The Art History Babes
The Art History Babes
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More chatting than art talk
Just feel like there could be a lot more editing out the side chatter. A lot of times when historical blurbs are actually read, they sound bored and have major vocal fry. Also, it’s cool to admit you don’t know something but this is a podcast- look it up and answer it for your listeners. That’s why we’re listening. Overall, not the best structure of conversations, nor do they dig very deep into history, but they are a fun and light way to hear a couple art history facts.
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More art, less drunken rambling
Been a long time listener but recently the quality and professionalism has dropped. Inside jokes are not funny to anyone but the hosts. The tangents are getting ridiculous and I end up skipping the majority of the episode just to listen to the scattered bits of actual information.
Botticelli’s babe
Love the Babes
Love you guys.. you make my commute interesting and entertaining
Is there a reason wine is mentioned as a main component of this show? On episode one and just seems really irrelevant. Are you just trying to sound cool? To draw only wine drinking art lovers? Very strange and very disappointing.
Not serious
To much chit chat. Voices are sharp and hard to listen too.
wuit asking for a nickname!
In love always <3
I've listened to the magnificent ladies for years, andd I just finished my straight chronological run through of all of their episodes. Thanks for helping me brush up on my art history knowledge, and thanks for helping me get through the nightmare that was 2020!
a little less wine
These podcasts wear thin fast. If you have no background in the subject (which is fine, most people wouldn't) then you'll get some interesting, basic perspectives -- the same stuff everyone reads in basic textbooks. But while the chatters have plenty of personal opinions (not art historical opinions -- personal opinions) I'm amazed that four people with advanced degrees have nothing whatsoever to add to the actual subject of art history. I thought this was sort of fun at first, but it got tedious, vapid, and depressing pretty fast. They like themselves, as a subject, more than they like art.
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Nicky McNickname
100% Entertaining and Educational!
This podcast reminds me of the first Art History class that I took in college - my teacher was the bomb! I love listening to The Babes, and I can’t believe that I just discovered them! Big fan here in Spring Hill, TN
Little Miss Sweet Tea
Fun :-)
I like these knowledgeable ladies! Learning a lot of new info and I they’re funny too. Thanks Babes!
Maybe it’s just me.
Too much “babes” and not enough art history.
Milgo Vonne Fraun
Could Be Better
Too much giggling and inane banter, very little useful information.
LCDR Philanderer
Glad you’re back!
I really love this podcast and missed it while you were in hiatus completing your book. I know there were some episodes, but I miss the ones with all four of you. The recent one in the color yellow was wonderful! Unlike some others writing in, I enjoy your lighthearted banter along with your more considered art topic. It feels more personable. You guys are hilarious at times and I find myself laughing right along with you. Please stay who you are. I don’t find the jokes and off topic conversation to interfere in the least. I enjoy it.
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Brandy Agun
My favorite podcast ❤️
These babes are my favorite! I’m a middle school art teacher who is obsessed with art history. I have heard of the art history babes before, and when we went into quarantine in the spring, I started listening to the AHB on my long walks with my dogs. I love the history and the funny moments. Wish I could join them to drink wine and talk about art! Can’t wait for more!!!
Laura Lennon Curtis
Love it
I love the show
Love this show!
I have an art degree but these ladies are always turning up new information and artists that I’ve missed or forgotten. Honestly the balance of the show really works for me, super dry history podcasts alway lose me- but they strike a really great balance of goofing off and solid info. Love it!
Learning and fun
These ladies make you feel a part of their group and you learn while having so much fun! They are real, down to earth ladies sharing their passion and knowledge. They make art history relatable and cool. Highly recommend a listen.
Expectations fell short
While the art-focused content and commentary is fascinating, I unfortunately have to agree with other similar reviewers that the hosts’ exchanges and mannerisms detract from the listening experience. There are nearly twenty minute long conversations about frivolous topics that don’t pertain to the actual subject which should have been edited out. While I enjoy witty conversational banter in podcasts, most of their jokes are unentertaining, annoying, and mildly ignorant. At times it feels like they are all trying to one-up each other over various details. It feels quite immature. That being said, I truly do appreciate the depth and presentation of research provided, as well as the thoughtful discourse the hosts engage in!
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Love it!
It’s a fun way to learn about Art History!
Disappointed in this podcast
I wanted to like this podcast. I like most art podcasts, from beginner artist to E-Flux, I devour it all in the background at the studio, but this show is the worst. The tone is too snarky for me. they seem to play to type, matching the stereotype of an art history major, without the temperament to be an art historian. I’ve listened to about 5 episodes. One pair had a talented and guest speak on historical hospitals from the UK, it made the host look bad she was unprofessional/ incompetent/juvenile/unserious, and seemed to need to compete or keep up with the guest, strange dynamic. The Basquiat episode, which is rebroadcast for the pandemic era (strange choice) seems to be just these podcasters getting drunk and talking about travel and drinking in clubs, I shut it off.
