The Aftershock Podcast
The Aftershock Podcast
The Aftershock
Welcome to The Aftershock Podcast. We chat about cancer, the word you never want to hear. We speak to a variety of people that have experienced the ripple effect of a cancer diagnosis. Join us as we explore stories of lost loved ones, and speak to the those that have lived experienced with the disease. Hosted by Suz Neate & Kim Landy who both lost their mothers far too young to the insidious disease. The Aftershock is a NFP organisation that raises funds and awareness for high mortality rate cancers. For more information, visit
The Second Occurrence
Barry Du Bois was enjoying a morning surf when he was hit by a big wave, and heard a sharp crack in his neck. The pain that followed forced him to visit his Doctor, with scans revealing one of his vertebrae had caved in, and was eventually diagnosed with plasmacytoma myeloma. Baz shares with us how his diagnosis changed his life, and overall outlook, especially after the birth of his kids. See for privacy information.
Aug 2
33 min
The Warrior
In this episode of the Aftershock podcast, we speak to Emily. A cancer survivor 3 times over, founder of Bravery Co, new mother and quite frankly, a force to be reckoned with! Emily talks about the adversity and triumphs of being diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma at the age of 27 and the huge weight of fertility and lifestyle decisions that had to be made at such a young age. See for privacy information.
Jul 18
39 min
The Mother
In this episode of The Aftershock Podcast, we speak to the amazing Michelle Hensel, mother of Braedon. Braedon was diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma, just as he was starting life at university. Michelle shares what it’s like to experience cancer at such a young age, as well as in a rural community. See for privacy information.
May 13
38 min
The Surgeon
We're joined by Professor Wendy Brown, Director of Surgery at The Alfred Hospital in Melbourne. We go behind the masks and gloves, and get into Wendy's operating theatre regime, and the connection she makes with her patients. See for privacy information.
Feb 27
35 min
The Diagnosis
We speak to Theresa Gallucci who was diagnosed with Cholangiocarcinoma in 2016. Theresa went from living a very healthy lifestyle full of Yoga and Pilates, to sitting across from her oncologist telling her to get her affairs in order immediately. We speak to her about what her diagnosis felt like, the importance of knowing how to take control of your circumstances, and the unknown impacts of being diagnosed with a lesser known cancer. See for privacy information.
Nov 23, 2020
34 min
In today's episode, we speak to Adrian, our Executive Producer, who is brave enough to share his story of losing his wife Lauren, known as Lozza to some, in the prime of their lives. He remembers the tenacity and strength she carried with her, despite being diagnosed with cancer 6 times. See for privacy information.
Oct 3, 2020
34 min