The Age of Napoleon Podcast
The Age of Napoleon Podcast
Everett Rummage
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Love this podcast
I love this podcast
beyond grateful
i am Elated when a new episode comes out
considered opinions
A phenomenal journey into the life of Napoleon!
And brought to life with historical accuracy too. Kudos and keep up the great work!
I like it
Smash that subscribe
If you would like a reason to do as the title of this review prompts, I invite you to compare any one of the perfectly adequate YouTube history docs on the battle of Eylau with episode 100 of this podcast. The storytelling of AON zooms seamlessly from the personal to the strategic, back down to tactical, and then out to the meta-historical. Deeply researched, empathetic and engaging storytelling. Side note. Inspired by this podcast, I have done my best to recreate French assault columns in various TW titles to great and very entertaining effect. Highly recommend.
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H.G. Willickers
Absolutely great!
I enjoy this podcast tremendously, actually I find it addictive. What I learned in French schools was the basis for a strong dislike of Bonaparte the egomaniac mixed with grudging admiration for his exceptional talents as an organizer. I still don’t like Napoleon but this in-depth look at his evolution and devolution is captivating.
Napoleon supreme nacho forever
Podcast explain origin of western god - emperor Napoleon goodness. Time of his greatness much progress in barbarian countries. China balloon forever.
Mother Kluckin'
Superb podcast about Napoleon and his era
This is an excellent podcast that traces the life of Napoleon and situates his exploits in the historical context of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. I really appreciate the expansive treatment of all aspect of this period--from warfare and politics to society, culture, science, technology, etc. The host is well-versed in the vast secondary literature on his subject, but consistently articulates and supports his own perspective on important scholarly questions. As a Patreon subscriber, I also enjoying listenting to the "Dispatch" episodes in which the host responds to a wide variety of questions from listeners. I highly recommend.
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Herr Professor J
Thoroughly enjoyable
At one time I was a history professor and frequently taught the French Revolution and Napoleonic era. Everett would have made my job so much more challenging by the quality of his research and his engaging presentation. Really enoying this pod.
Charleston counsellor
Love it
I find Everett very easy to listen to, and the content is fascinating. I’m an instant fan.
Tom Conwell
Fantastic History Podcast
Everett Rummage somehow manages to present dense swaths of history while maintaining a conversational but very informative and compelling style. His research is good and his structure moves the narrative along briskly, while leaving the listener with a great picture of the goings-on. Very impressed. Instantly one of my favorite historical podcasts. (Rummage reminds me a lot of Mike Duncan of ‘History of Rome’ and ‘Revolutions’ fame!)
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Dan G2008
A rich and skillful brew of history and politics
The Age of Napoleon has become my favorite podcast. The episodes are well organized, vivid, and evince a deep knowledge of the subject on the part of the narrator. I like that the narrator sounds like a regular guy. On the scaffolding of what little I know about Napoleon, the narrator builds an entire world, breathing life into a troubled, turbulent era that is different enough from our own to provide escape and similar enough to provide rich food for thought. For anyone interested in history or politics, I can’t recommend it enough.
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Sosyour Oldman
Excellent Podcast
Very much enjoy listening to a good narrator recounting interesting and important history. I had read a fair amount about this time period but missed, in general histories, the color of the individuals provided in this podcast. Very much enjoyed the episodes on Nelson reflecting that he was a fallible human and not simply a great naval commander. Also enjoy the commentary on the great marshals of France.
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drax fears
Great Pod
Great history pod that releases in slower than real time
Simply a work of art
This is not only one of the best history podcasts available, but some of the best audio content I’ve ever heard.
J Beslity
Gave me a new found appreciation for the time period and Napoleon
This podcast is absolutely worth your time. Thoughtful and introspective narrative. The only con is the slow release of new episodes. There’s gotta be a way to maintain the quality of each episode in a biweekly schedule.
A true work of art
The level of detail is something I just can’t find anywhere else in audio format. The context of the state of Europe leading up to the wars, the quotes, just everything. Thank you
Immersive, Excellent
A fascinating look at this period of history with Napoleon at the center, but also many details of the surrounding figures and events. The depth of narrative has consistently indicated that a lot of research and thought goes into putting this show together, and the results is a top notch telling of the stories of this time.
Superb in every sense.
A history lovers paradise with deep knowledge and clarity.
I’m addicted
I await each new episode like a kid waiting for Christmas. Thank you for ur dedication to producing this phenomenal content!
Nathan 173
Inspired my Podcast
The way that Everett Rummage has brought history alive during a time period so full of change is what inspired me to do my podcast! I love how well researched he is and how he is able to paint mental pictures!
