The Art of Decluttering
The Art of Decluttering
Amy Revell & Kirsty Farrugia
Amy Revell and Kirsty Farrugia are Professional Organisers and they chat about how they keep their homes organised and decluttered and how they help their clients to achieve the same.
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The Secret Ingredient
I’ve tried to declutter and organize my home so many times just to have it become messy again. These ladies truly understand the psychology of attachment to “stuff”, and how to explain what the real “cost” of clutter is in our lives. No exaggeration - they have changed my life by giving me a changed perspective. Oh, and they are extremely entertaining as well! I’ve laughed. I’ve cried. I’ve loved every minute of it since the first podcast. Wishing you continued success and happiness, Amy & Kirsti!
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Too often, the work done at home - often by women - is not given proper value. In generations past, women had fewer professional options, but at least were culturally taught that the work done at home is real work. I think this sentiment has faded into the background - though the work is still there. I’m very organized, but my family of five still keeps me busy and it can be hard to tackle the challenges of house and home. The Art of Decluttering keeps me motivated and affirms that what I do for my family and home matters.
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Erin M. G.
Thank you
I really needed this episode!! I am going to make some phone calls .... you girls are so awesome.
Thank you
This was helpful
Andy what??
“The Five E’s”
There are countless podcasts available, so my personal rule is to only choose those that provide at least 3 of “Required 5 E’s”: Encouragement, Enlightenment, Education, Entertainment and Elevation. The Art of Decluttering provides all 5! I’ve loved home organization and curated living for decades, but through “The Art of Decluttering” I am learning fresh ways to assist my extended family and friends in their in their goals for a simplified life. Thank you, Amy and Kirsty! You podcast IS art!
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Fantastic & Addictive
I started listening to The Art Of Decluttering a few weeks ago while packing for a pandemic-era international move with two kids. It’s helped me declutter while I pack, envision how to organise my new home, and (sort of) maintain my sanity. I love all Kirsty and Amy’s tips and their senses of humour! Really fantastic - Thank you!!!
Love The Art of Decluttering!!
I learn SO much from Kirsty and Amy’s podcast!! I’m a newbie Professional Organizer in the U.S. and every one of their episode teaches me something new. Love their Aussie accents and they always make me laugh at some point during their podcasts! 😃
Debbie (from Boston area)
So uplifting
Amy and Kirsty bring so much joy to my day when I get a chance to listen to this podcast. Whether someone is really looking to crack down on declutter or someone is in need of laughter and smiles, this podcast is the place. Thank you Amy and Kirsty for teaching us all about grace and freedom <3 you guys are great :)
Practical and do-able processes explained
I just love this podcast. I started listening about a year ago when I started downsizing. I so enjoyed binging on past episodes for hours while I Decluttered along with my new friends down under. I was pretty bummed when I was all caught up and now had to wait an entire week to hear from Amy and Kirsty. Flash forward now to the pandemic lockdown and, good glory, they made iso episodes EVERY DAY! What a ray of sunshine in a time of doom and gloom. Thank you so much ladies, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. During a time when we all needed some positivity, you were there every day being our best friends. And I never thought I could laugh so hard until the towel episode. Pure comedy genius. Overall, I only have good vibes and clear direction from this team. And the book is a wonderful reference when I get stuck and need a boost of positive you-can-do-it energy. My only complaint is that I have to wait a week for new episodes. I’m going through Amy and kirsty withdrawal!
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mama bear in the usa
Two lovely ladies
I enjoyed listening to Amy & Kirsty before COVID-19, and I absolutely love their Iso episodes. They are two lovely ladies with amazingly big hearts. You can't help but feel like they are your best friends too. Since I live in the U.S., I call them the "Aussie Organizers" when I tell my husband about something I heard on the podcast. I've learned tons about organizing, but even more about Australians. For my American co-listeners, here are a few translations: bench = counter, cutlery = silverware, crockery = dishes, op shop = resale store (Goodwill/Salvation Army), Bunnings = home improvement store (Home Depot/Lowe's) and Tim Tams = amazingly delicious looking (I've never had them) chocolate-covered cookies. Another benefit for U.S. listeners during the Iso episodes – time travel. Travel to the future with Kirsty and Amy as Australia is a day ahead of us when the episodes drop. Keep up the great work ladies!