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Excellent podcast
I heard about the Art History Babes on another podcast. The promo was intriguing so I decided to give it listen. The promo did not do them justice. The Art History Babes are so much better. The podcast is entertaining, educational and just fun to listen to. I definitely recommend this to everyone. Keep up the good work.
v important pls read
These ladies are absolutely wonderful. I love the variety of topics they cover (different types of artists, styles, art eras, etc). I know a lot of people have commented saying they laugh too much & go off on little tangents, but in all honesty, that’s what I really love about them. I am an artist myself and when I listen to them I feel like I’m having an organic conversation about art with them. So I’d say it’s definitely personal preference if you like something more lecture like, or more of a conversation. They certainly do their research and I learn something new every time I listen to them. The first one I ever listened to was “Weird Putti,” and oh my god, I laughed so hard. It was informative but also hilarious. Highly recommend this podcast if this style fits your vibe.
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A wonderfully insightful podcast
They made me seriously reconsider and start paying closer attention to memes what they say about us, Art, our culture. Thank you for ignoring any one star reviews. Which comprise people who impotently try to criticize their free entertainment because they have nothing better to do with their rudderless existences than to be negative. Keep on making art and entertainment. I for one really appreciate it.
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Wanted to like it
I wanted to like this, I want a good art history podcast but I found the hosts too annoying to listen to. It’s just not for me. I listened to some older episodes and there was too much laughing and banter about their lives... I just want to hear about the artist.
Dream podcast to major annoyance
Updating my review. I used to listen to this podcast and enjoy it. The sound quality has always been lacking and they’ve been doing this for years. Year 1- you get a pass for bad sound but at this point it’s just lazy. Back when it was the 4 of them doing the show it was much more enjoyable but now the two most annoying hosts do the episodes. One is monotone and can’t finish a thought and the other laughs after she says literally. Every. Word. And they can’t or won’t stay on topic, lots of rambling thoughts that don’t lead to insights or real humor. They really lost me when they did an episode featuring an influencer from Instagram who is notorious for stealing other people’s art and being an all around bore. Also, they basically just read from wiki, which is a red flag considering they are supposed to be historians. This podcast is probably fun for younger listeners or stoners but unfortunately, I have to unsubscribe.
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Like this show a lot but
I love women discussing art history in a casual conversational manner! But my main issues from giving 5 stars are because 1) the audio quality is terrible. I know they are still in the early stages and maybe haven’t got the funds to get better equipment yet, but in order to up their game professionally I feel this is an important investment. Volumes differ between speakers which is very jarring. 2) sometimes they get too excited and speak over each other or giggle way too frequently 3) ads cut in at random times- literally in the middle of someone’s sentence. All of these little things add up to such a bother that I can’t finish episodes sometimes.
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by all the giggling. It’s not that funny. You don’t need to laugh after everything you say
Oh God
I found the episode on The Guerrilla Girls. How awesome, women talking about women in art! I was so on board but then found... I just could not. These girls come off like a bunch of tittering dingalings with annoying high school speech affectations so aggressive I could barely concentrate on what it was they were actually saying which turned out to be a lot of rambling nothings. As a woman and an artist myself, I wanted to support them. NOPE.
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I respect you but cannot respect Caroline Calloway
It is a true shame that you invited Caroline Calloway onto your podcast because I enjoy and respect you all and your normal content for providing me with ongoing access to art education and critical discussion. However, I cannot respect your inclusion of a person who has used her platform not to create art or to write, but to bully and harass journalists and others.
You sweet baby angels, you.
I’m proud to say I’ve actually been listening to this podcast since day 1. My bachelors is in art history and it is a topic that I am incredibly passionate about but never pursued professionally. Since I’ve been out of college I’ve missed interacting with art history through analysis and discussion on a day to day basis and finding this podcast has helped bring this passion back to life in my day to day life. Listening to women who I know I would hit it off and be fast friends with talk about things I’m passionate about has been such a privilege for the past few years and I’m so proud of how far these ladies have come. Thanks to the babes for accompanying me for many a house clean and sewing projects. You’re the familiar presences that bring me comfort and have gotten me through many a dark day. Thanks for being you.
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These girls are total babes
I absolutely love these babes! Everything about your show is great. I’ve always loved art history but every time I told someone about my love they would sigh and say how boring it sounded, but you guys are examples of what I love about art history. You take these subjects and much like the great artists you talk about you make your subjects come alive. These girls are the best, so whether you love art history just on the side, are a beginner art historian, or an expert this is the podcast for you!
