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The Amazing Clarks
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The Amazing Clarks are award winning certified life and love coaches and husband and wife. Having been featured by Dr. Drew and on Black Love the series, Melanie and Anthony are ready to bring their revolutionary approach to therapy to the people. Every week Melanie and Anthony will give listeners an invitation to join their Love Revolution. Whether it is sitting down with someone to try and get to the root of their issues, or giving the lowdown on their experiences, The Amazing Clarks will provide the tools to empower every listener to live the best version of their lives.
Tightening the Relationship Bolts
A perfect relationship is a nice thought but in reality, it doesn't exist. We all have trials and tribulations when it comes to being in a relationships. When those issues arise, some of us are quick to look for a reason to exit that situation, while in most relationships, you just need to tighten the bolts of your relationship. This week, The Amazing Clarks clue you in on how to make sure that a minor issue doesn't turn into a bigger issue, which could lead to disastrous consequences. Then, all you have to do is communicate with your partner and together you can both figure out how to make sure you two are on the same page and happy.
Sep 26
44 min
The Loyalty Test
Trust between partners is one of the most important things when you're in a relationship. But, what happens when that little voice in your head is whispering doubts about the loyalty of your significant other? Do you continue to trust that they are still being faithful or do you administer a loyalty test to quiet that very convincing whisper of doubt? This week on the podcast, The Amazing Clarks discuss why you feel the need to test your partner and if it's really about your boo or is there something deeper going on inside of you. Settle in friends because this week we get tested!
Sep 19
32 min
The Happy Marriage Myth
With so many myths in the world, it's hard to keep up with what is actual myth and what is truth. So, allow us to add another myth to your long list! Having a happy marriage is something all of us strive for when we get married, but perfection isn't possible. Sometimes looking for perfection in a marriage can be the very downfall of your marriage. But, there is a way to have a marriage that both you and our spouse can be proud of, and dare we say happy. This week on the podcast, The Amazing Clarks give you the blueprint to make the most out of your marriage and make the happiness you feel about your marriage not just a myth!
Sep 12
38 min
What is Your Fighting Style?
Ding! Ding! Everyone to their corners! Arguing with your partner can be one of the most frustrating things about being in a relationship. We know that trying to communicate your needs to a person who “doesn't seem to be picking up what you're putting down” can lead to something more heated. Here's the good news, fighting with your partner doesn't mean your relationship is ending. The way you and your partner argue can actually be productive. It can be the difference between your relationship ACTUALLY ending or you and your partner growing closer while both people getting their needs met. On this episode, The Amazing Clarks give you the tools to figure out what you and your partner’s fighting style is and how knowing that info can make all the difference in the health of your relationship.
Aug 29
46 min
Using Sex to Avoid Emotional Connection
We can all agree sex is one of the pillars of a good relationship. When the sex is good, sometimes it can be a distraction, but what if you are using sex to avoid truly connecting with your partner? Emotions can be complicated, and who's got time for that roller coaster. Sex can be used to avoid how you truly feel, and you convince yourself this is the best way to not get hurt. This week, The Amazing Clarks chat about the possible reasons you may be using sex to protect your heart and how the sex will be even better when you are 100% emotionally connected with your partner!
Aug 22
36 min
Everything Is Perfect: A Philosophy or a Way of Life
EVERYTHING IS PERFECT....A phrase we've all said to ourselves to will us through a situation that is the furtherest from perfect. Everything Is Perfect or EIP can be more than a phrase to whisper to ourselves in a moment of need, EIP can be the very thing that can change your whole life. Adopting EIP as not just a saying but as the lens that you view and participate in the world. EIP can be the very thing your life needs to take you to that next level. The Amazing Clarks discuss this week how you can begin to cultivate a life where EVERYTHNG IS PERFECT!
Aug 15
33 min
Dating Younger Men
Have you ever considered dating a younger man?? We can all hear the collective groans as you think about that question. Ladies, the reality is that there is a shortage of men at the moment and sometimes you have to expand your expectations when looking for a partner. We know you have your list, but have you thought maybe your list is keeping you from finding that one young guy that could make you throw away the list and let you get your groove back? This week, The Amazing Clarks try to help you see that you could be missing out on, not just a fun time, but a person who could be THE ONE!
Aug 8
32 min
The Pros and Cons of Watching Porn Together
Porn...the one word in the English language guaranteed to get you some looks if spoken in a group for sure. The truth is we've all watched porn at one point in our lives and most likely watching porn is a solo activity. But what if you didn't have to watch it alone and you could watch it with your partner? This week on the podcast, The Amazing Clarks discuss the pros and cons of watching porn with your partner. They dig deep into how you and partner can decided whether if it is right for you both! So go ahead and grab some snacks cause this one is definitely gonna be a spicy one!
Aug 1
27 min
The Body Count Debate
Do you have a Body Count? And no, we are not talking about an actual body count because that's when things can get a bit messy. When we say body count we mean what is the magic number of people that you've slept with in your history of doing the do? What ever that number is theres no judgement here. But, have you revealed that number to your partner and how did they take the news? This week, The Amazing Clarks talk about how to navigate the body count debate and whether it should matter. Melanie and Anthony discuss that if it does matter maybe it's more about you than your partner. The Body Count debate rages on but maybe we can offer a lil bit of a resolution. Let's get into it!
Jul 25
27 min
Boring Marriages
No one gets into marriage expecting to be bored. When you decide to get married, you have this fairytale made up in your head. Marriage can be a fairytale but you also have to be realistic about your marriage. Sometimes, being married is boring but you have to realize that if your marriage is a snooze-fest, it just might be you who is making your marriage boring. This week, The Amazing Clarks get into why your marriage is boring and, newsflash, it might not be your partners fault. Buckle up people this is gonna be a good one!
Jul 18
32 min
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