usThe one thing I would change in my business journey if I could go back in timeThe single most impactful mindset shift that I made in the way I relate to success in businessWhat it’s like to be a new dad and run a business Links & ResourcesEpisode 400Follow Rick on InstagramEquinox WestwoodAolPeet's CoffeeJames Coffee Co.NespressoThe be.come projectThe ClassLearn more about my Accelerator coaching programJoin and apply to my Accelerator coaching program – ApplicationVisit my websiteAmy’s LinksStrong Inside/OutStrong Inside/Out coachingStrong Inside/Out is on InstagramFollow Amy on InstagramFollow Amy on FacebookFull show notes are available here
Nov 26
53 min
How to Use Play & Fun to Create a Thriving Membership, with Jeff Harry
Do you want to have more fun at work and be more productive?In this episode, I talk to Jeff Harry about incorporating play and fun into your business. Specifically, we’re going to be talking about incorporating that into a membership program in your business.Jeff works with companies and individuals to help make their work more fulfilling and discover their joyful purpose, all while removing what is getting in the way of their success.Through positive psychology play, he creates a safe space for teams and individuals to have difficult conversations and address uncomfortable challenges, and do it in a play-oriented way.Whether you have a membership right now, or you’re thinking about adding a membership to your business, we’re going to be talking about how to play more and have more fun, and how you deliver that in your membership so you can increase your retention.In this episode, you’ll learn:Why you need to fail more—and fail big—if you’re going to succeedHow to keep your paying members engagedThe key to being happy in businessWho to listen to instead of your inner criticWhy you need more boredom in your lifeLinks & ResourcesThe New York timesMashableUpworthyWiredBig, with Tom HanksCraigslistShawn AchorGoogle’s 20% ruleWright brothersBuffalo BillsThe Washington PostThe Dateable podcastBrené BrownElizabeth GilbertGwen GordonStrong Inside/Out on InstagramMaslow’s hierarchy of needsBlackfoot Nation’s hierarchy of needsHoward ThurmanRick’s InstagramRick’s YouTube channelRickMulready.comThe Accelerator Coaching ProgramJeff Harry’s LinksFollow Jeff on TwitterJeff’s InstagramFull show notes are available here
Nov 24
53 min
How He Generated An Extra $6,500  By Asking "What if This Were Easy?"
Today, I want to talk about an example of answering the question, “What if it were easy?”“What if this were easy?” is something I, or our coaches, ask our Accelerator program members all the time. I want our members to have a question about how to do something.I say, “What if it were easy? What would it look like if it were easy?”We try to over-complicate things all the time. For years I tried to over-complicate things.And let’s just be honest, I still do that sometimes today, too.When you can ask yourself, “What would this look like if it were easy?” it opens up a whole new lens that you can think about how to do something.In this episode, you’ll learn:How to repurpose your most popular content for more revenueGetting quick and easy wins with minimal effortUsing your repurposed content funnel to grow your membership Are you a course creator or online coach who’s already averaging at least $7-8K in revenue per month from your online business and you’re ready to increase your profit, have a bigger impact, with LESS hustle?If you’re feeling overwhelmed, doing all the things, and you’re not sure what next steps you should be taking in your business…Then my Accelerator coaching program may be for you. Click on the links below to learn more and apply for my Accelerator coaching program:Links & ResourcesLearn more about my Accelerator coaching programJoin and apply to my Accelerator coaching program – ApplicationVisit my website where you’ll find more info about my coaching programs as well as hundreds of free podcast episodesFull show notes are available here
Nov 19
12 min
How to Legally Protect Your Membership (and Yourself) with Autumn Witt Boyd and Chanteé Hallett
Autumn Witt Boyd works with influencers to help them avoid costly legal mistakes while scaling their businesses.I talk with Autumn and Chantee Hallett about the legal side of memberships. We talk about most of the legal things that you’re probably not thinking about, but really should be thinking about, when it comes to having a membership in your business.Autumn Witt Boyd is the founder of the AWB Firm. Autumn graduated in the top 10% of her class from Vanderbilt University Law School. She spent the first ten years of her career battling over copyrights and business issues in courtrooms across the U.S. Autumn started AWB in 2015 to help entrepreneurs scale and protect their businesses. Chanteé Hallett is an attorney at the AWB Firm. She has a passion for intellectual property matters and helping creatives protect their brands and rights. Chanteé graduated from Charlotte School of Law in North Carolina with her Juris Doctorate.In this episode, you’ll learn:Why you need a contract with your membersWhat information and details your contract should includeShould you trademark your membership or program’s name?The downside of your content’s copyright protectionThe pitfalls of enforcing your contract internationallyWhy having different payment tiers can get diceyShould you have a disclaimer in your contract?Do you have to disclose when you’re an affiliate for someone?Links & ResourcesRick’s InstagramRick’s YouTube channelRickMulready.comThe Accelerator Coaching ProgramMighty NetworksSlackAutumn Witt Boyd’s LinksAutumn Witt Boyd’s InstagramThe AWB FirmAWB’s Prep to Scale ChallengeChanteé Hallett’s LinkChantee HallettFull show notes are available here
Nov 17
1 hr 4 min
Pros & Cons of "Black Friday" Promotions
Have you been thinking about running Black Friday promotions?As we approach the holidays, this topic has come up more and more during our Accelerator coaching program calls and in our community.I have some pretty strong feelings about running promotions for Black Friday, so in this episode, I am sharing what I believe are the pros and cons of doing so.At the end of this episode, I am also sharing with you somebody who I think is doing things the right way when it comes to a Black Friday promotion.Tune in to this episode if you are someone who has been thinking about running a Black Friday promotion or if you have already started implementing your plans for one because I might just say something that leads you in a totally different direction.Full show notes are available at
Nov 12
19 min
Are Facebook/Instagram Ads Still Working?
