The anxiety blender
The anxiety blender
Sharing my burnout experience and journey to happiness. Willing to help you find the motivation and inner strength to reach your full, wonderful potential.
Staying accountable: Mental Health, ASMR Channel, Fitness.
Just a ramble update on my goals, mindset, dreams and achievements so far.
Jan 29, 2021
25 min
The unfair struggles of getting mental health help
Hello friends! Today I'm feeling kinda moody, so this episode wraps it up pretty well. Needing mental health hepl is so important and should be our right, but why is it so hard to get it? Why is it such a slow process and what can we do to improve this service, for our voices to be heard? Follow me on Instagram Follow me on Twitter My youtube Channel
Nov 14, 2020
27 min
Bluezzz vs Xenomorph: an artist's struggles against depression
I am very pleased and honored to share this talk with Vanda, aka Bluezzz ASMR, and amazing Twitch streamer and Youtube content creator. She has been diagnosed with depression, with bipolar traits and she visualizes it as a monster: Xenomorph. In this episode, she will very openly talk about her story, her diagnosis, how she deals and fights against it and how the ASMR community can help find relief when struggling against mental health issues. We had an interesting and illuminating conversation on this topic, and I am very happy to share it with you. Please, if you don't already, make sure you subscribe to Bluezzz's Youtube and Twitch channels, because her ASMR skills are hypnotizing and extremely powerful. Bluezzz ASMR on Twitch Bluezzz ASMR on Youtube
Nov 7, 2020
53 min
That Halloween night: my most kept secret
Hey friends! This was another very challenging episode to upload, because it can expose me to a lot of judgement. But hey, I did my mistakes and this is one of those mistakes I'll never forget. Why talking about this on a mental health realted podcast? Well, because my borderline personality disorder is what puts me in this kind of situations, in constant seek of care and attention and getting things twisted. I hope you will like this Halloween Storytime: it's not spooky, but it's actually terrifying to know that you brain can put you in cetain situations, where your self esteem is copletely erased, in function of another person. Follow me on Instagram: Follow me on Twitter: My youtube ASMR channel: My Patreon: patreon:com/tinglestormasmr
Oct 31, 2020
26 min
ASMR skin examination, soft spoken
In this soft spoken ASMR skin examination, I'll be cleansinc and taking care of your skin.
Oct 24, 2020
28 min
ASMR psychadelic lucid dream with layered echo sounds
In this ASMR psychadelic lucid dream with layered echo sounds I'll be inducing you to a deep state of relaxation through a guided meditation, with soft spoken echo sound effect
Oct 24, 2020
25 min
ASMR Reacting to my fav ASMrtists
In this soft spoken ASMR track, I'll be reacting to my fav ASMR creators.
Oct 24, 2020
27 min
ASMR annoying celebrity
In this ASMR annoying celebrity audio track, I pretend to be a celebrity, waking up after a party and going through my day. I hope you find it fun and relaxing.
Oct 24, 2020
28 min
My mental health struggles and consequential life updates
Friends, My mental health struggles and consequential life updates has been very hard to record. For the first time I made an experiment and filmed myself, so I made a youtube video out of that as well. My emotions are so flipped and overflowing, that the only way I could make tis a rational speacg, was to write everything down and just read. I'm exposing myself a lot here. Telling you very persona, intimate things. This makes me feel fragile and insecure, but I want to do it, so you know you are not alone. Reach out, get help, just talk. You are so loved and worthy. My ASMR Instagram: My personal Instagram: My Twitter: My Youtube ASMR channel:
Oct 17, 2020
28 min
Ocean Whispers talks OCD: what it really is, the stigma behind it and how to cope with it
Hey friends! Today Ocean Whispers talks OCD: what it really is, the stigma behind it and how to cope with it. Let's stop using this condition as a joke or an adjective and find out what it really means to have OCD, how to get a diagnosis, what are the symptoms and how to live with it on a daily. Ocean Whispers ASMR will tell us everything we need to know! Subscribe to her youtube channel: Follow her on Instagram OCD related pages mentioned: Kimberley Quinlan OCD specialist's IG My ASMR channel My IG
Oct 10, 2020
32 min
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