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So much inspo & great tips!
This is a must subscribe podcast. I love how Amy & Kirsty explain organizing tips in a fun, lighthearted way. They are serious about helping people & genuinely care!
Keep your lovely spirits twinkling with zest and spunk and grace and kindness
(Sunday, February 16, 2020) Hello, lovely ladies! Just a note to thank you for the reference to my thoughts, which you read ON-AIR. Say that three times, and it still doesn’t sink in! Thank you for your gracious support of all struggling mortals. No one is exempt from the rigors of living. You help. (Original post, December 31, 2019) I have been listening to your podcasts back to back to back in order to help a young family who have been suffering. The mom was injured in childbirth; inability to move about for three years now has tilted the house into a hazardous environment. I care for a pet of theirs while they are away; each time they have had to go out of town, I coordinate with both mom and dad to prioritize tasks. So much more I am moved to add, but I am just back from a six-hour tidy, and I was only then hearing the Survey episode (as I was pacing the expenditure of my remaining gas-fumes of energy in order to gather up and go.) I found it so painful to hear the crushed flowers of gentle pain in your voices, each at different junctures, but both distinct in the slight retreat from the usual soundscape I have grown to understand and appreciate with every hearing. I have autism; I see a picturescape of how I feel before I can put it into words. When I hear you two, I see a quilt with a central starburst that radiates outward in long, arrowhead diamond shapes. Your back-and-forth creates a sound-color scape that reflects the quilt’s pattern in an interleaving of your voices. One voice has a distinct sound-color of “bubble and zest”, and it plays hopscotch with the other voice, which has a tendency towards gentle compassion in mellifluously flowing tones. I have listened to many episodes multiple times, as I had YOU for company.... casting a light of clarity and purpose in a heartbreaking garden -both of new growth (and fierce-bursting buds) -and of decay better guide me in efforts to execute of useful work. I am too bushed to write more.. except to add that I sorrowed to hear your voices speaking in such a subdued way during the “Survey Results” episode. Please keep heart in doing your good work. dateline: February 6th, 2020 Update (Only because this note appending the original note is my only way to write you another review, even though it ought to stand alone. (You are in a front-row seat to my version of autism... I often become confounded by “non-intuitive” design.) I am now listening to you all from your first episode onwards, wanting to hear chronological development of not only your Broadcast “chops” and your Content Development + Delivery, but also your emotional wellness with the growing success of your podcast and offshoot ventures. The world is bigger than what our tiny mammal brains can grasp. Your kind thoughts carry far and wide on the electronic “winds”; your physical hands are in Australia, in smaller (more actionable) circles of influence. Momentum of enthusiasm is intoxicating; we are often tipped nearly PAST a “recovery” point BEFORE we perceive the strident shrieks and the discordant chorus of those in our wake, from people who are known to us and people who are not. Too often we are witness to popular figures (legendarily, rock stars) who are loved to pieces.... and who often later FALL to pieces. I cherish this podcast contribution you offer to us: with TOOLS to fashion hope... + with SPIRIT to discover a horizon ahead... and I also cherish the glimpses of your precious families: -in the present, -from your past. To the degree you lovely ladies: •are attuned to suffering and •are devoted (and called) to alleviation of that suffering, your contribution is a gift to the world you grace. To stay vulnerable amidst such constant suffering around us is hard on each of us; with your greater public exposure, you shall be exposed to exponentially more lives, and woes, (and joys)..... and just more FRICTION of the crossing of your “life threads” with those life threads of the innumerable souls within earshot of your e-voices. Pace e-mail responses, dear souls. The NEEDS of US, the multitude, are boundless (in aggregate), whereas the ENERGIES (and conscious hours) of YOU, our dynamic duo, are finite. Guilt is pointless. (Who wants to do a bad job?) The CHALLENGE, when guilt pokes its needle-nose into our awareness, ... the CHALLENGE is to reframe the scope of the goal. Better yet, to reframe the scope of peaceful “being”. If you stopped your podcast THIS VERY DAY (and I would not be a proponent of that if only MY concerns were paramount), know that you have planted seeds of hope (and notions of agency) in many hearts, in many LIVED lives, in many lives peripheral to those which you directly touch (whether by hand OR by ear). Keep tending your gardens well, for you have a chance not only to habitualize your ability to care well for your lovely selves, establish hard-won habits of self-stewardship to last a whole lifetime..., but also to be • behavioral templates • who our DAUGHTERS can see as • POSITIVE reference points • in this toxically appearance-warped world. Thank you.