Are Facebook ads working for anyone right now? Recently, a member of our Facebook group asked this question, so I am assuming a lot of you have the same one. Am I right about this?If you have been asking yourself this or if you have been asking others this, it’s a super legitimate question, and you’re definitely not alone in it!In this episode, I am answering this question for you, and I think you’re going to want the answer to this whether you’ve been running ads in your business or not. On Today’s Show You’ll Learn: The delay in reporting from FacebookWhy you should compare the stats in ad manager to your own funnel softwareThe discrepancy that you see in stats What’s working to get results from an ads perspectiveWhy you need a strategy for your adsTips for setting up your adsWhy you should diversify your trafficYou will hear me talk about what has changed with ads over the last year, what is working to get results from an ads perspective right now, when you should expect a discrepancy in your stats, tips for setting up ads, how I think you should handle your strategy and a whole lot more.There is a lot jam-packed into this week’s episode, and it is all really informative. Tune in to find out if Facebook and Instagram ads are still working, and what you should do about it if they are or are not.Links & Resources Mentioned in this show notes available at
Nov 10
29 min
16 Ways to Repurpose One Piece of Content
How do you leverage a core piece of content in your business so that it spans across multiple platforms? Do you have a strategy for this yet?Whether it is a podcast episode, a blog, a youtube video, or something else, you should be thinking about how you can leverage it to gain a higher return.In this episode, I am talking to you about leverage, and more specifically, how it pertains to the content that you're putting out.To me, leverage is the use of a small initial investment to gain a relatively high return, so that's what we're talking about when it comes to creating content.Press play and grab a pen and paper because I am giving you 16 ways to repurpose one piece of content in this episode, and I am even telling you how I repurpose each podcast episode.You’re not going to want to miss it!Full show notes are available at
Nov 5
31 min
(Best Of!) Simple Hacks for Writing Copy that Converts, with Brittany McBean
Thinking about becoming a copywriter? Or maybe hiring one? In this episode, I’m interviewing my copywriter, Brittany McBean, to talk about writing copy that converts. This is one of my most downloaded episodes from last year, and I got a lot of feedback on it when it first aired because listeners learned so much from it. Brittany is a conversion copywriter who helps online entrepreneurs stand out with crystal clear messaging and a laser-focused strategy. She loves writing personality-packed websites, emails, and launches that make the big bucks—and teaching people how to be unapologetically confident, relentlessly snarky, and remarkably persuasive.We are really getting into what it takes to be a good copywriter and run a business that lights you up. We’re talking about how she went from being a direct seller to a copywriter, how she built her copywriting business, and how she went from making $7,000 in the whole of 2019 to generating $30,000 in August of 2020 alone.We're also going to cover things like: how to stand out in a crowded market, how to balance sharing personal things from your life with marketing your business, three ways to instantly improve your copywriting, how to write personality-based copy that converts, the difference between your messaging and your copy, and the questions that you should be asking when you're looking to hire a copywriter. On Today’s Show, You’ll Learn: How to talk about your personal life while still setting boundaries That you can offer value to people going through similar things to you The importance of letting go of clients that don’t align with your valuesThe value of putting yourself out there to get clarity on what really lights you upHow to surround yourself with your ideal clients Why your copy and your message are not the same things How to write copy that converts What to ask when you’re hiring a copywriterA lot of work goes into writing copy that converts, as opposed to copy that just sounds nice. Brittany is a total pro at this, so tune in if you are interested in becoming a copywriter or if you need a copywriter!If you already listened to this episode, listen again! I bet you will gain even more value from it the second time around. If you didn’t, you’re in for an awesome episode, so tune in!Are you a course creator or an online coach? Do you want to take the guesswork out of optimizing and accelerating the growth of your online business? Apply to my 12-month program at! This is for those of you that already have some success but want to scale and optimize toward seven figures or more while working less!Links & Resources Mentioned in this Follow @brittanylmcbean on Instagram show notes available at 
Nov 3
1 hr 7 min
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