Proletarians unite
Best Podcast sexy voice
Sexy voice
Such a gift
Thank you for your work on this podcast, the podcast has single-handily sparked a great interest in me about the era, which has prompted me to read great books and visit museum exhibits which I loved and never would have experienced without having listened. Anyone interested in history—this is a must-listen.
simply the best
the host is a joy to listen to. it is accessible yet extremely detailed. always have a blast
A seriously scholarly work
This podcast strikes a balancing act between being entertaining and informative in a way that sacrifices neither- It is outstanding!
This is simply the best history podcast out there. Passionately researched, clearly narrated, with a fine-tuned balance between small details and the big picture.
Absolutely one of the best podcasts on the platform a must listen
jakob muffin man
Truly Fantastic, can’t say enough good things!!
I found this podcast a few years ago and have loved it since, well researched, in depth, super interesting. The only knock possible is that sometimes it takes a while between episodes but at almost an hour per episode I’d imagine gathering sources would take a while
Colin L..
An excellent, interesting & informative podcast!
This is a great podcast, well made and well researched, whether for die-hard history nerds or for newcomers wanting to learn more about the man and his time (as well as countless other personalities & events of the era). The author also produces episodes with diverse subject matter to add to the general topics by of military & political history, such as fashion and dating in the era and other interesting topics. Also the character arcs keep things interesting such as on Toussaint Louverture or Horatio Nelson. Overall this is a great podcast that I would definitely recommend to anyone.
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First class
Thank you. This is excellent.
Deniro used to be good
Going Strong
I’m about 60 episode in and the podcast is still going strong. A very captivating story each episode.
Flip in SLO
Just started
Just started listening to this podcast. Loving it so far. If you love history podcasts like History of England or the History of Rome, this is for you! Keep it up
I echo the sentiment of another reviewer, we need more and quickly! Amazing podcast and a first rate price of research and story telling. Come on Everett lad, get to churning out more please!
Great Podcast
Fun - interesting - very easy to listen to! A great podcast of an interesting era in history. Thank you!
Worth every second
I was never interested in the napoleonic era and the wars of the coalitions and so on until I stumbled upon this podcast, it has made a fan out of me and an avid listener, can’t wait for the next episode
Need More!!!
I binged everything and now it takes forever to hear new episodes! Not a complaint, actually a complement. MORE MORE MORE 😂
J’adore ce podcast
Éverett a une très belle voix. Superbe travail.
Exceptional Fetus
Absolutely amazing podcast!
Very well done and though-out. Meticulously researched and organized.
One of the Best
Recently discovered this podcast and I am only 7-8 episodes in, but I would already put it on a short list of greatest history podcasts. It’s right up there with the work of Mike Duncan and Dan Carlin. It makes a particularly great companion to season 3 of Duncan’s Revolutions podcast, a deep dive into the French Revolution. Love it!
Excellent. Just excellent
Thorough but approachable, not pedantic, just the right amount of emphasis on politics, military, and cultural considerations. Highest possible recommendation.
The goat
This is the greatest podcast I’ve ever listened to in my life. Everything from the pacing of the story, the quality of research, the digestible presentation of the content, and the style of the host make this podcast incredibly addicting. Everett, take a bow—Napoleon himself would be proud (although also probably jealous). The best fiends adds make me want to die.
Great Podcast!
The pacing and overall storytelling ability is off the charts, and one of the most addicting podcasts I’ve listened to in a long time
my wife left me for a man she met on best fiends
I have spent the last 6 months or so bingeing on this podcast as I commute to work in my car. It is captivating and insightful, providing me with a good understanding of Napoleon Bonaparte and his legacy. As a resident of the Dominican Republic the Haïti chapters were of great value, helping me better understand the tragic events that unfolded in the western part of this island some 220 years ago. I feel a slight sense of loss now that I’m caught up and have to seek other inputs while I wait the forthcoming episodes.
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Current favorite podcast
Absolutely fantastic work. My only critique would be the constant “quote, unquote” for even the shortest quotes. I don’t feel it’s necessary to do it every time and it often disrupts the flow of the narrative needlessly. That aside, I would give this superb podcast 6 stars if it was possible
Exceeds all expectations, only have one complaint…
If I hear one more ad for Best Fiends, I will pour acid in my ear 🤣. Seriously though, otherwise, this is on absolutely incredible podcast. The quality and depth of the material far exceeds 99.9% of all podcasts.
Best fiends!
Great podcast. The best fiends ad makes me want to vomit.
Awesome and thank you so much for this pod!
My only complaint is I am all caught up and I have to wait for new episodes. Tremendous research work and remarkable ability on the part of the author to keep this very complex story clear and entertaining but solidly researched at the same time. I have nothing but praise and gratitude. Once I get to the end, I will start over as I forget some details from one episode to the next.
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