The Alphabetical Fugazi
The Alphabetical Fugazi
Ian James Wright
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Was just turned onto this podcast after it was over, but have been enjoying it thoroughly especially the final interview with Ian and Guy. Fugazi was such a seminal band in my life so to have such a resource to dive deep into songs that were so formative. I really think you should consider turning this podcast into a book - a page or spread that distills each episode, i would totally sign up for a kickstarter. thanks
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Ahistorical no more
An invaluable resource. Entertains and engaging. These are the discussions I wanted to have as an adult and this is the space where they can happen. Passionate work.
Dimtim Bikes
Amazing podcast documenting the best rock band there ever was
Great podcast documenting the post-hardcore band Fugazi. One of my all time favorite bands. The pod is thoughtful, detailed and fun. Lots of different and surprising guests with incredible stories of fandom or even recording and playing live with the band.
Great Concept, Great Show
I’m only a couple of episodes in and can’t wait to hear more. Very interesting to get into the marrow of the work of one of my favorite bands.
Great walk thru
Great show, interesting to hear so many rakes on a band I’ve enjoyed for 30+years
Much needed
Thank you for making this
Loving this podcast
A much needed fugazi deep dive. Thanks for making this!
Rebar zžž
Always interesting
Fresh voices every episode ensures unique voices for a band well worthy of a deep dive. Love this podcast
Made my year
This podcast is the best thing that ever happened to me. Thanks for making it!!
JL Mayer
Every Fugazi nerd’s dream!!!
I woke up a couple months ago from an incredible dream. I told my girlfriend “I had the coolest dream! There was this podcast about Fugazi and each episode was devoted to discussing a single song in the band’s catalog. It was sooo satisfying!” My girlfriend respond with “Are you getting early onset dementia??? You just told me you were listening to that podcast yesterday! It’s real!” I’m so happy this podcast exists. It is one of the highlights of my week every time the new episode drops. Ian is a great host and interviewer and the guests so far have been fantastic. I really enjoyed the bonus segments with Ted Niceley as well as the episodes with Don Zientara and Chris Richards (Q And Not U). What are you waiting for?
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Billy Hammer
First Episode 5 Stars
Just based on the first episode I’m giving this podcast 5 stars. Great topic, concept, and host. Looking ahead I don’t recognize any of the guests (besides Joe Gross) so I’m looking forward to what’s to come.
A great song-by-song!
Classical Ideas
We’re lucky that this endlessly fascinating topic is in the hands of someone who can also make a great podcast. Highest possible marks, and already my favorite podcast of all time.
Committed to Excellence
The only Fugazi podcast you’ll ever need. Unless they do their own.
Thank you for this wonderful podcast!
Very well done podcast. As a big fan of Fugazi, I’m all in. Love the deep dive of each song. The guests have been great and Ian does a great job of digging to the many layers of such an important body of work.
Thanks Ian
It’s Jared thanks for doing this good stuff thanks for keeping it going! You have a wonderful presence and voice for a podcast.
Great Idea
Love the idea for this podcast and I love hearing Joe Gross talk on the first episode what a great idea and I knew about his 33 1/3 book but hadn’t bought it yet but after hearing him talk about the band the way he did I went and ordered the book right away! Can’t wait for new episodes
Payton W. K.