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Alexandra Simone Rojas
Parts of these episodes are definitely interesting, but a headache always comes first due to the cackling of the hosts over inside jokes off topic. A bit more focus would be appreciated.
Such a great show and scratches my art history itch! Good work you all!
these babes are the best!
Theses babes are the best. Raving, inteligent and esoteric, aka #life goals
A little art history
Self-righteous young women enthusiastically venting their opinions & obscenities with a little bit of art history thrown in. To be fair, I tried a number of their episodes but eventually gave up.
So History. Much Funny. Wow.
The Art History Babes are some of most adorable, passionate, curious, informative, and genuine people I’ve had the pleasure of lending my ears to... and they’re HILARIOUS! If you feel like doing some learning and some laughing, try them out!
Great Podcast
I love listening to the art history babes !
Nara Fialho
Smart and Fun!
Just found this podcast and so impressed with the ladies knowledge, humor and infectious silliness…
Love it!
These Babes are the best. A great perspective of historical artists from a current point of view. (And from my fellow Babes!!)
Fulfills the art history cravings!
I’m on an art history kick after a recent trip to Europe. I just found this podcast & already listened to 2 episodes. Thanks for bringing some understanding & meaning to the art world! I now feel like I understand the great works of art I’ve seen a little more. Your podcast is fun, amusing, and an overall joy.
Informational but boring
If you have an interest in art and want to learn more these women are knowledgeable. However, I find them boring. I could only get through a few minutes of each episode.
joked high hose jj cuff
Good content...
Although this sounds like two valley girls discussing art...can they say “like” any more times than they already do? Doubtful...but there is accurate content...they know what they are talking about...although a lot of what they say seems like it is being read from other an art historian myself I found it entertaining...there is not much out there though for art historians...:)
“Dali is a piece of Sh!t” episode.
Love Dali and glad I didn’t have the ladies on here as an art guide or teacher in anyway.
What a great find!
I am an (retiring soon) art teacher and I love this podcast. I had heard of it and it was the episode of Notre Dame that was the catalyst for me to start listening. The babes are so smart and funny and truly a joy to listen to. I learn a lot listening to these well researched episodes. Awesome job ladies!
I needed this podcast in undergrad!
Thank you ladies for reminding me art history can indeed be interesting! This podcast is very fun to listen to and helps me get through my work day. Update: I still love particular episodes, like Color Theory, Van Gogh, and Frida Kahlo. However, some episodes do have too much off-topic rambling where I learn more about astrology than the titled topic. More the fault of the network, but ads are way too frequent and all over the place topically that it has become very tedious to listen to more recent episodes. I hope the ladies are able to refine and focus in on the podcast’s format in the future, but I have to take a break.
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Orili T
Questionable Art History Knowledge
How do you call yourselves Art Historians, yet you don’t know about the Crown of Thorns housed at Notre Dame? Nearly all of Medieval Art History centers around relics and the cult of saints, so this is an epic fail. Sorry ladies, but I have to unsubscribe.
Addicted Blitzer
Love love love!
These women keep me sane at my boring job. I love art and have always been interested in art history & they teach me so many new things. This is also truly the only podcast I listen to and they are hilarious. Definitely worth listening to and they help re-ignite my love & appreciation of art. Will be recommending them to all my art loving friends!!
Wonderful Show
As a recent art school grad with a fine art degree, this show helps keep the ball rolling for me. It refreshes me on artists but also teaches me new things about them that I didn’t know. This podcast keeps me thinking about art and helps me push my art forward. The women are funny and informative and it makes an already interesting topic even more fun.
Love these babes
These art history babes are so insightful, informed, comedic, and righteously opinionated - it's really a great way to keep in touch with art-and-culture thought, while also laughing and enjoying the time spent with these gals. The Spotify playlists that accompany the artists discussed in each show are wonderfully paired, too. Highly recommended!!
This quickly became one of my favorite podcasts. These intelligent and witty women have made art history come alive in the most entertaining and endearing way through their intense knowledge and passion for the subjects they discuss. I constantly have it playing when I’m in my studio and it consistently inspires me. Definitely a big fan of this podcast!
thank yoy guys
Wish I'd had this idea
Loving the update for art history, which has been a man's world and a Western-centric "discipline" the humanities should have swept under the rug by the 1950's. Thankfully, 1st wave feminism opened the door to women artists and art history by women. The art history babes get wine drunk and chat about whatever they like (with the facts thrown in). Thanks for advancing the discipline!
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