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Simple Advice to Help You Declutter
I love that this podcast covers all aspects of decluttering...from how to do it step by step to the mindset you need to keep going. Thanks Amy and Kirsty!
Midwest Mompreneur
What I Didn’t Know I Needed!
I recently realized how much guilt and overwhelm I feel about my house! This podcast has helped me not only with practical tips for getting my house organize but also the encouragement and comfort I needed to hear — that I’m not alone in my overwhelm and my problems are solvable! Just discovered this podcast yesterday and have been binging ever since. Thank you!
Micro Decluttering
Got a minute? I really enjoy listening to these podcasts. I listen to them when I take a walk and it inspires me to to do something that day on my decluttering goal. This morning I decluttered half of a kitchen drawer while waiting on my coffee. (I wasn't even fully awake)
Troubled Clef
Helps you ask yourself great questions
I started listening to this podcast because I have a podcast called Trashmagination about the creative reuse of items that people often throw away. I find that some professional organizers are so focused on helping their customers remove clutter that they don’t address the environmental impacts of these choices. Amy & Kirstie definitely tackle these issues with experience & sensitivity. Thanks for all you do!!
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Very practical and entertaining
I’d been searching for a good podcast on decluttering for several weeks. After listening to dozens of options, I found The Art of Decluttering to be the best! We are moving from a 4 bedroom to a 3 bedroom with less storage space so we have to scale down. I’d find the episode pertaining to the area I was tackling and listen as I decluttered each space. So far I’ve done the kitchen, bathrooms, kids rooms (including artwork and toys) and all of our closets. My final room is the garage which is our holding/junk room. It has been really helpful to have two girlfriends there while I get rid of stuff I don’t need or use. Their accents are music to this American girl’s ears. The most helpful has been the episode on moving (or moving house as you say). I’ve gone through each area already so packing will be a breeze. I still have many more episodes to dive into as I continue through this process. I actually look forward to it each day rather than dreading the chore.
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Thank you 💛
I am a budding professional organizer doing everything I can to make my small startup happen. I mostly clean homes to sustain my growing my business. Listening to the Art of Decluttering while working, feels like I’m part of a chat with friends. I always take away lessons around practicality and compassion from their conversations. What these women are doing is real, relatable and fun. Thank you for sharing 💛
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Adri Gallagher
Practical and fun!
This podcast is both thoroughly entertaining and extremely practical. The hosts are so compassionate and likable and their advice is so helpful and motivational.
So down to earth and relatable!
Greetings from Texas, USA! These ladies are full of grace and kindness, which you can tell just by listening to how they approach decluttering and how they work with clients. I am decluttering some very difficult areas this weekend and am planning to binge all the episodes again to build and keep momentum. I wish I lived close enough for them to come to my house! <3
Great show! So helpful!!!
Thank you :)
Nati Balla
A must!
I am going to insist my clients (I’m a PO in Wisconsin) listen to the Art of Decluttering podcasts as part of their maintenance plans! Great tips and advice in every episode, and loaded with lots of fun and laughter. Listening to Kirsty and Amy is the same feeling you get when hanging out with your BFFs.
Love the show
Great advice on every single episode!!! Having a clutter free and organized home is very important to me. Thanks for the great tips....
Just what I was looking for.
I was looking for a current no-nonsense decluttering podcast, but kept running into woo/new-age stuff. I'm like NO. Seriously. I want to frickin' clean my house. This podcast which gives you actual tips and advice to DO THE JOB. And it's recent and currently updating. I'll be here as long as this podcast goes. Thanks so much guys for being here.
Alicia Vogel