The Animals at Home Network
The Animals at Home Network
Dillon Perron & Bryce Broom
The Animals at Home Network is a nature-based podcast network and is currently the home of two separate podcast programs: The Animals at Home Podcast hosted by Dillon Perron and Animals Everywhere hosted by Bryce Broom. If you have a passion for animals, then you are going to love this network! Each show on the network brings all members of the animal community, from pet hobbyists to wildlife experts, together under one roof to discuss anything and everything animal-related. Listen to experts talk about reptiles, mammals, fish, birds, and everything in between with the topics ranging from breeding, pet husbandry, scientific research, wildlife conservation, and more!
69: Keeping 170+ Reptiles Properly | Francis Cosquieri
Francis Cosquieri is a reptile keeper out of the UK and is a literal reptile encyclopedia! He maintains a collection of 170+ reptiles and does so with some very impressive self-imposed rules. Most notably, every snake must be kept in an enclosure at least as long as their body, and all animals must have access to UVB. If you believe the only way to keep a large collection is by racking & stacking, then this is a must-listen! SHOW NOTES:
Nov 29
1 hr 48 min
Roast Session 2: Should Snakes Cost More? Reptile goals & more!
On today's Roast Session we discuss our progression as reptile keepers and YouTube creators, we cover if keeping venomous snakes in racks is ethical, and we also discuss the concept of setting goals for yourself in the hobby! How much should a snake cost? We also discuss the implications that inexpensive snakes have on animal (and human) welfare. SHOW NOTES:
Nov 22
1 hr 13 min
68: Nidovirus, The Ball Python Epidemic | Elijah Snyder
Are you aware of the Ball Python epidemic that currently plagues the hobby? Today’s guest, Elijah Snyder breaks down everything we need to know about the ball python nidovirus. Nidovirus is a highly contagious family of viruses that affects many of the common snake species kept in the hobby, especially pythons. Elijah discusses methods of managing the virus, testing, quarantining procedures, and more. SHOW NOTES:
Nov 15
2 hr 7 min
1: Round Table | Do you NEED to go Bioactive? The Responsibility of Reptile YouTubers
Is Bio-active husbandry the gold standard of reptile care? Are there cons to going bio-active? What responsibility do Pet & Reptile content creators on YouTube have to ensure they are providing good information? Welcome to the first episode of the new series: Round Table Discussions! On Today’s episode, we are joined by Liam Sinclair of Reptiles and Research, Joseph Brabin of JTB Reptiles, and Harvey Tweats of Celtic Reptile and Amphibian.  SHOW NOTES:
Nov 11
2 hr 18 min
9: BLACK MAMBA Stare down!! "I didn't know what to do" | Ken Broom - AE
My uncle (Ken Broom) tells stories of growing up and catching snakes in Africa, these will be the most insane stories you’ll EVER hear. From catching snakes in mid-air while they flee from fruit trees to catching some of the fastest striking snakes mid-strike. Uncle Ken has lived an adventurous life throughout Africa and has had some hair raising stories to go with it. Including that of a black mamba looking him dead in the eye and not knowing what to do. SHOWNOTES:
Nov 8
1 hr 18 min
67: Best Viv Plants, Cross Country Move, Herping in Costa Rica & more | Mike Tytula
As Mike Tytula drove his way across Canada to move to his new home in Ontario he made a quick stop in Winnipeg to record an impromptu episode of the podcast! In this episode, we discuss Mike's history with YouTube, how he got started in the hobby, his herping experience in Costa Rica, the best plants to use for your vivariums, and much more! SHOW NOTES:
Oct 31
1 hr 21 min
66: Building Viv's at College, Exotics of the World Ltd & More! | Ash Norman
Ash Norman is a reptile store owner and college instructor out of the UK. In this episode, we discuss the challenges of operating a reptile store, especially when it comes to educating the customers. We also discuss the college classes Ash teaches which include, Exotics & the pet trade, Exotic Husbandry, Exotic Welfare, and more! Finally, we wrap up the chat by asking the question: are reptile expos ethical? SHOW NOTES:
Oct 25
1 hr 35 min
8: Venomous Keeping for a Living | Joe Hymes - AE
Have you ever heard of chemosensory enrichment? If not you should definitely listen to this episode with Joe Hymes. Joe is the venomous keeper at Phoenix Herpetological Society and has over one million followers on TikTok, he uses his large following to infect the masses with an appreciation for reptiles of all shapes and sizes, even those toxic beauties! SHOW NOTES:
Oct 18
1 hr 11 min
65: Pros & Cons of Morphs & Hybrids | Johnothan Wallace
Johnothan Wallace, aka The Bearded Herper joined me on the show today to finish off a discussion we start in the comment section of one of my YouTube videos. In this episode, we discuss the ethics of morph and hybrid production, the pros and cons of each as well as maintaining a high standard of care while breeding reptiles.  SHOW NOTES:
Oct 11
1 hr 16 min
7: The Profession of Herpetology | Johan Marais - AE
Johan Marais. An incredible businessman and one of the world's most recognized herpetologists. In this episode, Johan tells us stories of herping in wild Africa, including all the hair raising encounters with large African wildlife, and how he spent weeks on end in the middle of nowhere, sacrificing food just so he could carry camera gear. Who knew one would sacrifice food just to photograph new species in some of the wildest places on Earth. SHOW NOTES:
Oct 4
1 hr 37 min
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